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The Gloom Forest’s Secret Realm was not that easy to deal with. After all, it was a level 20 Secret Realm. Even if they were well-prepared and sent out many powerful combat forces, they were not absolutely confident.

Now that there were two more people who did not have much combat strength, they would be a burden, right?

Abigail’s appearance was too exquisite, and they thought all she had was her good looks. Victor King also looked very ordinary, and he probably hid it because his personal information was too poor.

Bill raised his eyebrows, clearly a little angry. “Are you questioning my decision? Bringing two more people won’t affect anything.”

The man did not dare to speak again.

Although Bill agreed, Victor King’s opinion was the most important. Abigail asked, “Should we go to their team?”

Bill was a ready-made tool, so there was no reason to reject such a good thing.

Victor King nodded. “Let’s follow and take a look.”

Hence, they joined Bill’s team.

The entrance to the Gloom Forest was on a huge rock. Everyone placed their hands on the corresponding position and gently pressed down. As the light of the magic circle lit up, they felt the world spin.

When they opened their eyes again, the scenery in front of them had changed drastically.

[You have entered the Secret Realm: Gloom Forest]

The sky was gloomy, as if it was about to fall, and it was so heavy that it was almost suffocating.

The originally lush trees were covered in a layer of gray shadows. In a daze, it looked like a giant creature was lying in ambush in the corner, staring at the group of adventurers like a tiger eyeing its prey.

It was said that the Gloom Forest Secret Realm was not like this many years ago. It used to be sunny and lush, but for some reason, a disaster suddenly descended on this land.

All the animals and plants had mutated to varying degrees, becoming extremely terrifying and ugly. At the same time, their strength had also increased.

As soon as they stepped into the forest, they felt an inexplicable sense of danger. It was the instinctive reaction of the body to danger.

Looking around, there were twisted vines and dried branches everywhere. From afar, they looked like countless strange-looking creatures. If one’s mental ability was weak, one would probably be frightened by such a scene.

Bill came to Abigail’s side. He already knew Abigail’s name.

“Miss Abigail, please let me protect you. With me around, I will never let you get hurt.”

After saying that, he wanted to grab Abigail’s hands, but Abigail’s scabbard blocked him. Bill, who wanted to close the distance, only touched the cold scabbard.

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to interacting with others.”

These words were a little double standard.

Before this, she was holding hands with Victor King. Hearing this, Victor King could not help but smile.

Abigail was as cold as ice, but Bill did not get angry and tried to curry favor with her.

Not far away, there was a slight movement, and everyone immediately fell into a state of vigilance.

“Be careful, there might be some small monsters.”

Someone on the team reminded them. Almost as soon as he finished speaking, several wolf-like creatures appeared in front of them.

These wolves looked very strange. Some had two heads, some had three eyes, and some did not even have tails. It was as if they had been randomly pieced together by someone.

However, their fangs were extremely sharp, reflecting the cold light in the air. They looked like they could rip off a person’s throat with a single bite. Their stinky saliva flowed down, and they looked at Victor King and the others with drool.

The Dark Wolf was a level 15 monster known for its speed and attack.

Abigail subconsciously stood in front of Victor King and protected him behind her.

In the blink of an eye, a few wolves quickly rushed in front of everyone.

This team was well-trained. It was obvious that they had cooperated many times. They were not flustered at all in this situation.

The Warriors with high HP and defense came to the front to block their attacks. At the same time, they bought time for the Mages to cast their spells. There were even Archers and Healers on the team. They were well-equipped.

Red flames descended from the sky and landed on the bodies of these Dark Wolves. They let out a painful howl and quickly fell to the ground.

Bill rushed forward without hesitation, wanting to show off in front of Abigail. He waved his blue longsword like a tiger and killed a small monster in a few minutes.

He even turned around from time to time. “Miss Abigail, I’m here. Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.”

He was tall and muscular. Coupled with the huge sword he wielded, his movements were clean and neat, adding a little handsomeness. If he was outside, he would indeed cause some little girls to scream.

Abigail was different from ordinary little girls. Her exquisite face was expressionless, and there was even a hint of disgust in her blue eyes.

In her eyes, this Bill could not compare to even a strand of Victor King’s hair.

“Did this guy just get out of the oil field? Isn’t he a little too greasy? Moreover, is there a problem with his eyesight? Why does he say that I’m afraid?”

Faced with Abigail’s harsh comments, Victor King held back his laughter. It was obviously a little difficult.

The two of them were right behind the group, as if they were watching a show. From time to time, they would even comment on it. Those who did not know better would think that they were really here for an outing.

“The overall strength of this team is relatively strong, especially the few people at the back. I think they’re already around level 25.”

This was only Victor King’s conservative estimate. Perhaps the actual level was even higher.

It was no wonder that Bill was so confident and even felt that it did not matter if he had two burdens in his party. He had the capital.

Victor King fell into deep thought. “The Herbert family spent so much effort to send such a high-level elite here. It shouldn’t be just to clear this Secret Realm.”

Although the experience gained from killing monsters in the Secret Realm was higher than outside, it would also take longer. Moreover, there were many variables in clearing these sorts of dungeons.

If he failed to clear this Secret Realm and left halfway, the experience reward he had obtained would all become 50 percent. It was not worth it.

Abigail understood what Victor King was implying. “You mean the Herbert Family is planning something else?”

Victor King rubbed his chin. “I think so. Otherwise, why would he choose the Gloom Forest when there are other 20 simpler Secret Realms?”

Bill and the others definitely had other motives. Victor King could not tell what it was.