Chapter 230 - Chapter 230: Investigation

Chapter 230: Investigation

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Han Xing had already watched the actual combat of the guild members. There were still problems with their coordination. To sum it up, they were thinking too much on their own.

However, they couldn’t be blamed for this. After all, those who could enter the Mad Dragon Guild were basically god-gamer players. It was normal for everyone to have their own understanding of the game.

Usually, Han Xing was the one who commanded them. Han Xing was already a God Gamer in the Second World, so when they listened to his commands, they naturally charged forward faster than anyone else.

But now that everyone’s skill level was about the same, there would naturally be conflicts in terms of cooperation. Han Xing thought about it and picked them out one by one. He asked each of them to use their skills in front of him, and he personally guided them.

How could these players sit still when they heard that there was such a good opportunity? All of them were eager to give it a try and wanted to show off in front of Han Xing.

After such a torment, it went on for four hours.

The players who were personally selected by Han Xing were all exhausted. Han Xing’s training could be described as demonic. He did not give them any time to breathe. As long as they could stand up, they had to continue fighting with him.

However, they were also surprised to find that while they were enjoying themselves, their teamwork had actually improved by several levels.

North Star silently observed Star Rebel’s style of doing things from the side. He paid more attention to coordination and combat techniques. Each player had their own position. These players fought smoothly, and naturally, their cooperation became better and better.

North Star pondered for a moment. Even if he wanted to imitate the guild master’s style of doing things, it would be very difficult for him to succeed. After all, no one in the entire Mad Dragon Guild was stronger than the guild master, and their cohesiveness was not better than his.

Fortunately, he had joined the Md Dragon Guild back then. Otherwise, he would have a headache now. With a ferocious beast like the Mad Dragon Guild around, who could suppress them?

After Han Xing finished teaching them, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, he didn’t have time to rest. He heard that Petite Delicate hadn’t left the guild, so he went to the forging room to take a look.

People would not know, but Petite Delicate was talented in forging. However, her perseverance was incomparable to ordinary people. Beautiful female players like Petite Delicate were everywhere in the Second World.

However, only a small number of players placed their focus on improving their strength. Most female players had always placed their focus on auxiliary and healing. Of course, it was sufficient in a normal dungeon. However, their strength would be lacking in individual battles.

Han Xing saw that Petite Delicate was seriously hammering the metal tools in her hands. He did not disturb her, but sat at the side and glanced at the discarded items on the floor.

A black iron level was not something that could be forged just because one wanted to. It needed to be tempered at least ten thousand times before it could be forged. Petite Delicate’s talent was not bad. She understood the essence of it so quickly.

Unfortunately, her strength control was still a little lacking. Among the beginner weapons that she could forge at this moment, only one out of ten could pass, let alone forge black iron weapons.

When Petite Delicate put the iron weapon in her hand into the snow water at the side, she heard a sizzling sound.

The iron item that was put in was instantly scrapped and exploded into several pieces. Petite Delicate had no choice but to throw it aside.

Just as she was feeling dejected, she looked up and saw Star Rebel sitting at the side quietly observing her. In an instant, her face turned red.

“Why are you here? Guild Master, you didn’t even tell me that you were here, and you were actually secretly observing me!”

If she had known earlier, she would have performed better just now. What she did just now was so bad it was laughable.

“How’s the technique 1 asked you to practice?”

Han Xing’s words immediately alerted Petite Delicate. She replied, “Guild Master, why are you asking this? 1,1 don’t want extra training!”

Guild Master was good in every aspect, but his training method was too devilish. Previously, he had asked her to hammer a few thousand times a day for skill training.

God knew that during that period, she knocked non-stop even in her dreams. When she thought about that experience, she couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

“Why are you so nervous? 1 was just asking.”

Han Xing laughed. Seeing her nervous look, he found it a little cute.

“1 trained well, but my strength is still a little lacking.” Petite Delicate naturally noticed her own problem, but she couldn’t just hide it from the guild master and not tell him about it.

Knowing that she might have to face the problem of additional training, Petite Delicate still told Han Xing honestly. This honesty was what Han Xing wanted.

“Alright, 1 won’t let you hammer anymore. Go and lift weights every day.”

Han Xing thought for a moment and pointed at the melted snowwater behind him.

“It just so happens that you need to use it every day when you forge. Every time you carry water, you can try to slowly increase your strength by making it heavier.”

Petite Delicate heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Alright. As long as you don’t let me hammer, I’ll do anything!”

“I’ll take a look at your results next month. If you can’t do it, I’ll have to punish you properly!”

Petite Delicate pouted her lips and said, “Hmph, 1 won’t let you find a chance. Guild Master, just wait! I’ll definitely give you a big surprise!”

The two of them chatted for a while more. After checking on Petite Delicate’s condition, Han Xing chatted with North Star and the others. After all, everyone had things to do in real life and could not spend every minute and second in the game.

Not to mention, the Second World had strict controls on the time players could play the game. Therefore, when Han Xing was not around, other than North Star, someone else had to take over his work.

One Sword Horizon and Fourteen Continents were his old followers, so Han Xing was naturally at ease.

“I’ll leave it to you guys when I’m not around. I’ll be quite busy this month.”

The others might not know about Han Xing’s situation, but North Star knew very well. He was the Han family’s lawyer, so he knew that the guild master would definitely help Han Xing. With the guild master’s family background, it was enough for him to help the small Han family.

When One Sword Horizon heard that there was such a good opportunity, he immediately smiled evilly and said, “North Star, just you wait. I’ll drag you down from your position as vice guild master sooner or later.”

At this moment, Fourteen Continents also revealed a meaningful smile. He said, “Next, it’s time for us to plot and usurp the throne. Guild Master, don’t worry, we’re only targeting North Star!”

North Star was too lazy to bother with them. He probably had to go offline from time to time this month. He really didn’t have the time to spend all his time in the game.

“Guild Master, if I don’t have time to participate in the guild war this time, please find someone else to take my place.”

Han Xing naturally did not have any objections to North Star’s statement. Not everyone in the guild could go and train, so they naturally needed others to coordinate their positions..