Chapter 250 - Turning Point

Dong Ya then went home.

Huanhuan was tired of stroking Big Goody. She stopped stroking her and gently touched the tip of her nose.

Big Goody reached out with her big furry claws and pressed the back of Huanhuan’s hand to stop her from teasing her.

Her claws were big, and there were black pads on the flip side. They were quite hard to pinch.

Bai Di asked, “Did you add your blood to the medicine you gave Dong Ya and Feng Lan?”

Huanhuan squeezed her daughter’s claws as she replied, “Yes.”

“After Dong Ya and Feng Lan drank your medicine, their soul beasts were awakened.”

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment and looked surprised. “Feng Lan has also awakened his soul beast?”

Two beasts awakened their soul beasts at once. This was too much of a coincidence.

Coincidentally, it happened after they drank Huanhuan’s medicine.

Bai Di lowered his voice and made a bold guess. “Does your blood have the magical power to awaken soul beasts?”

Huanhuan laughed dryly. “How is that possible? If my blood is so powerful, wouldn’t all those beasts who drank my medicine have awakened their soul beasts?”

“Perhaps after drinking your blood, there’s a chance of awakening their soul beast.”

Huanhuan still felt that this was too unbelievable, but she didn’t know how to refute it.

Coincidentally, Sang Ye came out of the cellar with two large jars.

There were pickled bamboo shoots and pickled carrots in the jars. Sang Ye took some out and placed them in a bowl for Huanhuan to eat.

For some reason, ever since she got pregnant, she especially liked to eat sour and spicy things.

Huanhuan picked up a piece of sour bamboo shoot and placed it in her mouth. The sour and crunchy taste was especially good!

As she ate, she said, “It would be better if I could have some pickled peppers too.”

Unfortunately, there were no chili seeds in the Crystal Mall. The only thing that tasted similar to chili were red leaves that tasted sour and unpleasant after being pickled.

For dinner that day, Bai Di stewed a large pot of meat with sour bamboo shoots and sour carrots. He added many red leaves.

It was sour and spicy, making the entire family sweat.

Huanhuan’s appetite increased. She ate three large steamed buns with stewed meat and pickled vegetables. She was so full that her stomach was bulging.

She walked around the yard, thinking about what Bai Di had said that afternoon. She couldn’t figure it out.

In the end, she could only turn to the omnipotent Daddy System.

“Little Brat, can my blood really awaken soul beasts?”

The system said, “I guess so.”

“It’s a yes or no questions. What do you mean you guess so?”

“The Divine Wood is the source of life. It has the power to awaken all things. It’s not surprising that it can awaken soul beasts.”

Huanhuan was still puzzled. “I’ve used my blood in medicine before. Many beasts drank those medicines. Why haven’t they awakened their soul beasts?”

“At that time, the Divine Wood seed in your body was still a dead seed. Of course, you couldn’t awaken their soul beasts. Now that the Divine Wood seed has sprouted, you naturally have the power to awaken soul beasts.”

Huanhuan tilted her head and thought for a moment.

She remembered that there were a total of four beasts whose vitality had been sucked away by Huai Shan. They had all drunk Huanhuan’s medicine, but only Dong Ya and Feng Lan had awakened their beast souls. The other two did not awaken their soul beasts.

What was going on now?

Huanhuan asked the question that was on her mind.

“Silly girl, do you really think good things are unlimited? Even if your blood can awaken soul beasts, the chances of success are not 100%.”

Strength was half the battle, and luck was the other half.

Only when they reached the passing level could beasts awaken their soul beasts.

Huanhuan understood. “I see.”

Although it was not 100% possible for a beast to awaken their soul beast after drinking her blood, it would at least increase their chances.

This was an extremely precious opportunity for ordinary beasts who otherwise might not be able to awaken their soul beasts for the rest of their lives.

Huanhuan began to think.

If all the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe drank her blood, who knew how many soul beasts they could successfully awaken?

It would be good even if there was only one soul beast.

She found a chance to tell Shuang Yun what she was thinking.

Shuang Yun was shocked. “Are you saying that your blood can awaken soul beasts?”

Huanhuan corrected him. “I can’t guarantee that it’ll succeed. I can only say that it can increase the chances of awakening a beast’s soul beast. Whether it succeeds in the end depends on fate.”

Even if there was only a certain chance, it was still very powerful!

For so many years, be it the small tribes or beast cities, all the beasts had been trying their best to study the pattern of awakening of soul beasts. In order to increase the chances of awakening soul beasts, they did everything they could.

However, the outcome was still very unsatisfactory.

Until today, no one had developed a way to increase the chances of awakening soul beasts.

The beasts were almost desperate about this.

Unexpectedly, there was a turning point with Huanhuan.

Shuang Yun didn’t feel excited. On the contrary, he felt afraid and panicked.

The more secrets the little female had, the more danger she was in.

Now, it was as if she was walking on the edge of a cliff. If she was not careful, she would be crushed.

Shuang Yun’s throat tightened. “You haven’t told anyone about this, have you?”

“Only Bai Di mentioned it to me.”

Shuang Yun held her hand and reminded her, “Don’t tell anyone about this, understand?”

Huanhuan was not stupid. Of course, she knew that this had to be kept a secret.

If word got out, she would be skinned and her blood would be drawn.

She nodded. “I’ll remember.”

Involuntarily, Shuang Yun tightened his arms around her.

“I know what you’re thinking. If more of our tribesmen awaken their soul beasts, the strength of the tribe can also increase by a lot. But we can’t be anxious about this. We have to take it slow.”

The Rock Wolf Tribe had offended the Dark Moon Temple and the demons. It was very necessary to increase their strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even have the ability to protect themselves when facing the enemy.

However, the prerequisite for increasing her strength was that no one had to discover Huanhuan’s secret.

It was naturally impossible for Shuang Yun to ensure everything would go smoothly.

He found Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling to discuss this matter.

While the male beasts were busy, Huanhuan was not resting either.

She went to look for Xue Hui to learn the plant language.

Xue Hui handed her a green crystal bracelet.

The green crystal was only the size of a thumb. There was an ancient pattern engraved on it. It was the emblem of the Divine Wood clan.

Huanhuan picked up the green crystal and examined it against the sun. She saw a small leaf hidden in the green crystal.

“This is a green crystal unique to the Divine Wood clan. It’s a medium to communicate with plants.” Xue Hui paused and looked a little helpless. “Since this is rather rushed, I won’t be able to find a particularly good quality green crystal for a while. You can make do with this green crystal for now. After we get to the Divine Wood Temple, I’ll find a better green crystal for you. You can change it then.”

Huanhuan put the green crystal bracelet on her wrist and smiled. “I think it looks good.”

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