Chapter 281: Maps and Magic

Chapter 281: Maps and Magic

Half an hour later...

Sirius Black sat on the sofa with a grim expression. He had just received some terrible news: Peter Pettigrew had escaped or, more accurately, was hiding in a place unknown, feigning death to avoid detection.

Disheartened, he thought to himself, had all his efforts been in vain for all this time?

Felix picked another book from the shelf. To his astonishment, it contained details about an ancient magic spell. The portrait of Headmaster Phineas Black hadn't lied to him the collection here was truly exceptional, even if some of it had been moved from the restricted section at Hogwarts.

It seemed that the old man had worked to benefit his family during his tenure as headmaster.

But alas, how unpredictable life was. The Black family had fallen to such depths...

"Have you ever tried a Marauder's Map?" Sirius suddenly asked.

"A Marauder's Map? What's that?" Felix looked up from the book.

Sirius mumbled, "It's a moving map that shows the locations and secret passages of Hogwarts. It looks like a folded parchment and was something we created when we were students me, James, Remus, and... Peter Pettigrew."

"The Marauder's Map can track the movements of everyone within Hogwarts, even Dumbledore."

Felix blinked; he now understood what Lupon wanted from Felch. With certainty, he said, "This map must have been confiscated by Filch."

"It was intentional," Sirius smirked. "We were about to graduate and desperately wanted someone to carry on our noble legacy of mischief. So, we created a suitable opportunity, caught Filch's attention, and let him take the map."

Felix nodded knowingly; there was indeed an interesting backstory.

"Why didn't Remus tell you?" wondered Sirius.

Felix spoke softly, "The map is lost. Pettigrew admitted it himself."

"That treacherous git!" Sirius exclaimed in frustration, slamming the wall and then sighing, "Even if we had the map, it might not work. Pettigrew can conceal his own name."

"Conceal? Did you use Tracking Charms?"

"More than that. Tracking spells, footprint reveals, Name-Tag Charms, Micro Illusion Hexes, Disillusionment Charms, Anti-Jinxes, Protective Spells. Later, we even integrated Transfiguration, Divination, and Alchemy... Too many things."N♡vεlB¡n: Inspiring Minds, Illuminating Souls.

Felix looked at Sirius in astonishment. He himself only knew a portion of those spells.

Sirius explained, "Initially, James brought a magic map-making book from home. With its help, we created the basic Marauder's Map, though, back then, the names weren't animated. Later, we scoured the library, finding spells to lock onto tracks, continually adding them. In the end, even we lost track of how many spells were on the map."

He opened his palms. "You know, when we saw Dumbledore's name appear on the map, we felt invincible. No one could escape the Marauder's Map, because you could evade one spell's detection, but not the second, third, fourth..."

Felix couldn't help but applaud silently. Without Sirius revealing this, who would know? Through Sirius, he saw the shadows of the other three creators.

After a while, he said with a touch of melancholy, "Too bad we lost the map."

Felix pondered, "If I help you recreate a Marauder's Map, could you do it? Lupon is also at the school; he might be of assistance."

"I know he's here," Sirius said, thinking for a while. "Recreating it would be difficult. There are many things I don't remember..."

"We can attempt it together. I'm quite intrigued."

"We?" Sirius stared at Felix, baffled.

Felix didn't answer, checking the time. "There are still two hours until ten o'clock. We have plenty of time."

He said cheerfully, "I'm planning to take you to Hogwarts. Of course, we need to get in touch with Headmaster Dumbledore first. Hmm, we might also face questions from the Ministry. I'll claim I didn't capture you and that you escaped. I wonder if anyone will believe that..."

Sirius stared at Felix in disbelief, feeling thoroughly mocked.

"Excuse me, where is the portrait of Phineas Black? I didn't see it among the portraits on the wall."

"...Second bedroom on the right of the second-floor landing."

Felix walked away, and a few minutes later, he returned. "It's all arranged. Dumbledore wants us to proceed discreetly." He lightly touched the ring on his left hand with his wand, taking out a candy box imprinted with the words 'Honeydukes'.

"What's this?"

"A Christmas present from a little wizard. I haven't finished eating it, it's a bit overwhelming... but I think it could be used to conceal someone."

"Did you apply the Disillusionment Charm?"

"Oh, no," Felix questioned, "who would apply a Disillusionment Charm inside a candy box?" He looked at the bewildered Sirius and continued, "I just happened to think of an appropriate spell"

He pointed his wand at Sirius. The tip of the wand burst into intense blue light.

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