Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: Even if I Don’t Love Him, I’m Living Well Too

Chapter 73: Even if I Don’t Love Him, I’m Living Well Too

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After a pause, Lin Wan quickly said, “I’m going to eat. 1’11 get going first.”

With that, Lin Wan walked past Zhou Shaoqing and quickly approached the elevator.

“Wanwan…” Zhou Shaoqing called out to Lin Wan from behind, but Lin Wan had no intention of turning around.

Lin Wan and Shen Yun went downstairs to a fast food restaurant near the company. They ate and chatted.

“Wanwan, Zhou Shaoqing is back now. Perhaps he’ll pester you every day like before,” Shen Yun said to Lin Wan.

“Huh, so annoying!” Lin Wan said helplessly.

She had rejected Zhou Shaoqing many times, but he was still the same. Now, she had no other choice.

As a gossip expert, Shen Yun saw Lin Wan’s troubledness. After helping her develop a few bad ideas, he analyzed them and felt it wouldn’t work. She didn’t waste her brain cells anymore and changed the topic.

“Hey, Wanwan, you’ve lived with your husband for so long. Have you fallen in love with him?” Shen Yun asked, her curious eyes staring at Lin Wan.

Lin Wan thought about it and shook her head.

Falling in love with him? She didn’t think so, but… the time they had spent together was quite good. She had a meaningful life. There was happiness in her life, but enjoyment in her life.

“No way? You haven’t fallen in love with a perfect man like Xiao Yichen?” Shen Yun asked softly, worried the people beside them would hear her words if she spoke too loudly. After all, Wanwan and Xiao Yichen were secretly married. She still remembered this very clearly.

“Why must I fall in love with him? I didn’t have love when I married him, and I’m very satisfied with my life now. So… even if I don’t fall in love with him, I’m living a good life,” Lin Wan said.

“That’s true.” Shen Yun held her chopsticks in her hand and said as she thought, “But Xiao Yichen has never had any scandals. I wonder if he has someone he loves?”

Lin Wan was not interested in Shen Yun’s thoughts and questions. She said, “Alright, Yunyun, let’s eat.”

After the two of them ate, they returned to the company. When they went to work in the afternoon, Lin Wan and Shen Yun received an arrangement from the director.

“Lin Wan, Shen Yun, we must fight for the latest collaboration project. Take a look at the information.” As the director spoke, he handed the information to Lin Wan.

Shen Yun came over and read the information with Lin Wan.

After reading it, Lin Wan and Shen Yun widened their eyes simultaneously.

“SU series jewelry design?” Shen Yun looked up at the director in disbelief.

The Eastern Empire and the Li Corporation jointly created the SU series, a luxury brand. It was already an honor to be able to participate in the jewelry design of the SU series. If their design works were chosen, their value and the company’s honor would increase thousands of times.

“That’s right. The director of the headquarters helped the company fight for a spot in the competition, so I’ll leave the design of this project to the two of you. Lin Wan will be the main designer, and Shen Yun will be the assistant. There won’t be a problem, right?” The director said. Because the Li Corporation’s design had been approved last time, the Li Corporation’s new products have been selling very well in the market recently. Not only had the Li Corporation’s profits been good, but Dream Phil company’s reputation had also spread. Hence, the design of the Li Corporation was still handed to Lin Wan.

“Yes, I’m fine with it,” Shen Yun said happily. She was already considered lucky to be able to participate in the SU series design. Coupled with the fact that she was working with Wanwan, she was even happier.

“I’m fine with it too.” Lin Wan nodded.

“Alright, start preparing as soon as possible.” The director left after saying that.

After that, Lin Wan and Shen Yun discussed and decided to finish their work this afternoon. From tomorrow onwards, they should work on the SU series. It was a rush as they would participate in the election next week.

After work in the afternoon, Lin Wan prepared to drive home. She parked her car in the open-air parking lot in front of the office building in the morning, so Lin Wan walked straight to the parking lot when she walked out of the office building.

But before he reached the parking lot, she saw Zhou Shaoqing walking towards her with a gift box..