Chapter 3 – Part 1

Don’t say it, did he see her?

Olivia’s heart was pounding anxiously.

Obviously, he was looking up at her. When their eyes met, Leon looked away, but she couldn’t find anything unusual in his gaze. And, Kevin’s expression didn’t matter to her, anyway.

Returning to her room, she sighed at the misery and covered her face. Having s*x with Kevin was not enough, seeing Leon’s face, she climaxed as she imagined her having sex with Leon… It was really obscene and perverted.

At this point, Olivia didn’t know if maybe she was a more insidious pervert herself than Kevin. How did it end up like this…?

Then, she heard a knock on the door. As soon as she said to come in, she almost screamed.

Because it was none other than Leon who came in.

When she widened her eyes as she saw him, Leon gave a puzzled look. There was no sign of him noticing what she had done on his face.

“Ah, well, what brings you here?”

After the affair, she washed her body and changed her clothes as well. There was nothing to get caught, yet she couldn’t make eye contact with him.

“Does my presence make you uncomfortable?”


It was such an unexpected question for her to answer that it is uncomfortable.

At that, she looked at Leon with her eyes wide open.

“Did I do something wrong?”

At Leon’s question, she quickly shook her head.

“Oh, no. just—you never asked this before…”

“I don’t think I’ve ever asked my brother about this either.”

Surprised, Olivia’s eyes winded again at the cold expression of those words. Didn’t they have a good friendship? It was a little strange because he spoke that way.

Leon’s face had a sharp look.

“Did you fight with brother Kevin?”

When she asked that, Leon shook his head. “It’s not like that. I’m just uncomfortable that my brother didn’t take care of Miss Claudel.”

Is it because you have a lot of things, so you have a generous heart? He was very kind to consider her convenience. The fear of being caught was long gone by his attitude. Her mind was up and down, though she was happy with the consideration he showed.

“Thank you…”

He asked when she uttered the words from the bottom of her heart.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s because you were thinking of me.”


He closed his mouth for a moment and gazed at her. He seemed hesitant about something, then sighed a little.

“It’s only natural because you are here. And, the fact that I didn’t ask such a question was because I was careless.”

Leon answered firmly.

Because of that, Olivia smiled brightly. She just liked talking to Leon. Before the war, he seldom spoke to her first. However, when he met her again, he took care of her as the master of the family and spoke to her first.

Olivia was happy. It felt good, and she mustered her courage.

“Your Excellency.”

As the atmosphere eased, she spoke the words she hesitated to.

“I’m glad you came back safely.”


“I was… worried.”

Olivia was so embarrassed that, as she said those words, she didn’t even think of raising her head.

Though Leon didn’t say anything. It must be so, because it had already been more than five days since he returned, and she felt it was too late to greet him. When she realized that, she wanted to cry.

“…Thank you.”

After a while, he uttered a word. He was staring strangely at Olivia. As she became restless with the atmosphere, fortunately, he changed the topic.

“Well, I bought a dress.”

“A dress…?”

“I asked the butler, and I heard that Miss Claudel had been refusing clothes for a long time.”

It was never because she refused the clothes. She remembered the shrewd butler. If Leon knew he didn’t give her the clothes, the butler would probably be in trouble. Because of that, Olivia has always lived in a few dresses from before.

She wanted to tell Leon about it, but she didn’t want to be seen as a gossiper to him.

The butler was a loyal vassal for two generations, and she was the one who came in later. To him, the butler’s words would be persuasive.

When she made that judgment and kept her silence, he misunderstood her affirmation.

Leon frowned and said, “I understand that you do not want to burden the family, but you are not a burden to the family, and if Miss Claudel continues to wear old clothes, the dignity of our family will be doubted. Don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, the maids were busy moving dresses between the open doors. At first, she thought it would be a few pieces at most, though they carried too many clothes.

Olivia, who was about to thank him for the new clothes, stared at him with her eyes wide open.


“Miss Claudel. I just told you. Don’t feel uncomfortable.”

She wanted to protest, however, she couldn’t say anything to the determined expression on his face.

Did he know that this would happen? His strict expression loosened slightly as she frowned and pouted her lips.

“Then, I will be grateful. Thank you for your consideration.”

She tried not to like it too much, and she greeted him bluntly.

Feeling his gaze staring at her, Olivia lifted her head. Did she have to say something again? Did it seem too rude to express her gratitude…?

“I plan to increase the number of maids to serve you.”

“It’s all right.”

“Do not refuse.”

“It’s because I’m uncomfortable. If you’re considerate of me, please don’t do that.”

After all, she didn’t expect the employees here to treat her kindly or loyally. The more people serve her, the more bad glances she’ll receive. She knew that the maids would scold her for every act and gossiped. Rather, she was more comfortable without maids.

“All right.”

He nodded at her resolute words. For some reason, Leon seemed kind of down—strangely enough, he was.

“And, again…”

“Again? Is there anything else?”

At Leon’s words, she unknowingly opened her mouth. Only then did she realize that she had spoken cheekily.

As Olivia covered her mouth with her hand with her widened eyes, he raised the corners of his mouth, and spoke.

“I think you like books, so I prepared some books for you.”

Book? Her face turned blue. Why did he even bring books?

Thinking so, she peered into his eyes.

“I heard you like books.”


“Weren’t you in the study this afternoon?”

“Yes, I was.”

Did he notice…? Is he asking vaguely?

She studied his face for a long time. Seeing that there was nothing visible painted on his face, Olivia was completely relieved. Her ears were dyed red, and she bowed her head.


As he recalled the memory of the study, her voice changed as small as a mosquito again. It was natural because she wasn’t honest. When her behavior changed again, Leon asked if something was wrong.

“What rudeness have I committed?”

“No, nothing.”

She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand and bowed her head. He sighed as Olivia lowered her head to hide her expression. It just felt frustrating. Realizing she had to properly convey her gratitude, as before, Olivia decided to be courageous.

“Thank you so much for being so considerate, Your Excellency.”

As she raised her head and smiled, his face seemed to be more comfortable. Having said that, Leon still did not leave and stood in front of her.

Is there something else going on? No matter how it is, she didn’t want to talk to him for a long time… at least, just for today. It was because it seemed like he was going to investigate what happened in the study.

After Leon didn’t say anything for a while, Olivia decided to ask reluctantly.

“Would you like some tea here…?”

“No, not like that. I just have a question for you.”

“Yes, please ask.”

“Marriage… Do you have any thoughts yet?”

She opened her eyes wide.

Her heart was pounding and thumping in a different sense. She knew very well what this meant. It was a voice telling her to get married and get out.


“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“No, no.”

Olivia shook her head firmly again before bowing her head with a sad expression on her face. He must have an uncomfortable expression on his face. She thought so when she raised her head.

However, his expression was far from the uncomfortable expression she had expected. His lips were still stiff, although the tense energy in his eyes had disappeared.

In other words, it wasn’t a look of displeasure.

“It would be nice if Miss Claudel would stay here comfortably.”

“Thanks to your consideration, I feel comfortable.”

“Then, please rest.”

His voice softened somewhat, but she didn’t notice it. Her expression darkened as he went outside. Leon seemed to want her to get married and leave this house.

“Uhhh! Uhhhh!”

She stopped her moaning that was about to come out.

Kevin’s manhood came and went through the open folds as her damp cave continued to suck him in. The sound of gasping breath filled the room.

He raised his hand and tried to lower Olivia’s hand that was covering her mouth, but she shook her head desperately.

“Why… Heuk! Leon, you are worried about him hearing, right?”

Although she didn’t answer, Kevin’s face distorted as if he had guessed Olivia’s response.



She frowned. The sound of flesh hitting against each other was so loud that Olivia was afraid that even the friction of it would be heard by Leon. After Kevin grabbed her legs and lifted them up, he pulled her body even closer.

Puck, puck, puck!

She shut her eyes tightly.

Her red hair spread across the white bed. Her love fluid was flowing with the traces of a promiscuous love affair. She looked up at Kevin with her tearful eyes, and he had a satisfied expression on his face.



Olivia was desperate to stop her voice from leaking out unwittingly.

What if Leon wakes up and hears the sound of her affair with Kevin?

Just imagining it was terrifying. He lifted her leg, placing it on his shoulder, and put more strength into his movements.

“Olivia! Olivia!”

Kevin panted and called her name. Contrary to her mind, the love fluid from her folds was dripping endlessly.

“Uhh! Uh! Hnngg!”

Once you feel the pleasure, it is easy to feel it again. Even more so when she thinks that the person holding her in his arms is Leon—Kevin’s low voices resemble Leon’s. The same goes for the frown on his forehead, she found a trace that resembled Leon and focused on it.

The thought of Leon wanting her and embracing her roughly made her easily aroused. Even when she was doing something she didn’t want to do at all.

Moving her back on Kevin’s body. It was like a real prostitute, something she wouldn’t have done except for his intimidation.

“Aahh, aaahhh! Aaaang!”

Olivia shut her eyes and looked down. Her heart fluttered at the slender waists in line with the creaking sound of the bed, a muffled sound of flesh against flesh resounded. It was when she stopped breathing for a moment at the pleasure strongly approaching her.


He grabbed her wrist and raised it.


As her back was bent, her chin lifted up, and a strange sound leaked out. His member mercilessly poked her lower abdomen, which had floated slightly on her knees.

“Ahng! Ahng!”

She let out an unfamiliar moan that she didn’t even know she had, as her waist was bent over as if it was about to break. Her face burned as red as the color of her hair.

“Slow—slow down, please, Kevin! Uhhnngg!”

She appealed with a tearful expression, but Kevin was unstoppable. He was also excited to see his manhood brutally ravaging her inside with her thighs wide open.

“Ugghh, Kevin!”


“Aahh! Ahhh!”

“Olivia, Olivia, Olivia!”

The waves came in an instant, and he trembled. She, too, eventually gasped for breath. It was still not enough, though Kevin had already stopped. Still, not wanting to move her back anymore, she came down from his body.

Olivia watched Kevin grin as he pulled his length out of her entrance. After wiping the love fluid and the s*men flowing between his legs, Kevin observed her curiously.