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“Forget it. Maybe she can think of a way to get rid of the fire element in the future.”

Victor King stared at the crystal with a burning gaze. Fire and water were clearly opposing each other, but at this moment, they were in a strange harmonious state.

There was only one possibility!


The fire element itself was overbearing, not to mention that Bella’s Awakening had displayed even more powerful strength.

Blake could not help but sigh. “A Dual-Elemental Mage is also very powerful. Water can contain all things. She would be compatible with both wind and earth, but this fire element is a waste of this child’s talent.”

The old man beside him had a different opinion.

“Blake, it seems that you’ve been in the Academy for too long. Has the good life blurred your senses?”

With Blake’s current position, who would dare to criticize him? However, when faced with the old man, not only did he not get angry, but he also showed an attentive expression.

“Please give me some pointers.”

“You only saw the dominance of the fire element, but you never thought about why the fire element was so powerful but did not break the balance.”

Blake looked at the Class Change Crystal. The two colors, red and blue, were clearly incompatible, but they maintained a strange balance. It seemed that there was a force that was secretly maintaining the operation.

Only Victor King and the old man realized that Bella was not simple.

Blake suddenly understood and was extremely surprised. “Could it be that she’s not just a Dual-Element Mage?!”

As soon as she finished speaking, green spiritual energy burst out from the crystal. A breeze from somewhere blew Bella’s hair.


Everyone exclaimed. Between the red and blue, there was another color.

“It’s the wind element!”

“Bella isn’t a Dual-Element Mage, she’s a Tri-Element Mage!”

Three-Elemental Mages were even rarer. In the entire city, only the Guild Master of the Mage Guild, Cass, had three elements.

Emma was overjoyed. “I knew Second Sister wouldn’t let us down.”

Victor King smiled meaningfully. “Just you wait, there’s more to the show.”

Hearing his words, Catherine looked puzzled. “Little Brother, what do you mean?”

Victor King pretended to be mysterious. “You’ll find out later.”

The other students were also happy for Bella. “Although it’s not as good as the Dragon God Knight Class, it’s rare to see a Tri-Element Mage.”

Mage Guild.

Looking at the pillars of light that lit up the sky one after another, the elemental ability pervaded the air. The group of people from the Mage Guild could also feel it.

“It’s the Acacia Academy, right? I heard that today is the day for students to Awaken their Class.”

“A Dual-Elemental Mage is alright, but it’s the water and fire elements? Forget it, that’s not even as good as a Single-Elemental Mage.”

“Eh? A Tri-Elemental Mage? If this student’s talent is not bad, they can be recruited. After all, it’s not common. This student might be a good seedling.”

The Mage Guild was spread across the entire continent. It was a huge organization. Almost every city had a branch, which included all the powerful mages. Peg City was no exception.

However, the threshold for recruitment was also very high. Ordinary mages could not enter easily. They had to go through various assessments, and they had to be very talented.

Cass ordered the people below, “Send someone to the Academy to see how talented that student is. If it’s possible, there’s no need to take the test.”

On the other side, the Class Change Crystal was still surging, as if it had no intention of stopping.

Looking at this situation, no matter how slow everyone was, they could still feel that something was amiss.

“No way, no way, Bella isn’t a Tri-Elemental Mage, could it be–”

Before he could finish speaking, there was another burst of light. Brown spiritual energy quickly spread in all directions.

Everyone could feel the ground beneath their feet trembling.

“Earthquake!” someone exclaimed.

“How is that possible? Peg City hasn’t had an earthquake for hundreds of years. Moreover, the Academy is protected. Even if there was an earthquake, we would be fine.”

Everyone calmed down and realized that the source was actually on the Class Change Crystal. Besides the red, blue, and green colors, there was a touch of brown. It was filled with a heavy smell and actually gave people a sense of peace.

The students gulped, feeling nervous. “It’s not a Tri-Elemental Mage, it’s a Quad-Elemental Mage! This is the power of the earth element.”

If the three elements were rare, then the four elements were rare in all the continents.

“Oh my god, it’s actually a Quad-Elemental Mage. I didn’t expect to see one in my lifetime.”

“This is simply too amazing. She broke the Academy’s, no, the entire Peg City’s record.”

Quad-Elemental Mages were even more powerful than some Hidden Classes.

A faint smile finally appeared on Bella’s face.

However, things were not over yet.

The pale green light was like a firefly as it descended from the sky and scattered on the surrounding plants. The originally withered plants actually regained their vitality.

Even the flower bud that was about to bloom was stretching its body.

“How could it be? Why did the flowers suddenly bloom?”

“Also, hasn’t this tree been dead for decades? After being struck by lightning, all that’s left is a stump. Why did it suddenly sprout? ”

“Am I seeing things? Why do I feel like the ivy has grown a lot taller?

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the strange things that suddenly appeared around them. There were many of them all at once. All kinds of mushrooms and plants popped up like bamboo shoots after the rain.

Such a strange sight was truly unheard of and unseen.

Victor King was the only one who remained calm. He shook his head and said, “This is the power of the wood element. What’s so strange about it?”

The wood element was indeed very common, but the key was that such powerful energy was rare.

Only a Fourth Transition Wood Mage could revive a dead tree and sprout new leaves. Bella had just awakened, but she could already cause such a phenomenon.

This meant that she had an abundance of wood element and an extremely strong affinity. Such talent could be called monstrous.

It was truly shocking.

It would have been fine if it was just these, but she was actually a Five-Elemental Mage!

Even the old man was a little stunned. He had thought that Bella would at most have four elements. He did not expect her to have such room for development. He could not help but smile self-deprecatingly.

“Earlier, I said that you were wrong. I didn’t expect that I was wrong too.”

“Such wood-elemental energy, even I am shocked.”

This was only the beginning.

Thunder suddenly rumbled in the sky, and a deafening clap of thunder rang out on the ground. The explosion stunned everyone for a long time.

Purple lightning intertwined and divided the sky into countless parts. Countless lightning dragons swam around and glared at everyone.

“Damn, is it going to rain?”

“It’s so strange. The sun was shining brightly just now. Why did it rain so suddenly?”

“I heard that some people who have an affinity with elemental energy can cause abnormal phenomena in the world. Could it be that she has awakened the lightning element too?”

There were some people who were really blessed by God, and Bella was such a person.