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[Name: Victor King]

[Class: Bard]

[Level: Level 0]

[Constitution: Level 10]

[Spiritual Power: Level 10]

[Strength: Level 10]

[Spirit: Level 10]

[Agility: Level 10]

[Resistance: Level 10]

[Luck: 999]

[Free Attribute Points: Level 10]

[Skills unavailable]

Victor King opened his attribute panel, wanting to understand his class.

Similar to everyone else, the initial interface had his stats mostly at level 10. However, the luck column made his eyes widen, thinking that he was hallucinating.

“Am I seeing things?”

In a situation where everything was 10, his luck was actually 999!

When luck value appeared, no one paid much attention to it. They thought that this value was useless, and they had forgotten about adding points to it.

It was only until someone accidentally added the wrong points to luck that they realized the magic.

Regardless of whether it was grinding monsters or exploring Secret Realms, the chances of dropping equipment were higher for those with high luck. It was said that they could also drop equipment with good attributes.

Similarly, those with low luck would not be able to drop a single piece of equipment even after killing a hundred monsters and exploring a hundred Secret Realms. It could be said that their faces were extremely dark.

From then on, when everyone increased their attribute points, they would also pay attention to their luck value, in case it was too low and they could not get equipment.

However, according to what Victor King knew, most of them had a starting value of 10, but luck was different. Usually, luck’s starting value was very low, and the highest was only 8. However, his 999 looked like a bug. It was too heaven-defying.

If he did not know that the interface would not show any errors, he would have thought that it was fake.

“It seems that God saw that I was too unlucky to Awaken such a Class, so he gave me high luck value as compensation.”

For Victor King, this was both lucky and unlucky.

He rubbed his chin. If the news of his luck value reaching 999 was released, everyone on the continent would probably go crazy over it.

According to the current situation, the person with the highest luck value on the entire continent was only around 90. He did not even surpass 100. His number was really too scary.

Victor King did not plan to tell anyone else about this, not even his five sisters. It was not because he did not trust them, but because he felt that 999 luck points was unbelievable. It was like a dream.

From the corner of his eye, he glanced at the backpack compartment. He thought that there was nothing inside, but he did not expect a flash of light to attract his attention.

It was a ring.

Logically speaking, the backpack should be empty. After Awakening a Class, the backpack slot would also be opened. It had just been digitized, so there should not be anything inside. How could there be a ring inside?

“This is really strange.”

Victor King checked the information of the ring immediately.

[Weapon: Ring of Immortality]

[Rarity: Gold]

[Level: Level 1, can grow]

[Attribute: All attributes of the wearer +10 (can grow)]

[Skill: The wearer can disguise as another Class, no one can see through it.]

After reading the information on the ring, Victor King was dumbfounded and could not believe it.

The quality of all the equipment was, from low to high, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, and Gold. Purple was already extremely rare, let alone Orange.

Almost no one had seen Red equipment before, so there was no need to mention Gold equipment. It was a legendary divine equipment.

Now, there was such a divine ring lying in his backpack.

Gold equipment was the most top-tier equipment, and it was known as the existence of godly equipment. However, in reality, no one had ever seen it before. Even the number of people who owned Orange equipment could be counted on one’s fingers. As for Red equipment, only the top people in the continent could have it.

He didn’t expect that he would obtain a piece of divine equipment just after Awakening. If news of this spread, who knew how many people would covet it? Perhaps the entire continent would come to hunt him down.

The key was that this skill was simply tailor-made for him.

Victor King had Awakened a useless Class like the Bard, but after wearing the ring, he could disguise himself as another Class. Could he also use the skills of other Classes?

Victor King’s heart started to beat faster. If that was the case, it would be too unbelievable.

The most important thing was that this ring could grow. Whether it was attributes or skills, there was a lot of room for growth. It had unimaginable potential and might even change in the future.

That kind of change would only make him stronger. Victor King was excited when he thought of this.

“I knew God wouldn’t be so cold. Although the door was closed, he opened the window for me.”

Victor King was a little disappointed at first. After all, he had Awakened the Bard Class. But now, not only did he have 999 luck points, but he also obtained such a heaven-defying godly ring.

At least he could make up for the shortcomings of his own Class.

“No matter what it is, I can’t expose it. Luck value can’t be stolen, but divine equipment can be stolen.”

There was no divine equipment in the entire continent, but Victor King had one. Even if his five sisters were all powerful Hidden Classes, they probably would not be able to protect this ring.

Although the five older sisters’ occupations seemed powerful, they were nothing to those experts. After all, they had not grown up yet and were not a threat.

Perhaps the entire Victor family would be wiped out because of this. This was definitely not a joke.

After all, a single piece of Orange equipment was enough to make many people go crazy, not to mention this kind of divine equipment. Before he could protect himself, he had to keep a low profile.

Seeing that Victor King was silent, the sisters thought that he was still in shock.

Bella comforted him softly. Her gentle voice was like a trickle of water. “Don’t be too sad. Even if the Bard Class really can’t do much, we will still help you.”

Doris nodded. “Yeah, we’re still here if things don’t go well. Basically, we won’t let anyone bully you so easily.”

“With your brain, it doesn’t matter if you don’t rely on your Class.”

The five sisters comforted him.

When the others heard this, they could not help but shake their heads, feeling sorry for Victor King.

“I thought I would be able to see the glory of six Hidden Classes. I was thinking too much. How could such a thing happen?”

“The only son, and the heir of the family… Who would have thought that he Awakened a Bard Class. God must be joking with the Victor family.”

“The good luck of the Victor family has come to an abrupt end.”

“Bards are destined to be downtrodden. It’s better to be an ordinary person.”