Chapter 648 - Chapter 648: Mystic crystal (3)

Chapter 648: Mystic crystal (3)

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If su Wu had not mentioned the divine prison, song qingxiao might not have even dared to think about it. However, after hearing him mention that the existence of the martial arts Research Institute was to fight against the divine prison, she had already guessed the connection between the human realm upon heavens and the hidden families of the Empire.

They had a common ‘goal’, and it was very likely that they had reached some kind of cooperation agreement for the same purpose.

If these two forces worked together, it was not impossible for the underworld clan to obtain the weapons given by the armament clan as an exchange.

However, there were many reclusive families in the Empire, and what she knew was only the tip of the iceberg. Who wanted to kill her?

For some reason, song qingxiao thought of number six, who had sent people to kill her that day. When he invited her, he had mentioned that he wanted to see her dagger.

During the trial at the mental hospital, she had revealed her dagger when she killed number four, the red-whip woman. Number six might have noticed it.

Perhaps he could use No. 6 as a breakthrough and find out some information.

Song qingxiao made up her mind to find number six and ask him about the dagger when she became stronger.

The enmity between her and number six was very deep. After the trial test, she almost died at number six’s hands. Later, she was chased by Sangu and the others. After a narrow escape, she was almost possessed by su Wu, who was hidden in her soul.

Now that number six was very likely to be related to daggers, perhaps she was related to the person who killed her back then, this was an even more necessary path.

Song qingxiao struggled to put the dagger back into her dantian. She looked at the two pieces of Mystic crystals and sighed heavily.

This sigh affected her internal injuries, causing a fishy smell to gush out of her throat and her internal organs to faintly hurt.

She swallowed the mouthful of blood. Before she could get up, she suddenly released her divine sense and sensed someone approaching.

The person’s aura was weak, but it was rather familiar.

Not long after, someone knocked on the door, and tan Wen’s voice sounded, “Qing Xiao, are you there?” When she spoke, her voice was a little tense, as if she was not sure if she was in the room.

Song qingxiao laughed bitterly. She had some fate with tan Wen. She had heard tan Wen knocking on her door twice after she came out of the trial.

“What’s the matter?” She clutched her chest and asked through the door, enduring the pain.

Perhaps hearing her speak, tan Wen heaved a sigh of relief.

you suddenly left while we were eating. I wanted to ask if you had something to say.

“No, I didn’t,” Song qingxiao said,” I just received a call from a friend.

“Oh.” She hesitated for a moment before asking,”

“You haven’t finished your meal. Do you need me to bring you something to eat?”

“No need,” Song qingxiao rejected her kindness and dismissed her. After she heard her standing outside for a while, her breath gradually faded away. Song qingxiao then heaved a sigh of relief and slowly stood up.

The silver Wolf was currently curled up into a ball, as if it had fallen into a deep sleep.

It had been injured by its mother in this trial, and it might need some time to recover.

Song qingxiao looked at the two large pieces of Mystic crystal that she had painstakingly brought out from the lost city with some difficulty. The joy she had felt when she first got these things had now turned into a headache after hearing su Wu’s words.

She picked up the two Mystic crystals and went into the cultivation room. After sitting down cross-legged, she didn’t give up and sent two more surges of spiritual essence Into the Mystic crystal!

When the spiritual power was shot into the mysterious crystal, there was no reaction at all. It seemed that su Wu was not joking when he said that this thing was difficult to melt.

Before he could find a way to melt the mystic crystal, he had to hide this thing well to avoid attracting trouble.

In order to complete the mission, he was seriously injured and the silver Wolf didn’t get any benefits. He even destroyed his dagger and only got 7500 points. He also brought back two Mystic crystals that might cause trouble. It was not worth it!

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However, when she thought of her points, she couldn’t help but check her sea of consciousness. It showed that she had remaining points.7533 points.

With the accumulation of her trials and the increase in her strength, the trial space’s exchange interface showed that the variety of items she could exchange for was far more abundant than before.

In addition to a dazzling array of medicinal pills and magic tools, there were also pill recipes for refining medicinal pills, some materials, and auxiliary tools.

However, most of these things were very expensive. Song Qing thought of the ‘Black Gold’ that su Wu had mentioned and browsed through the materials.

She did not know if it was because the black gold was extremely rare as su Wu had said, or because her current ‘level’ was low, but after searching for a long time, she did not find a material like the black gold. Instead, she found some low-grade ordinary equipment for refining magic weapons, and eventually lost interest..