"Om~~" Just as Lin Yi and the others were about to leave the center of the barren prison, a huge image appeared in the air. It was the voice of the divine master, not the deity, nor the mind clone, but just an image.

"Your Excellency, we meet again!"

In the starry sky, the image of the Divine Master loomed, and he smiled slightly, as if he was holding a wisdom pearl.

Hiss—"It's the God Lord!"

When Lin You and the others saw this image, their pupils shrank.

They all showed terrified expressions, even if it was just an image, it scared them a lot.

Seeing this, Lin Yi didn't wrinkle at first, and then sarcastically said: "You dog slave, are you at the end of your skills? It's really unexpected that you would choose such a method to deal with me."

"You..." The divine master was sullen, realizing that he had lost his composure, and quickly regained his composure: "So what, Your Excellency, Young Emperor, congratulations on winning the battle of luck, but the final victory belongs to this emperor. "

"Hahaha~~~" At this point, the Divine Master laughed, and the laughter became more and more rampant: "Your Excellency, you have only a dead end. Now that the barren prison is sealed, you will lose the chance to prove the Tao forever. Ten thousand years later, His Excellency the Young Emperor will have to die.

The blood of your Yi Tian Clan will also completely cut off Shen! Hahaha~~~hahaha~~" Lin Yi was unmoved at all, pursed his lips and said with a smile: "Did you come to me just to show off?

It seems pathetic to me. "

"Huh~~" "I'll show you something!"

The God Lord disappeared while speaking, and another image appeared in the starry sky. It was the scene of the God Lord and several peerless powers besieging the Wu Clan. Escape, and finally stop at the scene where the witch is imprisoned.

"Father, sister! God Lord, you are despicable, let my sister go!"

Seeing this scene, Lin You's eyes were red, she couldn't help crying, and she stood helplessly in the starry sky.

"Ruoxi, Ruoxi, it's Ruoxi..." Seeing the imprisoned witch, Lin Yi couldn't help but tremble, his eyes slightly moistened.

Lin Ruoxi, this is the only love in his life. Many things were unclear about Lin Yi in the past. Now he can probably guess that the Lin Ruoxi he met on the earth should be a clone of the witch's divine sense. The Lin Ruoxi she met was her true self. As for why he went to the Thunder God Tower to find her, it should be because of the people behind her.

Although the Wu Clan back then did not participate in the Ten Thousand Clans War, many things had a subtle relationship with their clan.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi had a thought, secretly evaporated tears, and looked at Li Ruoxi calmly.

At this time, the Almighty and the others must not be allowed to see anything.

Otherwise, I'm afraid Lin Ruoxi will be implicated. If the god master knows that Lin Ruoxi is his woman, it will be very bad.

Lin Yi, who was calm on the surface, clenched his fists in secret: "Ruoxi, you have suffered, wait for me, I will definitely kill Guhuang.

Wait for me..." "Sister, sister, God Lord, imprison my sister, you will die! Sooner or later, I will make you pay in blood! "

Lin You roared with red eyes, looking crazy.

Although he and his elder sister lived ten thousand years apart, they are very good. Lin Ruoxi loves her younger brother even more. Seeing her own elder sister imprisoned is more painful than killing him.

Wow~~~ The scene in the air turned, Lin Ruoxi's figure disappeared, and the divine master appeared again, this time he did not look at Lin Yi, but cast his eyes on Lin You, and said lightly: "Witch, want to It's easy to let your sister go, tell me the whereabouts of Shi Shu, and I can let her go."

"Don't think about it, the stone book is the treasure of my witch clan. Even if there is a stone book, I will not give it to you!"

Lin You gritted her teeth: "God Lord, you'd better let my sister go, otherwise, after I prove the Tao and break out of the prison, I will definitely take your life."

"Stone book?"

Lin Yi's heart moved, and he hesitated. What he didn't expect was that the stone book was actually a treasure of the Wu clan.

Lin Yi hesitated whether to hand over the stone book... No! Absolutely not, after thinking for a long time, Lin Yi finally did not intend to hand over the stone book. At the beginning, Lin Ruoxi and the stone book were sealed in the Thunder God Tower for countless years, just waiting for his arrival, and then handed over the stone book to himself. Back then, Lin Ruoxi himself He also said that no matter what, the secret of the stone book cannot be revealed.

Now the God Lord is also looking for the stone book. The stone book must be of great importance. It is not just a simple exercise of the soul, it must hide something else.

The reason why the God Lord didn't kill Lin Ruoxi was mostly because the stone book was not found. If the stone book was really found, Lin Ruoxi might have been killed by the other party long ago.

There is no guarantee for the character of the God Lord.

After much deliberation, Lin Yi finally did not plan to hand over the stone book to a god, and at the same time he did not intend to let anyone know that the stone book was in his hands.

Although he couldn't figure out the secret of the stone book, the things that the Wu clan would rather exterminate and protect must be very important.

It is even possible that once the stone book is handed over, not only Lin Ruoxi will die in the end, but even Xueer will die, and the secret layout of the Yi Tian Clan will also fail. Therefore, the stone book must not be lost.

This is not to say that Lin Yi doesn't care about Lin Ruoxi, if possible, he would rather use his life to go to Lin Ruoxi, but some things are more important than life.

In this way, the divine master could not find the stone book, and although Lin Ruoxi was imprisoned, her life was not in danger.

"Hmph! You are a witch of the Wu clan, if the stone book is not in your hands, where is it?

Hurry up and hand over the stone book, otherwise, wait for your sister's body to be collected! "

The Almighty's eyes flickered, and he threatened like this.

The stone book is the treasure of the witch clan, and it is likely to be on the bodies of three people, the witch master of the witch clan, the witch master's maiden, and the witch son of the witch clan.

The witch master is missing, and the god master has no way to find him; the witch is caught by him, and there is no stone book on her body; then the god master can only choose to threaten the witch.

Of course, he also understands that the stone book may not be on Wu Zilin You's body, but as long as there is a glimmer of hope to find the stone book, the god master will try his best.

"No! Don't kill my sister! Don't kill my sister!"

Lin You lost her mind after hearing what the Lord said, "My Lord, I really don't know where the stone book is?

Please let my sister go, as long as you let my sister go, I can do anything. "

The priest sneered, "If you want me to let your sister go, you can kill yourself. If you kill yourself, I will let your sister go."

"You mean what you say?"

Lin You raised his palm and pointed it between his eyebrows: "As long as you let my sister go, I will commit suicide immediately."

"Of course it counts, you commit suicide!"

The sarcastic smile on the corner of the God Master's mouth grew stronger.


Lin You gritted her teeth, and slapped her forehead with a palm.

Snapped! With a movement of Lin Yi's body, his slender fingers grabbed Lin You's arm: "Lin You, don't be fooled. It doesn't make any sense for you to commit suicide now. Not only will you not be able to save your sister, but it will actually hurt her."

"I, but..." Lin You was bewildered, weeping secretly: "Sister, it's all because I'm useless, it's all because I'm useless..." Lin Yi no longer looked at Lin You, but looked at the image of the God Lord: "Dog Slave, the stone book is in my hands, if you commit suicide, I will give it to you!"

"Nie Zi! You bastard..." The God Master was annoyed, of course he would not believe that the stone book would be on Lin Yi's body.

"Old dog, there's no point in playing childish tricks like this.

Your life, sooner or later, is mine. "

Lin Yi said disdainfully.


The divine master let out a rage, restored his usual majesty, and said calmly: "Your Excellency, you are already the turtle in my urn. After ten thousand years, I will personally collect your corpse."

"Little desolate prison, you also want to trap me, you are too naive!"

Lin Yi smiled confidently.

"Hahaha~~~Your Excellency Young Emperor, self-confidence is a good thing, but it won't save your life! You can't prove the Tao, and you can't change the ending anyway. After ten thousand years, you will eventually die... Hahaha... ... Hahaha..." The Almighty laughed, and his image disappeared from everyone's eyes.

"Ah~~~" Seeing him disappear, Long Ling and the others fell silent. The words of the divine master are right. Warriors in the holy realm have only ten thousand years to live, and they cannot prove the Tao within ten thousand years. In the wilderness.

Lin Yi glanced at the crowd and encouraged, "There must be a way. Let's look separately now to see if we can find a way out."

"That's all!"

Everyone nodded and dispersed to find a way out.

Lin Yi looked around, and walked towards the gap between the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning.

"Xue'er, I'm here to see you."

Lin Yi came to the narrow and dark crack, and looked at Lin Xue in the heart of the world with tender eyes.

Nearly a hundred years have passed, and she is still the eight or nine-year-old girl who is like a porcelain doll, and she has not changed at all.

The heart of the world is very miraculous, not only sealed her, but also sealed her age, although she can't cultivate, she has reached another realm of immortality, but such a careless eternal life is better than death.

"Brother, you are here, Xue'er misses you to death!"

Xue'er's pear nest is shallow, she is very sensible, she didn't cry this time.

Seeing her smile, Lin Yi was heartbroken, but the smile was more gentle: "Xue'er persist for a while, brother will take you out as soon as possible.

At that time, my brother will buy candied haws for you. "

"That's amazing! Thank you brother! Xue'er likes eating candied haws the most, do you want to buy more?"

Cher blinked.

"Well! My brother will buy you a big cart of candied haws, so that you can never finish it."

Lin Yi smiled gently.

But he secretly made up his mind in his heart, no matter what, he had to get out from here.

During this period of time, he became more and more anxious. They searched the entire barren prison, but they still couldn't find a way out.

It's not the first time he has come here for Xue'er. He is afraid that Xue'er will be alone, so he will come to accompany her every once in a while.

"Brother, is something on your mind?"

Although she has no contact with the outside world, Lin Xue has an exquisite heart and is very smart.

She also understood that although her brother never showed anything, he was actually not feeling well in his heart.


Xue'er, go to sleep, brother is watching you! "


Lin Xue nodded obediently, closed her eyes, and soon fell asleep.

Being sealed is painful, but fortunately, she sleeps most of the time, and sometimes she sleeps for years or even decades.

Seeing Xue'er breathing evenly, Lin Yi heaved a sigh of relief, Xue'er, I will rescue you as soon as possible, and Ruoxi, I will definitely rescue you, wait for me... "Ah~~~" Lin Yi sighed and disappeared into the cramped space.

In the heart of the world, Lin Xue opened her eyes, two lines of tears flowed down her snow-white cheeks, and flowed between her jet-black hair... Brother Yi, you have to persevere, Xueer believes that you can do it... ... the sea of ​​primordial beginning.

Lin Yi came here again, and he searched the whole desolate prison, only this mysterious sea of ​​primordial origin has not been searched yet.

The last time Lin Yi became Soul Swallowing, he had never entered the deepest part of the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning. This time, he planned to enter the deepest part of the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning to see if he could find a way out from there.

The Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning is very large, roughly divided into two parts, and part of it is flowing into the barren prison, which can be called the inner sea.

When he became Soul Swallowing last time, Lin Yi kept wandering in the inner sea.

He is more familiar with the inside and knows that there is no place to go out, so he can only go to the outer sea.

In the misty black sea level, Lin Yi flew for a month before reaching the center of the open sea.

"It's here!"

Seeing that he had reached his destination, he plunged into the sea without saying a word.

There are many creatures in the beginning of the sea, most of them are sea monsters in the holy realm, and there are even some whose cultivation has reached the quasi-emperor realm. These sea beasts generally live on the bottom of the sea of ​​the beginning of time, and they will not go to shallow waters, let alone go to the sea. The world beyond the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning.

Phew~~~ The deep sea giant beast that has been stretching for thousands of miles, devoured a large number of primordial creatures in its breath, and several huge sea beasts at the high level of the holy realm were swallowed into its mouth.

This is a sea monster that has always been in the realm of quasi-emperor. It found Lin Yi, felt the danger, and opened its mouth again to swallow him.

The huge bloody mouth opened on the bottom of the sea, and a strong stench could be smelled across the sea.

As it opened its mouth, huge waves rose up from the bottom of the sea, and a huge suction hit, scrolling Lin Yi's tiny body.

Boom~~~ Lin Yi stood still, and punched at will, a huge fist blasted into the mouth of the sea beast, the latter's body exploded, and countless blood sprayed out.

Lin Yi sank quickly so that he was not infected by blood. The bottom of the sea was deep and dark.

He let go of his mental power, but he could only see thousands of miles around. The suppression of the soul in the outer sea was more terrifying than in the inner sea. It took several days before it sank to the bottom of the sea, and he searched here.

The Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning is too big to imagine. Although Lin Yi can search for thousands of miles with his soul, with such a search range, finding something in the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

"Huh! What is that..." Lin Yi "saw" an abyss under the sea within the reach of his mental power. Not to the end.

Lin Yiyi was bold and bold, without any hesitation, he directly entered the abyss of the seabed.

It was only after entering that he discovered that the abyss was deeper than he had imagined, and the walls of the abyss were irregular in shape, obviously a naturally formed abyss.

Walking all the way along the abyss, the abyss is not straight, the interior is winding and rugged, but it is still generally downward.

What is more strange is that no creatures from the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning entered here.

What makes Lin Yi uneasy is that he has been diving for several months without reaching the bottom. Such a long distance is deeper than entering the bottom of the sea in the beginning.

"what is that?"

Suddenly, a dim light appeared below his spiritual reach, as if there was something magical.

Entering the abyss, it was the first time I encountered a luminous object here, which immediately attracted Lin Yi's attention, and he speeded up to swim downstream.

"A stone spirit!"

Coming closer, Lin Yi couldn't help being extremely surprised. This is a stone spirit in the shape of a human, which is completely formed naturally. Such things are extremely rare, but they are naturally raised. After a long time, they will develop their own consciousness.

But the age of this Shiling is not enough, and it is obvious that he has not yet derived spiritual wisdom. It is not known how long it will take for him to develop. A creature like this will become the most precious physique in the world as soon as it is born.

Once born, you will definitely have the highest cultivation qualifications, and the lowest achievement in the future will be a creature of the emperor level.

It takes countless years to allow such creatures, and it takes tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years at every turn.

But this is a treasure, if it wasn't for its existence in the sea of ​​greatness, it would have been taken away by someone long ago. If someone took away this stone spirit, then they would have the supreme cultivation body of the stone spirit.

At the beginning, Lin Yi's deity was thrown into the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning, but after ten thousand years, he became a stone spirit. The reason why it took such a short time is because Lin Yi himself is the blood of the Yi Tian Clan, and this deity Shi Ling is different.

After observing for a long time, Lin Yi did not take Shi Ling away. This is a natural thing that has not yet formed. Taking it away now will only destroy the foundation of Shi Ling. Instead of doing this, it is better to stay here and continue to nurture.

If Lin Yi has enough strength to cultivate Shi Ling, he can take him out from here.

If he doesn't take it away now, it doesn't mean he really gave up on Shi Ling.

Anyway, no one can enter the Sea of ​​Primordial Beginning, so staying here is safe.

If Lin Yi is unable to take Shi Ling away in the end, let him develop naturally, but Shi Ling's growth period is very slow, and it is possible that when Lin Yi dies of old age, Shi Ling has not grown consciousness on his own.

(Friendly reminder! This stone spirit will appear in the third book... ) The discovery of the stone spirit gave Lin Yi a lot of motivation. Since this abyss can breed such a thing as a stone spirit, it probably has extraordinary powers. place.

After continuing to dive for several months, Lin Yi arrived at a special place where the pressure was extremely high. Even with his strong flesh, he could barely hold on. Not to mention the corrosive power of Zhihai, even a warrior at the emperor level may not be able to withstand this terrifying pressure alone.

In this position, Lin Yi's spirit was also suppressed to an extremely low level, only covering a radius of about tens of miles.


Continuing to dive, the pressure is getting smaller and smaller, but there is more buoyancy, as if reaching the center of the primordial sea.

After diving to the other side, it became an ascent, but the direction remained the same.

The area covered by the spiritual power also increased, and at the same time the abyss also became wider.

As Lin Yi guessed, when he walked out of the abyss, he came to the bottom of the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning that was exactly the same as before.

But this place is definitely not the original place where he dived, it is indeed to the other side.

At the same time, there also appeared the same primordial beings, sea monsters and other things as on the opposite side.

"It should be at the other end of the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning. I don't know if you have walked out of the barren prison?"

With doubts, Lin Yi speeded up, and after another month, he finally reached the sea level.

"Hahaha~~ finally came out!"

Lin Yi jumped out of the sea level, and the water below was still dark, but the sky here became clear, the blue sky, as if washed by water.

The air is fresh and filled with aura.

This is a strange world, not only the aura is countless times richer than the barren prison, but the way of heaven here is also very open and lofty.

Although I have never been to the ancient wasteland.

, but Lin Yi can be sure that this is a higher world than Sanhuang.

Where is this?

Let go of the mental power and extend outward for hundreds of millions of miles. What appears in your eyes is a strange scene. The sea level of the Sea of ​​Primordial Beginning is very small, only hundreds of thousands of miles in size, presenting a circle, and beyond is endless the sea.

The sea water outside is ordinary sea water, which does not mix with the sea of ​​aboriginality.

"It turns out that the other end of the Sea of ​​Absolute Beginning is hidden in the sea, so strange! I just don't know, what kind of world is this?"

On the edge covered by Lin Yi's spiritual power, a huge island appeared, with a large area, equivalent to a small thousand world like Tian Qi City.

"Go and see!"

Lin Yi put away his mental strength and rushed in that direction, and soon came to the huge island. There were many aborigines on the island, and the number was probably tens of millions.

Among the warriors here, a small number of them are saint-level cultivators, and there are countless high-level saints. Lin Yi also found the aura of the quasi-emperor on it, but there is only one quasi-emperor here.

The huge island is shaped like a leaf.

When Lin Yi came to this island, he was seen by many aborigines on the island because he had no hidden aura.

"Look, quasi-emperor, who is he, and why did he come to Guye Island?"

"It should be here passing by, he is probably going to Haitian City."

"No! I guess that's not the case, the route to Haitian City is wrong."

"Hahaha! Needless to say, this grown-up came from the direction of the Dead Sea, obviously to the Dead Sea for sightseeing. Who doesn't know the Dead Sea on Lone Leaf Island? When we got here, we didn't stop by to have a look."

The people on the island were talking about Lin Yi's arrival. Although they were in awe, they didn't have much fear.

"Strange, where is this?

Why is there only one quasi-emperor-level warrior in this holy place of cultivation? "

Looking at the island from a distance, Lin Yi thought secretly.

"Hehe! Since my friend is here, why don't you come to my Guye Island to tell me!"

On Guye Island, someone sent an invitation to Lin Yi, and the person who spoke was the only warrior on the island who was a quasi-emperor.

Lin Yi's eyes moved, and he saw a young man flying towards him with a smile, with a gentle expression and no hostility.

"Lone Leaf Island?"

Lin Yi looked at the leaf-shaped island below, the name was quite appropriate.

Seeing that the other party was not hostile, Lin Yi also smiled lightly and went up to meet him.