Chapter 13


Leon smiled and hugged the child who had run to him. The child in his wide arms smirked.

As he gazed at the child, a boy with warm olive-colored eyes and red hair resembling Olivia. That face with two plump cheeks was so lovely.

“Jamie! It looks like you did well.”

“Yes! I had a good time with mom.”

“You are already this tall.”

“Yes, I am big enough to protect my mom!”

Leon grinned as Jamie waved his chunky arm.

Meanwhile, Olivia, who had been watching the father-and-son’s reunion before, burst into laughter as well. He hugged the child for a while and then lowered him. Leon’s gaze eventually turned to his wife, Olivia.

“How are you, wife?”

“Yes. I’ve been well.”


Leon’s face hardened.

Olivia realized he was grunting about how she was doing well without him, so she added her words.

“Obviously, except for wanting to see you, I have been well, I mean.”

At that, he then smiled and kissed Olivia’s cheek. Jamie blindfolded his eyes at his parents’ affection, and he screamed loudly and ran outside. All the employees ran after him.

“Because he’s such a fool. I’m really worried. In fact, he cried so much that he missed you…”

He could see her grumbled and decided to pull her hand with a smile.

“Starting tomorrow, I will take care of Jamie, so you can rest.”

“You must rest. You have been suffering all the time.”

“Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t suffer, but…”

Then, Leon opened the door and pushed Olivia to the wall in the room. He whispered, bringing his face close enough that he could hear her breathing.

“I wanted to see the wife, and I struggled more than anything.”

Before she could answer him, a deep kiss followed. His kiss was quite rough, probably because he was dissatisfied that he had not seen her for a long time. In addition, his hand had already dug into the skirt. His hand, which had been stroking her soft thigh, felt something strange and stopped.

Leon looked at the part he was fiddling with a puzzled expression.

“Honey, what is going on?”

It was because the part he touched, where her underwear was supposed to be, was instead, her soft skin.

Olivia opened her mouth with a flushed face.

“It’s obvious you’ll just tear it up, anyway.”


He glanced at her face and burst into laughter. Then, with his finger, he swept the pubic area. Her ears were dyed red at the gentle touch.

“Don’t stroke me like that—”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Like… Like this, that, while pressing…”

“It’s amazing.”

His fingers, which had been stroking her folds, began to dig further inside. Perhaps, she was expecting a violent love affair that would soon follow, her cave was already damp.

“It’s wet.”

“Because you said you were coming…”

“Does that mean that you were in such a lewd state even in front of servants?”

Saying so, he raised one of her legs, spread her legs apart, and shoved his ferocious manhood into her v*gina.


Olivia gasped for her breath at the pressure of the length that had filled her walls after a long time, and she accepted it. Her arms wrapped around Leon’s neck, and strength naturally entered it.

“Le, Leon!”

Exhaling his breath, he moved his waist against the wall of the v*gina that was tightening around his manhood.

“Did you think of mixing flesh with me in front of others?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Standing with your legs spread out, thinking of accepting me while standing so modestly… The Duchess is indeed lewd.”

As Leon’s pillars moved in and out, Olivia twisted her waist in the raging pleasure. He supported her rears and lifted her lower body. At that, her skirt was folded behind her, revealing her white thighs.


Naturally, Olivia had no choice but to cling to Leon. As he slapped her on the waist roughly, the erect pillar tumbled through her interior. Each sensitive piece of flesh twitched at the stimulation he gave and tightened.

Thrust! Thrust!

It was a slow pace, but every time it stabbed, it became overstimulating. Eventually, Olivia couldn’t stand it and started screaming.

“Olivia, I thought of you, too.”


“You look at me like this, you beg me, and you make such lewd noises because of me.”


“Crying like this, calling my name over and over again!”

Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!

His pace began to increase. The love liquid that flowed out from the inside was dripping down to the floor even though it had thoroughly wetted the joint.

She had always loved the tender Leon, though Olivia also liked him who held her roughly, as he sometimes lost his temper like this very much as well. Of course, Leon didn’t know that.

“Aahh, Le, Leon!”

Even though she tried to avoid his genitals, she couldn’t avoid being pierced by him already. In the end, Olivia just accepted it and cried.

When their excitement peaked, Leon climaxed inside of her.

“Ah. Uuhh…!”

She gazed up at Leon with teary eyes.

He stared at Olivia’s face, smiled brightly at her, and kissed her lightly. Then, he moved his body while he was inserted, and laid her down on the bed. In fact, she knew this s*x wouldn’t end all at once.

Olivia grabbed Leon’s neck and buried her face in his arms.

Olivia’s fingers caressed his bare chest. Leon was looking down at her as she lay in his arms. When their eyes met, she smiled shyly and buried her face in his chest.

“It’s a habit of hiding your face when you’re shy.”


“Actually, it’s cute but it’s not good either.”


“Because you’re avoiding me.”

“I wasn’t avoiding you…”

Leon was delighted to hear that when Olivia had avoided his gaze long ago, it was not because she hated him or because she was afraid, but because she was shy. However, after they got married, he seemed dissatisfied with this.

“Still, I’m shy.”

“I am shy, too.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Because I think it’s better to see your face one more time than to show off like that.”

Olivia’s face was dyed red.

It was just so good. Her face turned red again.

“You really. How did this happen…”

“It was always like this.”

It had been seven years since they got married. He and Olivia, too, were old now. Although a lot of things happened in between, they had a stable family.

It was usually said that after getting married, love fades over time. Even if the affection does not cool down, it is said that the expression of affection becomes sparse. Nevertheless, this person was different. Rather, he was cautious at first, but now he has become daring and tried to get Olivia’s affection by touching her all the time.

At first, there were many times when she thought that it was unfamiliar or that he was not her own. Still, he was like an inexhaustible spring. Olivia received his affection, and she realized that she deserved his love so she could be proud of herself as a Duchess and as his companion.

“Jane always makes fun of me. Even in the Imperial Palace, you’re the only one chasing me.”

“That’s because more and more people are chasing you.”

Olivia, who was bright, radiated a charm that had not been shown before. Leon, who had witnessed young men staring at her as if possessed in the past, decided to be more vigilant about her surroundings.

“I even gave birth to a child.”

“What’s so important about having a child…?”

Leon seemed to grunt and then kissed her mouth and whispered.

“Tell them to do well.”

Eric had to bring in the Empress. However, the position of the empress was still vacant, and Jane was the only woman in the Palace. The mistress of the empty country, the mistress that fascinated the King…

Aristocrats strongly insisted that a national marriage be held, though Eric showed a strong attitude towards the empress issue.

Eric was deeply fascinated with Jane and could not live without her. On the other hand, Jane could have survived without Eric. To be precise, Eric was thinking that way. That was why he clung to her.

“Jane doesn’t leave because she really likes His Majesty.”

Olivia said quietly. Becoming her friend, she could tell Jane’s heart.

“Freedom is good, though she said she loved the splendid prison with His Majesty.”


“I know what that means because I am the same, too. Of course, I don’t think this place is a prison.”

Hearing that, Leon smiled. Olivia touchedhis smiling face.

“Why are you touching me like that?”

“It’s amazing… It’s amazing to see you smiling.”

“Did you think I didn’t smile?”

“But, the Leon I saw always frowned. There is no expression.”


“Ah, I just found out. Leon, that was a way to hide your shyness!”

Olivia brought her face closer as she gazed at Leon’s. She smirked as he fell in love again with his wife’s face, looking into her twinkling eyes.

“If you make a face like that in the future, I will think Leon is shy.”


She grinned in a grunt-like tone.

So, silence came again. They stared blankly at the ceiling. As the languidness of fatigue wrapped around them, she spoke in a submerged voice.

“You have to play with Jamie tomorrow.”

“I will.”

“And, the day after tomorrow, let’s go to the market together.”

“Let’s do that.”

“And, the next day, I’m going to see Jane.”

“…If you want.”

Olivia yawned and blinked her eyes slowly, as if sleepy.

“And, also… the next day—”

“The next day?”

As she mumbled, she dug into his arms.

“Don’t go anywhere, just the two of us hugging each other like this.”

’It was all I wanted.

When Leon looked down at her to answer her, Olivia was already asleep. He stared at her as he smiled and kissed her forehead before putting the sheets on her and closed his eyes. Shortly thereafter, he, too, fell into sleep.

As usual, outside this couple’s ordinary dawn, the moon tilts west.