Chapter 2104 - Chapter 2104: establishment of the huaxia territory (20)

Chapter 2104: establishment of the huaxia territory (20)

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she also did not expect that they had a relationship in their previous life.

“No feelings?” Di Cang raised his brows, for matters like feelings, you will have them after sleeping a few more times. 1 guess it’s because we slept too few times in the beginning, so it made you think that we have no feelings?”

bai yan’s face completely darkened.

The atmosphere was so good, why did this man keep spoiling the mood?

“Di Cang!” Bai Yan secretly gritted her teeth hatefully and glared fiercely at this man who spoiled the mood.

Di Cang was completely unaware as he once again raised his hand and gently held Bai Yan’s hand.

“little yan ‘er, back then, the imperial preceptor had left behind a prophecy that there would only be one empress in the demon world, i had to wait for you to appear, in fact, even if the imperial preceptor had not left behind this prophecy, i reckon that other than you, no other woman can make me look at her more than once.”

In this life, his heart had been pulled by Bai Yan. The prophecy was no longer important. It was only because of the appearance of the prophecy that he was able to find her so quickly.

Therefore, Wanwan should thank the state preceptor for this.

bai yan pursed her lips lightly and lowered her eyes, scenes of her past life and present life flashed past her eyes like a camera, causing her eyes to glow with a strange light.

“Di Cang, if 1 had met you first in my previous life, perhaps the things that happened after that would not have happened again, Huanhuan.”

In her previous life, if she had met di Cang first, she would not have developed a reliance on Feng Li Xiao, and would not have suffered so much pain in the divine world.

This man definitely has the ability to make her fall in love with him first.

It was a pity that di Cang appeared too late. She and Feng lixiao were childhood sweethearts. Even though they were not deeply in love, she had always treated him as her only one.

That was why she was so sorrowful later on.

Fortunately, di Cang pulled her out of her pain and promised her a lifetime of happiness.

“I’m not late in this life.”

Di Cang’s Red lips rose and his smile was extremely devilish, after all, you already had little Chen ‘er on your first night here. So, even if Chu Yifeng used all his strength, he still couldn’t snatch you away.

“What?” Chu Yifeng’s gentle face suddenly appeared in Bai Yan’s mind. She smiled. Speaking of which, 1 haven’t seen Chu Yifeng for a long time. 1 kind of miss him.

Her words had just fallen when di Cang’s beautiful face immediately darkened. The strength he used to hold Bai Yan’s hand increased a little, forcing her to place all her attention on her.

“Yan ‘er, I’m by your side. It’s enough that you miss me. Why are you thinking about other people?” Di Cang raised his brows and said in an overbearing tone, ” besides, that brat Chu Yifeng will never be able to snatch you away in this lifetime. You belonged to me in your previous life. In this life, you also belong to me.

Bai Yanliang’s dazed gaze swept over.

“I also belong to you.”

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All of di Cang’s domineering words stopped, and all of them were converted into this light sentence.

Yan ‘er, from the moment I met you in my previous life, 1 was destined to fall. Moreover, from my previous life, I’ve decided that I must snatch you back to the demon world and make you the Queen of the demon world.

what if 1 really got married to Feng lixiao in my previous life? ” Bai Yan smiled, what if the things that happened after that did not happen in my previous life?

Back then, if not for what happened later, everyone in the divine Palace would have wanted her to marry Feng liyao. She did not accept it accurately, but she did not reject it.

Since she was young, the man she had the most contact with was Feng lixiao. In addition, before she met di Cang, she did not know about love and thought that Feng lixiao was the love of her life. Therefore, it was very likely that she would really marry him..