The four days they spent inside their little love nest were filled with passion and happy memories, something they were going to cherish and remember fondly for the times to come. 

They mostly spent their time in bed with each other, but they explored their beautiful surroundings too by going out on a hike and camping by the river on Sunday night. 

Venessa was exuding an Aura of brilliance which was a reflection of her happiness. All the dissatisfaction at not having him all to herself for the last month and a half was gone now, replaced by a sense of fulfillment that she was revelling in. 

Her strength had risen too, and now, she was just a step away from the Late Stage of Spirit Profound Realm. 

She was quite tempted to keep him with her for more time, forgetting about the world, but she could not be more selfish than she already was without taking some unnecessary risks. 

And they had to be responsible too since he had a wife now and their Businesses needed their attention as well.

The only thing that kept her at peace was that they were going to be with each other for a very long time. And Venessa wanted these 10 to 12 years in this world to pass quickly so that she could freely be with him at any place and at any time. 

On Monday morning, they finally left for the city, and attended the meeting at 11 am with the bench of Federal Governors, representing various Portfolios, chaired by the Deputy Governor General of Economics & Finance himself. 

Since they were engaging in a Business that needed Federal Government's approval, they could only get that by negotiating the Government's stake in their future Business. 

Venessa had already prepared for everything, and a 25% Stake was offered in their Spacecraft Manufacturing, Exploration, and Travel Company, which, after much deliberation and a thorough assessment of their plans was accepted by the Government. 

They had already submitted their plans to the Government last week, and today, they were only here to negotiate the terms and conditions.

Had it been anyone else, the Government would have easily pressed for a higher Stake, but the Demiliore Family had served the country for two centuries and had been actively part of the Government and the Military, which helped a lot in this case. 

In the terms that they had agreed, the Government reserved the right to offer the first bid on any valuables they Extract and Scavenge from Space, as well as to cooperate in times of need, such as War, where they would let the Government use their technology. 

It was not anything unfavourable to them, since the Stake of the Government meant that their Business would be insured by them as well and it meant that they would be getting some tax relief too. And Venessa was pleased that everything went smoothly. 

In the evening, they visited the Governor House that belonged to his Grandmother, and his grandparents were already waiting for them there. 

"Grandma!" He brightly smiled and hugged her, stroking her back lovingly. "I missed you!" 

"Me too!" The old lady sighed as she kept hugging him, and then she hugged her niece with the same affection. "I was informed that the negotiations went smoothly." 

"Yes." Venessa nodded to her and then briefly explained to her the terms and conditions they agreed to. 

There were a lot of things that Raizer and Diana wanted to talk about with the two of them, but his Grandmother got to ask her questions first, and Keith, happily answered each of them as her questions just revolved around the girls that surrounded him and the future of his Business. 

Diana seemed unwilling to bring up any depressing topics, such as what transpired with him in the Delvon City. She had left all that to her husband, and as expected, Raizer took him into a separate room after dinner. 

"You have been very busy." The Master of Demiliore Family smiled at him as soon as they took their seats on the couch. 

"Did you like the wine?" Keith grinned at him, and the man sighed before longingly looking at the half-empty bottle on the table. 

"Caesar had warned me, but I was curious, and it appears that it would be hard for me to appreciate any other wine now." He lamented. 

"I will send over some more of these bottles," Keith said, much to the delight of his grandfather. "And yes, it's been a busy month." He nodded, answering his question. 

The two of them engaged in a conversation about the situation in the Sameran City. 

Raizer was aware of everything, and they only talked about any possible reactions that the enemies might have, and the precautions they needed to take. 

Unlike his grandmother, Raizer had no interest in his love life and kept their talk very precise and to the point. 

When they were done discussing everything else, Raizer finally raised an important topic that made his grandson sigh. 

"Questions are being raised about your other Identity and what it means for the country." The Master of Demiliore Family meaningfully said, referring to his Identity as the God of Darkness. "Our Family has served the country for two centuries. Volos has already vouched for you, so, you are not considered a threat to the Netherian Federation and nor do they question your loyalty to the Federation. And, Nyx seems to be on your side as well." 

"What do they want?" Keith straightforwardly asked.

He knew that it was something he had to deal with. It was all inevitable, and he already had some plans in his mind for it.

"Since Nyx appears close to you, the Government has decided to not approach you for any favours, unless it's something dire and requires your assistance." Raizer poured himself a glass of Cloud's Blood Wine and sank back in his seat before drinking it. "But there are some requests and proposals." 

"What are the requests?" 

"The first one is obvious. Nobody wants you to actively get involved in Underworld Businesses." He said and smiled. "Your Grandmother will be very mad at you if she hears you indulging in such things..."

"Alright, alright..." He sighed and nodded. "I don't have any intentions of getting actively involved in Underworld Businesses."

"Good." Raizer appreciatively nodded his head. "Second, the Government wants you to take cautions again certain members of your... fraternity." He smirked. 

"I don't have any intentions of inviting anyone inside Netheria who is considered a threat." Keith nodded again. 

"And lastly, they request you to not use your 'Powers' to exact vengeance on your enemies or take laws into your own hands." His grandfather looked him in the eyes and seriously said. 

"What do they propose in return?" Keith meaningfully smiled and asked. 

"They will assist you in dealing with anyone that instigates you without any substantial reason. And of course, you can use other means to deal with your enemies, just don't resort to anything excessive that can harm the society." 

"I see." He nodded. "I never had any such plans, Grandfather." 

"I know." He smiled back at him. "Now, there's one more proposal. It's linked to the first one, but it can help you a lot in the future, allowing the Government to assist you in various means, and will earn you certain immunity to the Netherian Laws..." Raizer took another sip of the wine, and before he could get to the point, Keith had already guessed it. 

"They want me to join the Special Forces?" He smiled. 

"Yes." Raizer nodded his head. "You don't have to, but it will be beneficial to both you and our Family." 

Keith nodded to him and then reached for the bottle of wine to pour himself a glass as well. 

"I already planned on doing it." 

His admission took Raizer by surprise as he was not expecting him to agree to it.

"I will join the Special Forces through the assessments that will take place in December after Uncle Damien is transferred to Sameran and the Dragon Corps build their headquarters there." 

His grandfather frowned at his words. 

"How do you know all of this?" He seriously asked as these were Government Secrets which only the higher-ups were aware of.

"Nyx." He simply said, sipping on his wine. 

Raizer kept looking him in the eyes before eventually nodding his head. 

"I will convey your words to the Governor General." The old man said before sighing. "You don't have to, you know? Your grandmother does not want you to get involved in this, and I am sure that Venessa won't be pleased after she hears..." 

"I will be fine, Grandfather." He smiled assuringly. "My life won't be in any danger. Also, Grandmother will be retiring in two years. Our Family needs an active link in the government after she's retired. Besides, I also want to learn a lot of skills that the Special Forces have to offer." He grinned.

"Yeah, right." His grandfather chuckled at his words. "You just want to fulfil your dream and fly fighter jets."

"I won't deny it... I have always been thrilled by speed." He shrugged and laughed before engaging in a different conversation with his old man. 

The two of them joined the ladies later, and Diana made them promise that they would stay with her for a few days. 

Though she had her husband with her all the time, she terribly missed her Grandson, and Niece, whom she had raised like her own daughter. 

Seeing how hopeful she looked, Keith readily agreed to it, which immensely delighted her. And Venessa seemed to have no problems as well. After all, it gave her more personal time to spend with her child. 

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