Chapter 28.1

Name:Virtual Alpha and I Author:コオリ
Isn’t that what a pair is supposed to do? (1)

This is the third day of my heat.

It was the first morning after I became a pair with Yuugo.

Since then, we continued to desire each other and night already fell before we knew it. I went to sleep as if I was going to pass out, so my body still felt sore even though I had slept a lot.

I’m sure I’ve been working out a good amount in my futsal activity, but various parts of my body still felt sore, maybe because the muscles used are different.

I didn’t want to think too much about the reason why my body hurts. After all… the reason must be because of embarrassing things.

Today’s breakfast was the leftover bread from yesterday.

It seemed like Yuugo was planning to buy new bread, but I hurriedly stopped him. I thought it would be a waste.

I ate so much that my stomach felt like it was going to burst, but in the end I still couldn’t finish them all.

I felt so full that I couldn’t move from the living room sofa. While hugging a big cushion, I turned my gaze to Yuugo who was drinking coffee at the table behind me.

“Hey… Do you think my heat is already over?”


“I feel calm even when I haven’t taken my meds.”

It was only the third day, but strangely I didn’t feel feverish at all. Even though I hadn’t taken the suppressant.

I also didn’t feel any tingling sensation inside my body.

“Mhm. That’s the effect of receiving alpha’s sperm. I think the omega’s pheromones inside you are calming down temporarily.”

“…Ah I see.”

I didn’t know how to respond to Yuugo’s words. After all, he said sperm… Yuugo said it just like it was a normal thing, but it means that kind of thing, right?

I touched my stomach from on top of my clothes.

He certainly poured a lot of it inside me, a lot of alpha’s— Yuugo’s sperm.

I took a morning-after pill properly, so a child won’t be conceived this time. But if I hadn’t taken it, there was a possibility that I could have.

…A possibility of having Yuugo’s child.

It’s common knowledge that there is a possibility of this happening to omega, and I know it. But it was the first time I was conscious of the fact that it would happen to my body.

Though, there have been times when my instincts wanted for it, regardless of my intentions.

—A child, huh?

The place that tingled so many times yesterday reacted and tightened. That place was probably… that kind of organ.

“Does your stomach hurt?”

“…No, not really.”

When I kept rubbing my stomach, Yuugo thought I had a stomachache.

I shook my head and said no, and he looked relieved. I love the way Yuugo was swinging from sorrow to joy because of me.

But, I still can keep it a secret from him… about the fact I was conscious about having children, right?

The aroma of coffee filled the whole room. I also had a cup of it earlier, and it tasted really good.

But, he looked really surprised when I said I wanted to drink black coffee… Does that mean it doesn’t suit me? Narumi also reacted like this, and now him. Aren’t they too rude to me?

I could smell the aroma of the coffee, but not Yuugo’s scent. I felt a bit disappointed about that. If I was still feeling like this, maybe Yuugo was right; my heat wasn’t over yet.

If it was just calming down, then maybe my fever would come back again after a while. We planned to go out after this, but would it be okay?

Today, we were supposed to go to Dr. Kazuki’s clinic.

But, we would return to this room after that. We had promised to stay together until my heat was completely over. 

We didn’t really need to absolutely stay together… But, I don’t think I want to leave Yuugo either.

Maybe my feelings had changed after I became his pair. The reason I didn’t want to be separated from him is probably because he’s my pair.

I stared at Yuugo’s face intently.

Yuugo’s eyes were fixed on his work documents, so he didn’t notice me looking at him.

He was also wearing casual clothes today. I said casual clothes, but he still dressed rather neatly.

His silky hair was still down.

I really like the feel of his hair that I kept touching it when we were on the bed. I think Yuugo looked happy when I stroked his hair. I was also happy when Yuugo touched me like that.

His hands were big and warm.

His fingers were long and slender, yet masculine. Even the movement of his fingers as he flipped through the documents made me captivated for a bit.

I still find it hard to believe that this person is my pair.



“…mm, ah… my bad.”

Perhaps because of the side effect of the after pill, I dozed off for a bit… Or rather, I was asleep.

I hurriedly wiped my drool that had spilled to the cushion with my arm.

“Are you sleepy?”

“A bit… maybe because of the meds.”

“It was written on the side-effects after all. Want to sleep for a bit?”

“But aren’t we going to the clinic?”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll ask him to delay it.”

Yuugo’s arms held me up from the sofa. I had gotten completely used to him doing this to me.

Yesterday, he even gave me a bath… it was very calming to be inside his arms.

His gentle taps on my back made me feel even more sleepy.

“Have a good sleep.”

As if guided by Yuugo’s gentle voice, I drifted into sleep.