Chapter 40 - Car Accident Crisis

Chapter 40 Car Accident Crisis

The two of them were still in distress. They could not think of any reason why the people from the capital would come to Alberto City to install a camera in her room.

“Forget it. If you can’t think of anything, then don’t think about it for now. Be careful. I suspect that the other party will make a move again,” Qiao Kang said.

Song Nuanyi nodded. That was all they could


“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to your room.” Qiao Kang led Song Nuanyi to the door of a guest room and said, “You can stay here for now. If you need anything, I’ll bring you to buy it tomorrow.”

Song Nuanyi thanked him and entered the room.

Qiao Kang’s house was not big. There were two rooms and a living room. The layout of the guest room was the same as the outside. It was black and white. Song Nuanyi had been tossing and turning all day, and she could not sleep at all last night. She could not care less about anything else. After a simple wash-up, she fell asleep on the bed. Qiao Kang called his friend and asked him to check the movements of the major families in the capital city. He wanted to see if any of them had recently come to Alberto City.

Song Nuanyi slept until noon the next day. She stretched and sat up, looking at the unfamiliar room. After a long while, she remembered that she had moved into Qiao Kang’s house. She looked at the time and hurriedly washed up. She saw Qiao Kang cooking in the kitchen.

She was not surprised at all. After all, Qiao Kang had been a good cook since young. She often freeloaded food.

“You’re awake. We can eat soon,” Qiao Kang said without turning his head.

Song Nuanyi responded and sat obediently in the dining room, waiting to eat. This was a habit she had developed since she was young. She could not help, so she just sat down and waited for food.

Qiao Kang quickly placed two plates of steaks on the dining table. The fragrance made Song Nuanyi swallow her saliva. She said, “Doctor Qiao, if you don’t want to be a doctor, you can be a cook too.”

Qiao Kang smiled and did not say anything. A trace of warmth flashed in his eyes. Another woman had said the same thing.

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Song Nuanyi noticed the change in his expression and exclaimed, “What exactly happened to you? I never thought I’d see such a flirtatious expression on your face!”

Song Nuanyi’s eyes were wide open, it showed extreme surprise and curiosity.

Qiao Kang was not so kind as to satisfy her curiosity. He knocked her head and said, “Hurry up and eat. The press conference is about to start.”

Song Nuanyi then remembered what she had to do and quickly ate.

The two of them finished eating and were about to set off when Qiao Kang suddenly received a phone call. His expression became serious. He picked up the call and said, “Why did you only inform me about this now?”

Song Nuanyi saw his anxious look and said, “Why don’t I go by myself? Don’t worry, I can do it myself.”

Qiao Kang pursed his lips slightly. He thought for a moment, then handed her the car keys in his hand and said, “Drive my car first. I’ll be there later.”

Song Nuanyi originally wanted to say that it was fine if he did not go, but seeing that he was talking seriously on the phone, she did not disturb him. She went downstairs, found the car, and set off on her own.

The press conference was held at the Liantian Hotel, which was also the most commonly used place for holding press conferences for people in Alberto City. she drove on the road, thinking about what she would say later while driving. She thought about the questions that the reporters might ask.

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On her way to the venue, she did not notice that there were fewer and fewer cars around her. This was a very unusual situation in the city center.

The lights on the other side flashed, and Song Nuanyi finally noticed a large truck coming from the other side. She continued to move forward calmly. After all, this road was wide, and they would not bump into each other. However, she also noticed that the truck was coming straight at her car.

She quickly turned the steering wheel in shock, but the large truck seemed to have locked onto her and was once again coming at her.

At first, she thought that it was an accident, or that the truck driver had been drinking. However, looking at the situation, she knew that it was intentional. Her eyes sharpened and she made a decision.

Under the relentless pursuit of the truck, the two cars crashed into each other. The loud sound frightened the surrounding cars. They quickly called the police, and then flames shot into the sky.

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