Chapter 43 The Destiny

Spring bloomed joyfully. Wherever you look, it was a beautiful scene of red colors and green willows; but looking at the same scenery for more than ten days, it was possible anyone would be weary of it. Gu Yun pulled back her reins and the horse stopped next to Su Ling, who was beside Su Ren. When they saw her stop, they also immediately stopped. Gu Yun drearily asked,

“Are we there yet?”

“You are already standing on the land of the Su family.”

Su Ren’s smile on his face was somewhat strange. Gu Yun surmised, “Don’t tell me after we left that small town this morning that all this is Su family lands?”

Su Ren shook his head. Gu Yun, just wanted to say, ‘Oh well it is not bad’, however Su Ren went on to say, “Fengshan town also belongs to Su Family.”

What? Presumably this is too exaggerated. Looking at Su Ling beside her, Gu Yun teased, “So you are originally a wealthy man! No wonder General House is so rich!” Imagine making a puncture-proof vests made of gold thread!

While nitpicking his eyebrow, Su Ling humbly smiled, “I am a wealthy man, so what does that make you?”

Gu Yun was stunned. To give respect to her feelings, Su Ren, nevertheless, did not laugh. The two men exchanged quick glances. Gu Yun decided to ignore them and focused her attention on the green hills, clean water, blue sky and white clouds. It would be best to enjoy the pleasant country scene better.

Once again, they walked for a while and saw peaks of a stylish grand courtyard built halfway on the hillside. From a distance, the structure looked impressive as if it was hung on the green mountains. It had its special characteristics, but for a minute, it gave a unique characteristic of feeling detached from the mortal world.

Along the way, Gu Yun found that there were a lot of people moving towards the house with them. Most of the people were riding a horse and each was valiant. Gu Yun said with a smile, “Su family, there are quite a lot of you guys.”

Su Ling replied, “Ah, once every three years is the sacrificial offering, Su House descendants, sons and grandchildren must all come back.”

They were away and would be playing these days; but because Su Ling’s injury had not completely healed, traveling was the first thing to do with her. It was close to sunset when they arrived at the ancestral home because the men wanted her to have time to look at the scenery along the way. When the three people entered the door, they directly ran into Uncle Su Yan.

When he saw Gu Yun, Su Yan immediately smiled, laughed and excitedly said, “Miss Qing, you came here.”

The resonant voice could be heard all the way to the bottom of the hill. Many Su Family members were now looking over towards her and saw her holding Bing Lian. They all understood clearly who she was. Suddenly, she became the focus of everybody’s attention and Gu Yun began to feel awkward. She smiled and said teasingly, “Yan Su”

“Well, my dear.” Su Yan came to their side and suddenly discovered Su Yu coming back from outside. He was supposed to come towards them but turned around to go. Su Yan shouted,

”Su Yu, why are you hiding?”

Upon hearing Su Yan calling him loudly, Su Yu wanted to escaped but was spotted and could not hide. Slowly, he turned towards them, slightly bowed and cried, ” Big brother, big … … Sister-in-law.” He had been living in the ancestral home for a period of time and was able to remembered the past bit by bit. For some time, he still could not lay down his sentiment but gradually accepted the fact that she will certainly become his elder sister.

Su Ren patted Su Yu’s severely thin shoulders and with a smile, he teased him, “This terrible brat, how did you become so thin like a chicken!”

The “chicken” comment made several people laugh.  Su Yu roared, “Brothers!”

Seeing Su Yu finally awake, Su Ling and Gu Yun were relieved. If he fell into a mishap, the two would not have a peace of mind.

“Miss Qing girl is tired, Yan Shu prepared the best room for you, follow me, I’ll take you to have a look.” Su Yan suddenly enthusiastically dragged Gu Yun to walk to the backyard. Gu Yun was bewildered and turned her head towards Su Ling. Su Ling had the expression of happiness and waved at her. Did he not get the meaning of her slight expression that was saying ‘help rescue’?  

The Su ancestral house was huge! Each room had a small courtyard that was constructed in a distinctive prominent style, imparting an imposing aura. When put together, they made up the atmosphere of the place. Gu Yun had been dragged in circles for a long time before Su Yan finally came to a stop in front of a small courtyard. On a refined door lintel, hung a wood plaque written ‘Bai Hua Ju ‘** **which means All Kinds of Flower Residence .

Gu Yun was sweating; this place obtained a name that was too vulgar. Su yan opened the door and was eager to take the undeserved credit by asking, “Do you like it?

Staring at the front of the courtyard, Gu Yun gulped her saliva. For a very long time, somebody of a certain type forced a laugh and asked, “Can I be a bit exaggerated?”

Gu Yun asked in a very deviously subtle way but her heart was actually wailing in anguish. This was a little exaggeration, simply far too extreme and sure enough, it did not lose its name of ‘All kinds of Flowers!’  From the front gate, except for a thin walkway leading to the empty room, anyone can see that the courtyard was planted with all kinds of flowers. Really, it was all flowers! All kinds of varieties and in various colors. Gu Yun felt dizzy. Honestly, if a person had to dwell in that place, can this person endure the allergy symptoms from the pollen?

Gu Yun did not dare to go in. She stood back and grabbed Su Yan’s sleeve and asked, “Wait, Yan Shu, when does the sacrificial offering start?” It would be best to start soon. Such a courtyard, if she was to occupy it for a long time, she will definitely have a mental breakdown.

Su Yan shook his head and smiled, “Not so fast, after three days, only then it will start. You have a good rest; tomorrow Ling and I will take you around to play.”

Gu Yun thought for a moment and said, “Patriarch? I have some matters I want to ask him.”

“He is at the Buddhist temple; do you want to go now?”

“Is it alright?” The name Buddhist temple, she felt it’s a place that cannot be disturbed.

Su Yan patted her on the shoulder, somewhat mysteriously replied, “It is your request, you can”

Gu Yun did not know what those words meant, nonetheless still followed Su Yan toward the rear court. They come to a stop at the wooden door and Su Yan said, “You come in.” He did not wait for Gu Yun’s response but turned around and walked away.

Gu Yun straightened her body; the wood plaque above the door hung a piece of thin bamboo. A statement was written in for words ‘Great Benevolence Like River’. The font was bold, not suitable for artistic conception of these four words. Hands on the door panels, Gu Yun suddenly felt a little dread. As to why she felt disturbed, she was unclear. She took a deep breath and pushed open the simple wooden door.

She originally thought that behind the doors would be a room; even if it was for the show of elegance, a cottage at least, right? But actually behind the wooden door was unexpectedly an empty wasteland. From here, you can see the peaks of the mountains in the distance. Although there were no small hills in the vast open space, its accumulated peaks of mountain range was peaceful, free and unaffected.

“Take a seat.” Elderly Su Qing said.

She sat down on a small stump. Gu Yun was busy braving her steaming hot tea when she suddenly became aware of the Patriarch’s ‘going around the curves and skirting around the corners’ was particularly unnecessary and silly. Gu Yun sat up straight and frankly spoke, “I have come because of two things. First, Ling told me the story of Chuxie and Bing Lian. I think it is pitiful. I want to know if Su Family’s ancient books or admonition mention anything to help them lift the seal and enable the children to be rescued.”

Just right after Gu Yun expressed her desire, Bing Lian shook fiercely causing a little earthquake around. Gu Yun patted the scabbard until it finally calmed down.

Earnestly holding his hot tea in his hands the entire time, Su Qing casually asked, “The second thing?”

Gu Yun hesitated for a moment and then honestly said, “I want to see the Su Family emblem.”

Su Qing grasped the teapot in his hand, lifted up his head and said, “Why are you so interested in the Su Family emblem?”

Gu Yun slightly lowered her head. At this point, she did not know how to reply but she didn’t want to lie either. She did not speak for a long time until Su Qing suddenly asked, “Do you want to go back through it?”

Gu Yun looked like she had a sudden fright. Staring straight at the old man, how did he know she needed the trigrams disk to go back?

Su Qing had an indifferent smile, “Su Family also has another legend for thousands of years, but it is only known to the Patriarchs. Ling is the next Patriarch, he knows, but he never believed it.”

Gu Yun curiously asked, “What legend?”

“Did you notice, Su Clan nearly has no woman?”

Su Qing suddenly shifted the topic unexpectedly. She was stunned for a while, in retrospect, probably true. Along with them were usually men, and even in their ancestral home, the women she has seen were only aunts, and really did not see any family daughter.

Su Qing gently shook his head. In between each word, was full of helplessness, ” Since more than 1000 years after the incident with Bing Lian and Chuxie, the Su Clan has no daughters. Even when there is finally a daughter, the child would be weak and then die. They do not live to see adulthood. For the men of the Su Family, most die on the battlefield. This may be the Su Clan’s punishment.”

How can it be like this? Gu Yun’s brows wrinkled, but still have not forgotten what legend Su Qing is holding back. What was the final analysis? Were the legends related?

“According to the legend, one day the Su Family’s coat of arms will bring one ‘emblem person’ to the family home and she will unlock all the seals and end the punishment of heaven.” Elder Su Qing held her gaze throughout his pronouncement, full of wisdom and hope. Gu Yun knew what and whom he was referring to because she was that ‘emblem person’ and she somehow mysteriously came to this place because of the power of the eight-trigram disk.

Gu Yun was angry. Why was she chosen/taken without her consent and brought to this place for them to get their own seal unlocked?

Gu Yun’s face suddenly turned indifferent.

Su Qing sighed a sigh of relief. He picked up her cold tea, poured it onto the grass and gave her a new one. Calmly, he said, “You are the ‘emblem person’, if you want to go back I will try to help you do so.”

“I—“  When Su Qing said that Gu Yun poured her tea by accident. She did not really want to go back. She was just trying to clarify the truth to the matter.

Su Qing’s voice laughed lightly, “Here he comes. When your thoughts have been cleared, look for me again.”

Gu Yun wanted to say something but heard the sound of the gates being pushed. Su Ling’s tall figure appeared outside the gates, watching the two individuals sitting opposite each other, sipping tea and chatting, discussing happily. Su Ling crooned, “I did not know that the sentiment between the two of you is so good?” To his disadvantage, he had been looking for her for a long time because he had thought she was missing.

How long could he have not seen her for that had turned him anxious so quickly? Su Qing waved and said, “Okay, take her and go”.

Su Ling grabbed Gu Yun’s hand and cheerfully said, “I will take you to a place.”

Gu Yun glanced across at Su Qing but his eyes were looking at the distant peaks, without looking at them.

Gu Yun held back Su Ling and politely “Then we’ll go first.” Only after Su Qing nodded then the two left together.

The shadows of two people gradually fade away, Su Qing sighed, if the girl makes the final decision to go, Ling, what can he do?

Su Ling pulled Gu Yun and ran away wildly without saying where they were heading. Along the way, she could only hear the sound of rushing water getting louder. Gu Yun ran very fast until she collapsed and Su Ling’s footsteps finally stopped. Gu Yun wanted to yell at him for pulling her until she was out of breath and remind him of his injury. Suddenly, Su Ling pointed to something in front of her. Looking ahead, she was immediately captivated by the mind-blowing scene.

They were on a solitary mountain peak. In front of them was a lush green and luxuriant group peak fold of green jade. Next to that was a full hundred meters high waterfall pouring down from the verdant mountain. The rushing water hit the rocks and countless tiny droplets of water splashed. Now that the sun was setting down from the western sky, the rays against the background, foggy wind currents gushed, the misty rain filled the air, and the afterglow of the sunset tainted the clouds. Looking from a distance, it was a beautiful landscape of vast yet domineering skyline! Gu Yun could not help but praise, “Beautiful!”

Su Ling laughed, “Watching the sunset here is the most beautiful.” He guessed she would love it.

Now that he mentioned it, Gu Yun noticed that the sun had lowered down at the foot of the mountain. No wonder a moment ago, he was so driven and afraid to be too late to watch the sunset. Gu Yun lightly cleared her throat and awkwardly replied, “I meant the waterfall.” She had been looking at the magnificent waterfall as she was captivated by its presence and had not notice the view of the setting sun.

“Do you like the waterfalls?”

Gu Yun nodded. It was really beautiful.

His hands gently embraced Gu Yun’s waist and enclosed her in his arms. Su Ling smiled and whispered in her ear, “When we get old, we will build a log cabin here, so you can see the waterfall all day and watch the sunset.”

At the sound of rushing water, a deep male voice whispered gently in her ears, Gu Yun stiffened,” Old….,”  me and him could grow old together?

Gu Yun’s body was so stiff that even Su Ling felt something was wrong. She turned and his dark eyes stared at Gu Yun. Looking at those clear eyes and in a deep voice he asked, “You don’t want to grow old with me?”

The man in the front was usually proud and domineering but seeing the undisguised look of panic in her eyes at this particular moment, the hands circling around her waist gently shook. Zhuo Qing said that she would not give up Lou Xi Yan; what about her? Will she be able to leave Su Ling?

The scene where Su Ling was covered in blood, lying on the deck flashed into her mind. Even when she was thinking about it now, her heart still hurt. She cared very much about this man. Earlier she was unable to let go, such being the case, why was the thought of leaving or staying crossing her mind? Her heart was suddenly enlightened at this moment.

Gu Yun raised her head with a bright smile and greeted Su Ling by clasping her arms around his waist firmly. She replied, “I want to grow old together with you!” Her heart can’t leave him and she didn’t want to let go! It was Su Ling’s turn to be stunned. He looked down in his bosom, which was for the first time being burrowed by a woman. Su Ling was a little worried and asked, “What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing, just let me hold you for a while.” After you determine one’s own heart, it’s really easy afterwards!

Su Ling clearly said with a smile, “You prefer to take the initiative to hold me.” It was no wonder that when he hugged her, she was not too happy.

Gu Yun’s body became rigid once again and released her hand. She raised her head and fiercely stared at Su Ling’s eyes.

Su Ling’s face appeared bewildered and Gu Yun sighed with exasperation. Well, Su Ling will never know what she was thinking!

Since she had decided not to leave, Gu Yun intended to never lie to him. She took him by the hand and said sincerely, “I looked for Patriarch earlier because I am searching for ways to help Chuxie and Bing Lian. He told me about the Su family legend.”

“I heard the tales that was passed for more than 1000 years but no one has seen the person brought by the family emblem. The ancestors, I believe, to comfort the descendants and the children, they came up with a story.” After his adult life, the Patriarch told him the hearsay, but he did not believe it.

“What if it was not just a story?” Gu Yun looked at Su Ling seriously and said, “It’s me. I am the person that was brought by the family emblem.”

“What?” Su Ling still had a look of disbelief.

Gu Yun guessed he was skeptical and exclaimed in a whisper, “All along, you were curious about the rumors that said Qing Mo was a chess master from a good family, good in painting and calligraphy, and above all, very lady like. Unexpectedly, why did she dance with knives and swords, dedicate herself to training soldiers and was a wild teen woman, that’s because—I’m not Qing Mo.”

“You are not Qing Mo? How is it possible for you to have the body of Qing Mo? It has the ‘Mo’ symbol.” He was not going to doubt her identity because he did personally verified, in front of her chest was really a ‘Mo’ character.

She remembered the last time he had acted rudely and Gu Yun’s face turned red, “This body is Qing Mo’s  but I am certainly not her. I am originally called Gu Yun, a criminal police investigator, which is your bailiff here. At that time I was tracking a case, and the eight trigram disk was one of the evidence. I was just examining and playing around with it with my hand and inexplicably blacked out. Then, somehow I woke up in the body that was lying on your bed.”

Su Ling listened carefully to what she said and after musing for a long time, he asked, “You mean Qing Mo died on the way to Qiong Yue, while you actually revived as a zombie?”

A zombie? Sounds horrible, but does make sense in theory. Gu Yun gave a wry smile, “It can be interpreted as such.”

After listening to the Gu Yun, Su Ling’s face became dark, the hands enclosing her waist suddenly tightened and with cold voice he said, “You were so interested in the family emblem, so can you leave?”

“Oh, yes.” Gu Yun had not even finished her sentence yet when her waist was now in pain and so she quickly went on to say, “but someone just said he would help me build a log cabin next to the waterfall, so I changed my mind because I want to grow old with him together in the cabin.”

Su Ling coldly groan, “Really?”

“Really!” Gu Yun guaranteed immediately.

Finally, the tight hold on her waist loosened. Gu Yun was secretly relieved. Su Ling’s chuckling sound was ringing in her ears, “You are too easily satisfied.”

“Su Ling, you are looking for a beating!”

On the solitary mountain peak, two adults were like children. They were chasing, laughing and making fun of each other.


In the evening, Gu Yun and Su Ling appeared together again in front of Su Qing. Watching the couple always holding each other’s hand, Su Qing laughed, “Thought it over?”

Gu Yun nodded and smiled, “Well, actually I don’t want to go back, but I want to help lift the seal of Bing Lian and Chuxie, how should I do it?”

“The sacrificial offering day is the day before the moon with overcast (Yin). Su clan cemetery is a place shaded of cloud (Yin), tomorrow night at midnight, you and Ling take Bing Lian and Chuxie and wait for me at the cemetery.” When Gu Yun finally decided to stay, Su Qing was relieved.

“Good.” The two children were so destitute. He hoped that this time she can really help them!

The next night, Gu Yun and Su Ling arrived at the Su Family cemetery early. The said cemetery was in fact a cavern.

The cave was particularly remarkable. It was an enclosed semi-circular cave and after you enter, you can feel the air current flowing. The cavern was very spacious. It was equivalent to two full size soccer fields, all four sides of the wall, half way were natural half-body holes, and some holes have spiritual tablet inside. Gu Yun stood in the middle of the cave and looked to see herself surrounded by the memorial tablets. It was really scary.

Close to midnight, Su Qing came alone. Gu Yun thought Su Yan and Su Quan would come but were surprised when it was only Patriarch by himself. Su Qing went into the cave mouth and face the stonewalls. At the man’s height, he pat hard on that location and a stone rampart dropped slowly. The rampart kept moving until a square cave was exposed. Su Qing reached out and took out the wooden box from the cave and then the stone rampart closed.

“Chuxie and Bing Lian, bring them out.” Hand held wooden box, Su Qing signaled and they put the two swords in front of the stonewall.

“Ok.” The two people had just put down the two swords when the quiet Bing Lian and Chuxie suddenly began to move, one flashing red and the other, white bright lights.

Su Ling and Gu Yun were watching and they did not understand why they were so excited. Patting the blade, Gu Yun said with a smile, “Be not afraid, soon you will be free.” Gu Yun comforted them with a few words and they finally stopped shaking, but red and white lights flashed continuously throughout the entire time.

Nearly midnight, Su Qing said, “Are you ready? “

“Ready.” Gu Yun nodded.

Su Qing opened the wooden box. Inside, was the eight-diagram disk and he handed it to Gu Yun.

With the emblem in her hand, Gu Yun saw that it was gold and exactly the same one she saw in Zhuo Qing’s office. The only difference was, the last time she had seen this disk, it was blood-red and not gold like now.

Gu Yun was still wondering when Su Qing suddenly spoke, “Time is up, you drop your blood  in the middle of the emblem. “

“Oh.” Gu Yun returned to her senses, picked up the knife in a wooden box, poking her index finger then put a drop of blood in the center of the emblem.

After putting a drop of blood, Gu Yun hurriedly ran to stand beside Bing Lian and Chuxie but the swords just lay there. Nothing changed. Su Ling asked, “Why they are not responding?”

Su Qing was also rather confused. He followed what indeed was written in the book that was left behind.

The three people were puzzled and nobody noticed that the golden emblem in Gu Yun’s hand slowly turned to blood red and the wind inside the cavern also suddenly stopped.

“Ahh!”  She mewled.  Gu Yun’s hand started to feel tingling electricity current that were numbing her hand.

Su Ling turned back to catch the sight of the eight diagram emblem swiftly emit a bright ray of red light from the center. The red light suddenly covered Gu Yun’s whole body and took over her strength until she collapsed.

Gu Yun was losing her grasp and Su ling quickly cried out,  “Yun! What happened to you?”

The tingling sensation extended to her limbs. Gu Yun suddenly felt very frightened; she was afraid of fainting again and waking up not seeing this man next to her side. Persistently fighting back and refusing to close her eyes, Gu Yun exclaimed, ” I, I don’t want to–go.” Exhausted, she struggled to speak the words in fragment giving all her remaining energy.

“Yun!” Su Ling hugged her in his arms. He wanted to take the emblem from her hand but he had not even touch it when the emblem slips from her hand and suspended in mid-air and constantly shrouded Gu Yun with red light.

Su Ling turned his face at Su Qing and shouted in rage, “What is this all about?“

Su Qing did not know why this was so, was the family emblem taking her back?

Su Ling looked up with cold and gloomy red eyes staring at the eight divinatory trigram disk hanging in the air. In a harsh voice, he shouted, “If you dare to take her, I’m going to destroy you!” The hanging emblem gave out a flash of red light, it did not collect its rays of light but rather it shone brighter.

“Ling-“ even if Gu Yun tried to persist, but she was unable to resist the attacks of darkness, after a while, she couldn’t move.

“Yun! You can’t go! You said that you would grow old with me, you can’t break the promise!” He was patting her cheek but no matter how loud he roared and how repetitive he called, Gu Yun did not respond to him.

His heart was like being gouged maliciously with a knife. Su Ling hugged her nervously in his arms profoundly sensing that in his own power, he could not hold her back.

“You said you would stay with me, you promised!”


Just liked an injured beast dying, his roar echoed throughout the cave. At this moment, the swords with white and red hilts sprung from the ground, flew and hung in midair together with the emblem. Originally, the ray of red light surrounding  Gu Yun’s body promptly changed direction. It immediately turned to the bodies of Bing Lian and Chuxie. The two swords suspended in the air and could not stop trembling but remained within the light and could not break free. The eight-trigram disk’s rays of red light illuminated towards the two swords and unexpectedly the swords began drifting out strands of white light.

Su Qing was suddenly enlightened that the children’s souls stayed inside the sword for a very long time and have developed the sense of dependence. If they were to continuously hide in the sword, the clan emblem would not be able to deliver them. Only if they volunteered to fight to be released, then can they be rescued from the inside the sword’s body. The emblem was actually using Gu Yun at the beginning to compel the two children in side Bing Lian and Chuxie to come out and fight!

Su Ling did not concern himself with anything else. He only cared about Gu Yun if she was well. Patting her, Su Ling anxiously called, “Yun, wake up……”

After a long time, Gu Yun finally slowly opened her eyes, clutching her head, and bitterly said, “My head hurts.”

“It’s all right, all right.” She finally woke up! Gu Yun was deeply held in his arms once again, and the joy he lost was now almost drowning him.

Overcoming the initial pain, Gu Yun finally regained consciousness and looked towards the situation in midair where there is a standoff between two swords and an eight trigram disk. She whispered, “What’s going on here?”

Bing Lian and Chuxie’s glow from the sword were getting weaker whereas the two free-flowing white whiffs were getting brighter.

The red light on trigram disk disappeared all of a sudden; the disk and two swords also fell to the ground from the midair, two bright white clouds floated around.

Gu Yun whispered to Su Ling’s ear, “Are the swords still trapping the children in them?”“

Su Ling shook his head, he was unsure if they were freed yet or not. The two white radiating halos suddenly flew down from the air covering Gu Yun and Su Ling and then circling them.

“Thank you very much. ” Young tender and delicate voices of two children fell softly in their ears.

Gu Yun was surprised and she exclaimed to Su Ling, “Did you hear that? “

“Hmm.” Su Ling nodded.

Great, it was not her hallucinations! They really came out from the sword! They circled around them several laps and then the two beautiful brilliant halos flew out of the hole and soon were gone.

They were free, regardless of whether with or without reincarnation, at least they were no longer trapped in the two swords.

“Let’s go.” Su Ling suddenly picked up Gu Yun quickly, “Where are we going?”

“In the future, you are not allowed to come near the Family emblem again!” He will absolutely never take her back again to sacrificial offering. Who knew, which day that damn clan symbol will decide to take her somewhere else?

“That’s good.” Gu Yun felt funny, but did not contradict him.

Su Ling carried Gu Yun out of the cave, leaving only Su Qing alone. He sighed a sigh of relief, he cannot help but accept the fate to tidy up.

Gu Yun thought Su Ling would take her back to the ancestral home to rest but he took her to the mountain summit in the middle of the night and the moon was not bright. Surrounded by the dense forest and darkness, the sound of rushing water was clearer and more resonant compared with the sound of running water during the day.

Gu Yun asked, “It is so late, what are we doing here?”

He put her down from his arms, Su Ling asked, “Where do you think is the good place for the log cabin? Tomorrow, I will start building one here.”

“Why? Why all of a sudden you want to build a log cabin?”

“No reason, just building it!” Su Ling’s voice was impatient, as if what needed to be done was to confirm that they can always be together.

Gu Yun seemed to know the reason he took her here in the middle of the night. Holding his hands, ten fingers, she smiled and intentionally replied in abandon, “But it is very noisy here! Staying here, how will we sleep well at night?”

Noise? The sound of the rushing water was a little noisy indeed, Gu Yun spoke in a voice she was almost inaudible, Su Ling thought then replied, “Then the foot of the mountain? You can see sunrise and sunset on the mountains.”

Gu Yun suppressed a smile and shook her head and sighed,” People come and go down the hill, not quiet, not good.”

She liked the quiet. Racking his brains, thinking for a long time, Su Ling laughed,” Peace in the valley, near your favorite waterfall.”

The Valley? He had the nerve to want to come out, Gu Yun snappily replied, “I don’t want every rainy season, I would worry that the house will be washed away by the flood.”

Su Ling was now annoyed, “Where do you want to live?”

” Whatever.” Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders and innocently replied, “As the saying goes, when a daughter is married off, when you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog, follow the dog, wherever you go, I’ll go anywhere then. ” She had previously heard people say this before, one man’s boredom was really boredom; for two people in love, boredom was romantic. Then she snorted contemptuously, it now appeared that there was some truth in it. A very boring topic could also make the heart go flying.


Su Ling’s expression was one that had no alternate but it provoked laughter from Gu Yun. Held tightly in his arms, Gu Yun replied softly,”As long as it is your place, anywhere. “

Simple words, Su Ling’s wandering mind all night got the best of comfort.  One holding her hand in his chest and another hand hugging her over the shoulder. Su Ling said in a deep voice , “You just scared me.” He never knew losing someone could make him so panic-stricken, however if he couldn’t diligently keep her feelings, his fear deepened.

“I know that.”

Under the dim light of the night, she could not see Su Ling’s expression but she was able to feel under her palms, his steadfast heart was beating rapidly. She knew this man, who lovingly and attentively held her in his arms, was in love with her. Maybe he does not want the log cabin but wishes to grow old together. She stands on tip toes and softly said to Su Ling,

“Ling, Wo ai ni *.”   (TL: meaning I love you)

“You-” Su Ling, who stood stiffly there, this was the first time she said the word love. His heart was full of joy and Su Ling did not know how to vent, he only wanted to kiss her!

Leaning forward to kiss her lips, suddenly one hand separated them. Su Ling glared at her, and Gu Yun smiled, “I said, only I can kiss you.”  While she was still speaking, at the same time, gentle and soft lips claimed her lips.  

The sinister eyes have a hint of cunningness, he looked forward to not just a kiss, and he seemed to be thinking of the best way to keep her from never leaving.

How about a child?

*****End for this book*****