Some distance away from them, there was a man holding a spear, and others were launching attacks at him from all angles. The sound of the impact was terrible, but the man on the receiving end never collapsed.

Litty found that it was similar to blocking and parrying that she had seen at the Swordsman Training Facility, but the training here was more focused on defense.

“Like that, you have to keep holding on unwaveringly, no matter what kind of attack comes your way. Let’s try that one.” (Instructor Gonza)

“Gonza, isn’t it a little too early?” (Barrigan)

“A spear! I’ve never held a spear before, so I’m looking forward to it!” (Litty)

“I see, I see,” Gonza said, nodding with a smile. Even the rugged apprentices were perplexed by his amiable persona.

The mere presence of a girl in the room was already an unbelievable situation.

Gonza, who often harshly yelled at them just because he was upset about being continuously rejected in an arranged marriage, had clearly softened.

The spear that Gonza brought was of a length that Litty could not possibly handle.

“Here’s a spear. I picked the shortest one I could find, but how is it?” (Instructor Gonza)

“It’s kind of strange…. Should I move it like this? Rotate it…” (Litty)

“You don’t have to do that yet as it’s your first day.” (Instructor Gonza)

“I kind of figured it out. I want to try it out.” (Litty)

“I see.” (Instructor Gonza)

“Gonza-san?!” (Barrigan)

Gonza smiled and had Litty stand in front of her opponent.

Litty held her spear with both hands, but her opponent didn’t attack her.

She was obviously a beginner. This was so reckless. The other man was caught in such a dilemma.

“Gonza-san, wouldn’t it be better to give her a shield rather than this heavy spear?” (Litty’s opponent)

“Well, let her try it out lightly. If this is not good, I’ll think about your suggestion.” (Instructor Gonza)

“Huh…well, I’ll try not to injure her. Hey, little girl.” (Litty’s opponent)

The man delivered an apparently moderate blow with his spear.

Litty staggered and dodged, perhaps because of her being unfamiliar with the weapon.

The weapon was too long for her to get a feel of it. Seemed like what they said was true. The man stopped after a few attacks.

“I know that you’re new to this job, and it is your first day so it’s fine if you dodge the attacks for now, but we’re currently in the training specially made for adventurers to learn on how to receive the attacks head-on. Draw the enemy as close as possible and then retaliate. That’s what Heavy Warrior is all about.” (Litty’s opponent)

“Yes, please let’s do it again!” (Litty)

“No, I can’t.” (Litty’s opponent)

“Um, I just need one more time. Please.” (Litty)

The man was at a loss on what to do with Litty’s insistence. He looked at Instructor Gonza for further instructions and received a small nod.

Seeing that, the man readjusted his spear to answer Litty’s request.

“I’ll only give you one more chance.” (Litty’s opponent)

“Please!” (Litty)

Litty’s voice was so loud that it made everyone in the guild turn their heads to look at her.

The man was almost overwhelmed by all the attention they were receiving, but then he released a thrust as if he was determined to push his way through this awkward atmosphere.

Even though it was a mock spear without a blade and tip flattened, it would have caused severe pain if it were to hit Litty in the abdomen. Worst of all, she might end up vomiting. For that brief moment, everyone had already imagined the scenario of Litty rolling on the ground in pain and crying.

But it was Litty’s spear that blocked the man’s spear.

“What…! Ohh, I did it! I’ve already blocked it successfully!?” (Litty)

Litty, likewise, released a thrust. The flattened tips of the spears offset each other’s thrusts so that they were perfectly aligned.

Immediately afterwards, Litty, who had successfully blocked the man’s attack, attempted to launch a follow-up attack.

“Wait! No further attacks!” (Instructor Gonza)

“Ah…” (Litty)

Litty came to her senses at the sound of Instructor Gonza’s angry tone.

This was only an exercise. The man’s well practiced and powerful blow had made her blood pump.

Litty immediately bowed her head.

“Ah, I’m sorry!” (Litty)

“…That was brilliant.” (Litty’s opponent)

The man lowered his spear and praised her honestly. That one word was the limit. The man was a novice in the training center, but his talent was recognised by many.

Even though his opponent had already earned the title of Swordsman, he was proud that he was better than his opponent when it came to spears.

But how was she able to execute the move so finely? Why? The man thought, but he would never have thought about one particular point.

“To be ready to execute a follow up attack, you have to know the actions of your target…” (Instructor Gonza)

Instructor Gonza’s words were the answer the man had been avoiding the most.

The reality was that the girl who had appeared in the training center just a few moments ago had already seen through his moves in such a small amount of time.

Was it after his first attack? No, probably even before that. She only saw his movements for a moment.

The title of Heavy Warrior would definitely be an easy run for her. The man concluded so as he questioned his own abilities, and compared them to someone like her.

“You…I’ll definitely go even higher than you.” (Litty’s opponent)

He unintentionally spoke his true feelings.