827 Killing People

At night, dark clouds covered the moon, causing people unable to see one's hands in front of them.


All of a sudden, a low roar echoed out, shattering the night's tranquility.

Following this low roar, faint grinding sounds started sounding out on the earth's surface, making Ye Yuan and the rest unwittingly feel their scalps tingle.

A terrifying air crept out. Even if each and every one of these people were courageous because of superb skills, their hearts could not refrain from speeding up at this time too.

"It's here!" Ye Yuan said solemnly.

His vision was extremely good and could already see the tidewater like zombie army surging over towards here.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. The quantity of this zombie army before their eyes was seriously too outrageous.

As far as the eye could see were all densely packed zombies, giving people an overwhelming sense of pressure.

"This … Isn't this number a bit too terrifying? Even if every person spat a mouthful of spittle, it can drown us to death too!" Sheng Jun said.

"They are not people but zombies! Still talking about spitting spittle, don't you find it disgusting!" Hua Shujie said sarcastically.

"You guys are still in the mood to jest around! Such numbers of zombies, even if we're the ones who get trapped inside, we'll get exhausted to death too!" Wei Cheng said grimly.

A vast expanse of corpse tide stretching to infinity, the sensory organ impact it brought to people was seriously too shocking.

Even if it were these Phaseless Realm elders, all of them had grave expressions too, akin to facing a formidable foe.

The strength of these zombies were all not strong. The vast majority were under Tier 6. But when the numbers reached such a horrifying extent, it already went from a quantitative transformation to qualitative transformation.

Phaseless Realm martial artists getting bogged down inside had very slim chances of survival too!

"Looking at the direction they are headed, it should be Waterplain City. Looks like they really want to expand territory!" Wu Siyuan said in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan's expression was calm as he said coolly, "Everyone rush over in the same direction where the zombies are coming from, don't turn back! We only have a night's time. Everybody, make the best use of time and don't get enamored with fighting."

Finished talking, Ye Yuan's feet suddenly unleashed a move and actually took the lead to sprint towards the corpse tide!

Wang Zan's expression changed drastically when he saw the situation and shouted at Ye Yuan's back view, "Wait for us, Young Lord!"

In Wang Zan's view, Ye Yuan's greatest reliance was the black flood dragon. He definitely had some capabilities himself, but facing this ocean-like corpse tide, how could it be adequate?

Wang Zan's figure moved, and he chased after too. Wu Siyuan followed closely behind.

Blackwind chased after Ye Yuan like a gust of wind as well.

Wei Cheng sneered coldly when he saw the situation and said, "Reckless thing with no idea of death or danger, a measly little Boundless Realm actually dares to take the lead!"

Sheng Jun smiled too and said, "This new Crimson Afterglow's Young Lord seems rather reckless! Haha, hope that these zombies will show mercy and not hurt him."

"Stop making irresponsible and carping remarks here. Let's go together! If that Ye Yuan dies, we won't gain any advantage either! No matter how lacking his strength is, isn't there still a great circle of Tier 8 black flood dragon? With him around, we have no worries this trip," Hua Shujie said.

Everyone nodded, their figures rushing speedily over towards the corpse tide too.

But their figures had yet to walk out very far when they all froze abruptly; the looks on their faces were fascinating to the extreme.

Far away, Ye Yuan was in the front ranks. It was only for them to see him brandishing the longsword in his hand. Countless sword lights were instantly released, attacking towards those zombies.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Ye Yuan's sword lights were like cutting grass, instantly reaping a large stretch of zombies!

For a moment, those residual limbs of those zombies flew everywhere in the sky. The spectacle was shocking to the max.

Just one move and Ye Yuan immediately opened up an enormous gap in the corpse tide! He did not stay, rushing over straight towards the gap.

The Starmoon Sword in Ye Yuan's hand was like a major killing tool. The places he passed through, he swept away all obstacles.

Wei Cheng and the rest following at the back were all dumbfounded.

In the corpse tide, there were large swathes of Tier 5 zombies whose strength were comparable to Boundless Realm martial artists. Ye Yuan's attack actually directly disregarded their cultivation realms!

Wang Zan was a Phaseless Realm martial artist at any rate. He was already almost catching up to Ye Yuan before this.

But at this time, the expression on his face was shocked to the extreme, and he actually forgot to attack for a moment.

Suddenly, his back was patted by someone. Turning around to take a look, it was Wu Siyuan.

"Is it very shocking? Told you long before, this Young Lord of ours is special! Wait until he truly grows up, it will be the hour of our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land's splendor once more!" Wu Siyuan said.

From opposing Ye Yuan to being filled with anticipation towards Ye Yuan now, Wu Siyuan's transformation could be said to be huge.

Ye Yuan already used his strength to thoroughly conquer the people's hearts in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

"Huhu, don't stand there in a daze anymore. Even though Young Lord is powerful, facing a corpse tide like this, it's also beyond one person's power. Let's go help him!" Wu Siyuan said with a laugh.

Wang Zan nodded fiercely and said with an excited look, "With such a young lord, our Crimson Afterglow Holy Land is bound to rise up!"

Wu Siyuan and Wang Zan duo rushed over soon after. These two people were both Phaseless Realm. Their strengths were a great deal stronger than Ye Yuan's. Dealing with some low-level zombies was naturally a cinch.

What they were truly afraid of was being trapped deep in this corpse tide and being forcefully exhausted to death by these zombies.

Killing so many zombies in one go, they obviously had to expend quite a bit of essence energy too. Over a long time, they could not bear it too.

"Heh heh, indeed rather capable. We've underestimated him! To think that he's only Boundless Realm. If he breaks through to the Heaven Enlightenment Realm, the few of us are probably not enough for him to look at at all!"

After the shock, Hua Shujie came back to his senses too, his words filled with bitterness.

Even with their realms, they also could not do it like lifting something heavy as if it were light like Ye Yuan in this corpse tide.

"Humph! Just putting on a pretense! In my view, he's intentionally showing off here! I don't believe that this kind of move can be unleashed many times. Wait until his essence energy is exhausted, I want to see what he does!" Wei Cheng said scornfully.

"No matter what, just this move, his supreme true intent has likely been comprehended to the third-stage already. This Crimson Afterglow Young Lord seems to really be quite formidable! But what you said is true as well. This kind of move, with his Boundless Realm cultivation, he shouldn't be able to unleash it more than a few times. Let's go, if we still don't go, the gap that they opened up is going to be filled up by zombies," Sheng Jun said.

The people of these three families rushed forward too and caught up to Ye Yuan very quickly.

With them joining in, the speed that the team advanced sped up considerably all at once!

"These zombies themselves aren't much. But their physical bodies are extremely formidable. Everyone take note, don't get your essence energy depleted by these zombies!"

Watching Ye Yuan cutting them up like melons and cabbages earlier gave them a misconception that these zombies were just a little more in quantity and there wasn't anything impressive.

But the moment they clashed with these zombies now, Wei Cheng discovered that they looked down on these zombies too much.

The strength of the zombies in itself was stronger compared to martial artists of the same realm. The most terrifying thing was that their fleshy bodies were extremely powerful. Want to thoroughly kill them, they must expend even more essence energy.

One or two obviously could hardly show anything. But once the quantity ramped up, the essence energy expenditure would become very frightening.

Right now, they were already utterly surrounded by these zombies. If they did not charge out as soon as possible, they would be forcefully exhausted to death by these low-level zombies.

Forget that Wei Cheng was just a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist, even the Phaseless Realm elders they brought here were probably unable to escape by luck too.

The number of these zombies were too terrifying!