Chapter 1195

Standing still in the lobby, Li Luoyang looked at the emperor with his head held high and his mouth slightly raised. "Cao Min Li Luoyang, see the emperor, long live my emperor." Li Luoyang didn't kneel. Even if it was just a simple greeting, it was enough to save the emperor's face. Seeing the steps given by Li Luoyang, the emperor immediately smiled and said: "Ally leader Li, hurry up. You become one of the three sects, protect local forces, act for heaven and survive with the imperial court. I also want to thank you for that. It's beyond my expectation that you can come today."

Li Luoyang smiled, leaned back and said slowly, "emperor, revitalizing the government and the public and safeguarding the great interests of the nation is what each of us should do. I Li Luoyang just did what we should do, but these things are not easy to do. Fortunately, there is a family that constantly inspires and urges me. Please forgive me for disturbing your Yaxing today."

The emperor waved his hand and smiled, "don't be so polite. You can handle your own affairs."

"I don't know what the emperor is here today. He has nothing to bring to him. He gave it to Mrs. white as a small gift to show his feelings." Wu Xinyi took a small bottle from his arms and gave it to Mrs. white: "Mrs. Bai, this is a new perfume specially developed for you by Luoyang."

Hearing Wu Xinyi's words, Mrs. Bai was ecstatic. She opened it and smelled it. The fresh taste was intoxicating, and the emperor was quite satisfied: "I thank leader Li for his intention. In the future, we will create a peaceful Tang Dynasty!"

Li Luoyang smiled after saluting with boxing, then turned his head and looked at Lin Tianhao, who was sitting paralyzed in his position. At this time, he was surrounded by the Lin family. Everyone showed a look of fear and stared at Li Luoyang for fear that eye contact would offend Li Luoyang. Li Luoyang took a deep breath and shouted, "what am I doing here today!"

The disciples of the three sects standing in the lobby shouted in unison: "pick up!"

Li Luoyang laughed wildly: "ha ha ha, Lin family, Lin family! You must know more about my purpose of coming here today than I do. I swear to God that one day, I will ask you Lin family to send my mother out in a sedan chair. Today, when I raise my hand, the Lin family will disappear completely. I hope today's matter is best handled peacefully."

Without waiting for the Lin family to answer, Li Luoyang turned and looked at the crowd: "brothers, if the Lin family obstructs, shoot to death!"

"Yes! Ally leader." the roar that rang through the heaven and earth seemed to shake the ground. The murderous intention suddenly filled the lobby. Li Guo came to Li Luoyang with a smile. The two brothers stared at Lin Tianhao side by side. Li Guo, who was a Jin Jiapi, was dignified and his eyes full of murderous intention were full of blood. However, Li Luoyang with a smile gave people a more dangerous feeling.

Lin Tianhao suddenly realized that neither of them could offend him. Sweating, he was silent.

"Father, let's go and pick up mother."

Li Luoyang took Wu Xinyi's hand, followed by Yang Yanwen who came specially. Behind him was Li Guo holding Wu Nian and Ye Yu. Behind him was Li Min and the leaders of the three sects. Watching the group go to play in the backyard, none of the Lin family dared to move.

The pavilion in the backyard is paved with autumn leaves. A familiar figure sits quietly in the pavilion. The wine smell of yaochi Yulu smells good. Lin Luoshui sees a group of people coming. Looking at Li Luoyang holding Wu Xinyi and Yang Yanwen, Lin Luoshui smiles. Looking at Li Guo holding Wu Nian and Ye Yu, Lin Luoshui smiles more happily. However, looking at Li Min behind Li Guo, Lin Luoshui is stupid and the bottle in his hand falls instantly On the ground, the previous smile had disappeared, and she burst into tears.

At this time, Li Min also flushed his eyes, moved his steps hard, rushed forward and hugged Lin Luoshui. Originally, they met again in this way. Wu Xinyi and Wu Nian also fell moved tears. Li Guo pinched his sour nose and put his hand on Li Luoyang's shoulder: "I never expected this scene. You, Luoyang, you created all this."

Li Luoyang raised his head and looked at the sky. He heard that tears would not fall out when he held his head high: "once upon a time, I wanted to give up. Today, everything is worth it. Tell everyone that after we leave, we will demolish the backyard of the Lin family, which has been trapped by our mother for many years."

"Don't worry, don't talk about the backyard now. It's easy even if you take the whole Lin family." Li Guo patted Li Luoyang on the shoulder and held back the tears in the corners of his eyes.

Lin Luoshui hugged Li Min tightly, hugged each other and wept. There was no need to apologize. When Lin Luoshui saw Li Min, he seemed to understand everything. For a long time, when he came out of his arms, Lin Luoshui smiled and took Li Min's hand to Li Luoyang and Li Guo. Li Luoyang instantly found that there was once happiness and smile in Lin Luoshui's eyes: "Luoyang, Guo'er, it's hard for you."

Li Guo smiled awkwardly, "I didn't do anything, mainly Luoyang."

"Forget it, you are a general. I'm just a grass-roots citizen."

"My general is not as powerful as your ally leader."

Lin Luoshui took Wu Xinyi and Wu Nian's hands and smiled. Then he held Yang Yanwen and Ye Yu's hands together: "today is the happiest time of my life. Thanks to you, taking care of Luoyang and Guoer, they can have such achievements today, which is inseparable from you."

Looking at the women crying in a ball, Li Luoyang said reluctantly, "almost. I don't want to stay here for another second. Let's go."

The party left from the backyard. Lin Luoshui looked at the scene in front of him in surprise. Surrounded by everyone, Lin Luoshui finally walked out of the door of the Lin family. No one in the Lin family had a word to stop it. He even wanted to send Lin Luoshui away early to avoid causing trouble.

When the whole staff evacuated, Li Luoyang stood alone at the door of the Lin family, turned to look at Lin Tianhao in the lobby, and then said with a wild smile: "once the soldiers come to the general, they will be in trouble overnight and rise in the morning. When they return, they have clear sleeves. Don't be in a hurry now, ha ha..."


Lijia village, next to the tombstone, the withered trees are in spring, the green is misty, the eaves are swept down, and the laughter is long.

Lin Luoshui sat quietly at the stone table, surrounded by Wu Xinyi and others. The busy Li Min seemed to plan to repay his debts for so many years and took all the work. The baby cried and everyone laughed. The children and grandchildren were full of happiness. Xiao Si and yu'er also came to the door with their children. They seemed to be in the paradise with laughter and laughter.

At the top of the mountain, Li Luoyang stood in front of the sun and the breeze blew. With a smile on his face, Li Luoyang held his head high and looked at the world designated by the first generation of the mountains. At this time, he was no longer the leader of the alliance. He ran around all his life and planned for half his life. Finally, he was free and relieved all the pressure.

Two generations of floating Tu have a lifetime of fate. I was tired in my previous life. I died here when I became famous. The wonderful life, the uproar, and really put down everything, I realized that the original scenery in front of me was unforgettable: "sometimes, I can't see another scenery until I stop."