Chapter 113: Centaur

Chapter 113: Centaur

The voice resonated, deep and resounding, akin to the tolling of a bell.

Hua Mi didn't turn around, yet the scouting bee had already captured the scene behind him.

There, beyond the arch, stood a towering figure... a centaur.

Human upper body, wheat-toned skin, sturdy muscles, and a face marked by melancholy, black curls cascading down.

The lower half was equine, draped in heavy armor.


Human portionbare.

Horse partcompletely shielded.

What could I not see?

Regarding the origins of these "mixed" beings, Hua Mi had glimpsed details in books, gaining a superficial understanding.

Despite their peculiar appearance, brimming with wildness, they were an undisputedly wise species.

Their intelligence surpassed even that of elves.

Dubbed as "wild hunters" and "interpreters of wild omens," their wisdom and strength blended seamlessly.

The centaur beyond the arch drew a bow, aiming at Hua Mi by the pond.

Hua Mi raised his hands, turning his back toward the centaur.

Underneath the black robe, a swarm of iron-hardened swift bees assembled swiftly, forming makeshift armor.

Simultaneously, several sharp pain bees and encircling bees divided into two squads, swiftly closing in around the centaur.

"Turn around."


Following his instructions, Hua Mi turned.

In the split second their gazes met, one encircling bee, leveraging its incredible speed, charged toward the taut bowstring.Ñøv€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.


The bowstring snapped suddenly.

The centaur's pupils constricted; its front hooves shifted slightly. However, swiftly readjusting, it discarded the bow and reached for the long spear on its back.

"Don't act rashly, centaur."

Several sharp pain bees were already perched on its upper body.

Hua Mi noticed within the white light forming its body, vague traces of black veins could be discerned, mostly concealed by the dazzling light, barely visible without careful scrutiny.

"The centaur over there might have a solution," Hua Mi pointed out.

The "Spirit of the Black Forest" turned its head, gazing at the centaur.

"I cannot," the centaur replied curtly, dealing a figurative slap.

"So, were you just talking nonsense earlier?"

"I said it depends on the situation."

The centaur paused, his gaze shifting to the "Spirit of the Black Forest" for a moment, then continued, addressing Hua Mi, "It's too late; the curse has penetrated the core of this place. The forest's death is only a matter of time. The utmost necessity now is to isolate this area to prevent the curse from spreading."

"Sadness... sadness..." murmured the "Spirit of the Black Forest" incessantly.

"I regret it," the centaur spoke gravely, "but from a broader perspective, sacrificing this forest is worthwhile... human, I see determination in your eyes, would you like to assist?"

The last sentence was directed at Hua Mi.

Hua Mi shook his head.

He had only one option: to rid the forest of the curse and restore its health.

This was his base, and the fate of the seven little ones hung in the balance.

He couldn't abandon the Black Forest.

"I can see you have deep affection for this place," the centaur's profound gaze seemed to fathom his thoughts, "but emotional attachment serves no purpose. Within the wilderness, countless tragedies unfold every day."

"You make sense, but are you absolutely certain there's no way to save this forest?"


The centaur gazed skyward, seemingly contemplating.

"There is, but it may be too late. If we fail, the curse will spread to the next area, causing countless deaths. Can you bear this responsibility?"

Suddenly, an incalculable number of lives rested on his shoulders.

A lofty hat and tremendous pressure.

"What method? Tell me."

"Before that, why not test whether you can withstand the curse's power? If you can't, discussing a solution would be pointless." The centaur gazed at him pensively. "Plunge your hand into that contaminated pond. Let me see your endurance. You might escape death, but corruption or even death might befall you from this abyssal power. Make your choice. If you choose to give up, let's discuss isolating this area."

Hua Mi furrowed his brow. "What's the point of this test?"

"I can only tell you the sole way to resolve this curse here is for someone to directly confront its power. Since you hold deep sentiments for this place, you must be prepared to sacrifice. Or do you wish for someone else to step forward in your place?"

The latter statement carried a hint of disdain.