Dijun is gone.

He walked quietly without even leaving too many last words.

Because there is a crack in the immortal killing sword array!

The crisp sound spread all over the three realms in an instant. All the existence above Dalai heard the sound.

What does that mean?

Someone broke the immortal sword array!

Although there was only one opening, it was the immortal sword array.

The sword array created by the leader of Tongtian sect is the unbreakable sword array of the four saints

The most important thing is that the sword array was broken from the inside out.

At that moment,

Some great Luo Jinxian and quasi saints who do not want to reincarnate but still want to enter the mortal world have already taken the opportunity to break in.

But they stopped at the same time only the next second.

That's because

Before they break in.

A prospective Saint had run out of it in a panic.

Who is he?


The first time he came out, he roared with panic on his face: "the seventh saint is coming to the world. Run, don't fight."

The voice fell.

People also found a problem, that is, the master of Hongmeng purple gas has begun to give off the smell of saints.

It was his move that broke a crack in the immortal sword array.

But with their slightly stunned Kung Fu, the barrier of the immortal killing sword array has been slowly merged.

The seventh saint is coming?

Is it true or false?

Nature is true.

But the most outrageous thing is that he has the ability to open a gap in the immortal killing sword array before he becomes a saint?

Is this a beaver?

But all the beavers, along with Xu Xian's active convergence and wisdom reduction aura, let countless friars in the mortal world get rid of the symptoms of being covered with dust on the Lingtai.

Their cerebellar bag melon gradually began to shine, and in a very period of time, they realized a lot of things, and gradually found Xu Xian's way.

What is his Tao?

Is it invincible?

Or am I invincible?

Or is it a new road of both martial arts and Taoism?

Or some other way?

None of them,

His way is very simple, but it is also very difficult.

Because his "Tao" needs a ray of Hongmeng purple gas to play.

Because his way is a pure aura of wisdom.

Commonly known as: pull everyone's IQ down to a level, and then he can easily defeat the enemy by staying in this level of proficiency for a long time.

As for why there is such a way?


That's because Xu Xian has been Mengshan in Lingtai since he was integrated into the body by Hongmeng purple gas

About that.

In fact, every saint had corresponding characteristics when he first integrated into Hongmeng purple Qi.

But some people can find ways to avoid it. Some people will stabilize their mentality as much as possible and control it as much as possible. This refers to the six saints.

However, some people will die and disappear because of their insufficient level of cultivation. There is no mention of someone's name here.

In principle,

As early as the mortal stage, Xu Xian had been integrated into his body by Hongmeng purple Qi. He must not be able to bear the price of Lingtai dust.

But here comes the problem.

Xu Shusheng is a man who knows himself very well.

The child thought he was a lying dragon and Phoenix chick when he was young

But the lying dragon and Phoenix chick, according to modern words, is very smart. In fact, it is also a self mockery of Xu Xian.

Because Xu Hanwen knows too well that his head is not enough

However, after a long time of exploration, he gradually found a problem.

That is, the longer someone contacts him

The brains of these people are also not smart.

No matter who the other party is, no matter how smart the other party is, no matter how much talent the other party has.

About that.

Xu Xian discovered this problem as early as in his previous life.

And after being reborn into this barren world.

He believed it more firmly.

That is


Before he entered school, many of his classmates had the names of prodigy and gifted youth. They also had the potential to become scholars and raise people.

But after he started school and became classmates and friends with those people.

Ah, this

Since then, the academy has been completely abolished and turned into the worst Academy in Yuhang County!

Unfortunately, the lucky thing is that Xu Xian successfully earned a good reputation for the academy and achieved good results at the head of the case by cheating.

Therefore, since he left the Academy, the following scholars have also achieved good results.


When Xu Xian was repairing, he was about to open a new road.

He had some ideas.

That is, is there a special way to lower the IQ of others to the same level as yourself?


But neither!

Because this road is unique.

If you want to cultivate and create this way, you must be possessed by the purple Qi of Hongmeng at the beginning. Otherwise, the path of descending the aura of wisdom will certainly be impossible for others.

At the beginning, Xu Xian didn't know he had Hongmeng purple Qi.

But he knows very well that he should carry a mental aura with him

So he decided to enlarge, enlarge and enlarge the Aura!

Otherwise, just relying on Hongmeng Ziqi's instinct to dust others' Lingtai will certainly not put people's heart on a mountain and can't even play go.

And descending wisdom aura is Xu Xian's way!

Don't be afraid if you don't have enough brain power. As long as you drag the enemy down to your own level, he Xu Xian is invincible. I'm invincible!

of course,

This is not to say that Xu Xian's combat effectiveness will be very poor. In fact, he is also very strong.

But if there is no way to reduce the aura of wisdom, if he still wants to come to the current state smoothly and steadily, it is a bit of a fool's dream.

Others don't say.

Some guys who regard mortals as mole ants can't let the people of Yuhang county and his small home go.

Although Xu Xian knew that master always sat firmly in Yuhang county to ensure the safety of his family, this was not enough.

He needs to drop the aura of wisdom and let the enemies completely forget that.

As for why he has now converged on the aura of mental decline?


I have a showdown. I won't pretend!

I, Xu Xian, am the owner of Hongmeng purple Qi. The invincible existence under the sage, is about to step into the cruel man of the sage with half a foot. Do you refuse to bite me?

"Or, who says I am the strongest existence under the sage? According to my current killing power, I may still be photographed in the position of the sixth sage." Xu Xian touched his chin.

Since he really tried his best to swing a sword, he found out the positioning of his combat power for the first time.

That is,

Count down first!

Killing power may be the sixth of the saints!

The flesh may be lost, but under the protection of the Eastern imperial bell, the sage can't break his defense.

In a sense.

He is a saint now!

In addition to that.

He doesn't want to torture himself anymore

Because if you want to release the aura of wisdom reduction, you must first reduce your wisdom!

There is no situation where I am smart but the enemy's IQ is very low.

This move is to kill a thousand enemies and lose a thousand.

A situation in which both sides lose.

If he has not entered the six samsara, if he has not seen light, he will not fear darkness.

When he realized that he had a smart cerebellar bag melon, he thought that it was better to give up early.


He has nothing to fear now.

Even if it is... Facing the real saint!

No one can stop him from becoming the seventh sage in the famine.


The fall of demon emperor Jun.

The escape of Bodhi.

In addition, Xu Xian's convergence of the aura of descending wisdom led to the sudden quietness of this isolated mortal world.

The journey to the West will continue.

Xu Xian was too lazy to play with him. He just took out a separate body and ran home. He began to heat the Kang with his wife, sister-in-law and xiaoqinghan.


It's so simple and happy.

But I don't know if the ancestor was trapped in the God worship era, which made him extremely stable now.

Even if the two saints in the West have been completely desperate, they all famously say that they will no longer calculate Xu Xian, and in a pleading tone, they hope that brother Xu will not see things like them after he becomes a saint

But the truncated leader has been very steady in using the immortal sword array to continue to help isolate the mortal world.

That's it.

With the passage of time.

One year, two years, three years... Exactly 30 years later.

The Daliang Dynasty unified nanzhanbuzhou!

When Emperor Xin becomes the real emperor and intends to occupy the position of emperor of heaven.

Xu Xian also stopped the behavior of card experience bar and decided to become a saint in situ to help the Terran stand firmly as the protagonist in the world.

It's just a pity,

The fisherman didn't catch the two fish in the West.

He thought that the western two holy societies were capricious and would engage in sneak attacks. The result was really the same as what they said. From here, they stayed in the Western Lingshan mountain and never dared to walk outside. They were afraid that when they passed by, they would be directly killed by a sudden sword.

After all, they both know.

Today's young people don't speak martial arts very much!

Maybe they will suddenly provoke back stabbing. How dare they continue to provoke?


When Xu Xian finally became holy.

The isolation of the immortal killing sword array is also completely dispersed!

That day!

It was recorded in historical books by a great Luo Jinxian.

When brother Xu became a saint, he didn't pay attention and accidentally released his Tao

Countless creatures in the whole wasteland have directly returned to their childhood.

According to history,

Natural disaster.

Because when brother Xu converged and returned to the aura of wisdom, countless people in the whole flood and famine chose to run away from home because of social death.

As for the seventh saint of the three worlds, where has he gone since then?

As for the Terran's heavenly leading role, how long will it last?

No one knows.

But whatever it is, they will understand.

The saint wants you to die, you have to die.

Maybe brother won't let you die, but it will make you more uncomfortable than death!