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Fang Yuan curled her lips. “So, you believe that becoming someone’s wife involves drugging people? If Cheng Yuqi desires to be the President’s wife, can you also drug the President?”

Auntie Wang stopped pretending. “Miss Fang Yuan, there’s no need for sarcasm. You were the one who supposedly snatched Lady Yuqi’s fiance. If it weren’t for you, Lady Yuqi would have been the Young Madam of the Bo family long ago.”

Bo Yi’s gaze turned cold. “I don’t know since when the Young Madam of my family is decided by a servant like you!”

Auntie Wang trembled, yet she still appeared to be sacrificing herself for justice. “Anyway, 1 did everything. Lady Yuqi doesn’t know anything. I asked her to come to Young Master Bo’s room to take a look.”

Cheng Ye was furious. “Auntie Wang, you’ve worked for the Cheng family for 18 years. When has the Cheng family ever mistreated you?”

Auntie Wang said, “Old Master, Madam, 1 will never forget your kindness to me for the rest of my life. 1 was wrong today. You can punish me however you want, but please don’t take your anger out on Lady Yuqi. She is innocent.”

Fang Yuan clapped her hands. “What an interesting mother-daughter relationship.”

Auntie Wang’s expression changed. “Miss Fang Yuan must be confused. What mother and daughter?”

The others were stunned as well. Qiao Xinhui asked, “Yuanyuan, what do you mean by that? Who’s mother and daughter?”

Fang Yuan said indifferently, “Dad, Mom, 1 originally wanted to tell you about this after everything was confirmed, but it’s obvious that we can’t hide it now.” As she spoke, she slowly revealed, “Auntie Wang’s original name is Wang Cuihua. She was born in Sanhe Town and later married into the Li Family Village next door. Her household register was also moved there. After she got married, her husband lost all his money gambling and ran away, owing money to loan sharks. She was pregnant and was afraid that loan sharks would come looking for her, so she returned to her family. The child born in Sanhe Town’s health hospital 18 years ago has been missing ever since.”

When they heard about Sanhe Hospital, Cheng Ye and Qiao Xinhui widened their eyes in shock. “Yuanyuan, you mean…”

Fang Yuan continued, “That’s right. Back then, Wang Cuihua was instructed by someone to exchange for the child. Then, she found the Cheng family to apply for a job and used a different method to accompany her child. The person who instructed her originally wanted to teach this child through Wang Cuihua and obtain the Cheng family’s assets in disguise, but an accident happened in the middle.”

As she spoke, she looked at Cheng Mohan.

Cheng Mohan also remembered. “The Han family?”

Fang Yuan nodded. “Yes, it’s the Han family. They originally planned well, but an accident happened in the middle. The Han couple died in a car accident. In addition, after Eldest Brother took over the Cheng family, he suppressed the Han family, causing the Han family to completely decline. This matter was left unsettled. However, Wang Cuihua has been working in the Cheng family for 18 years.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yuqi was the first to be unable to accept it. She stumbled to her feet and rushed to Wang Cuihua. “That’s impossible. Tell me quickly. How can 1 be your daughter?” Her parents were unknown, and she could not be the Cheng family’s biological daughter, but how could she be the daughter of a nanny?

Wang Cuihua refused to let go. “Miss Fang Yuan really knows how to make up stories…”

Fang Yuan smiled. “Don’t be anxious. Won’t you know everything after a DNA test?”

Hearing this, Wang Cuihua panicked. She struggled and wanted to run, but she was pressed to the ground by the bodyguards.

Wang Cuihua and Cheng Yuqi’s blood samples were quickly sent to the DNA testing center. The three hours of waiting were abnormally long, but neither of them was sleepy. Instead, they quietly waited for the results.

Cheng Ye’s phone rang. He picked it up with a trembling voice. “Hello, this is Cheng Ye… Okay, I understand.”

After hanging up, everyone looked at Cheng Ye. He sighed and said, “It’s confirmed that they are mother and daughter…”

Cheng Yuqi fell to the ground, her eyes completely devoid of light. She was finished.

Because of the drug, Wang Cuihua was arrested. In the end, Cheng Ye and Qiao Xinhui couldn’t bear to let her go to jail too. In the end, they sent Chen Yuqi out of the country and told her never to come back. Originally, she could at least marry into a good family as the daughter of the Cheng family and have the Cheng family as her backing, but now, she had caused it to disappear. The fact that she was the nanny’s daughter wasn’t announced in the end. It could be considered as leaving her the last bit of dignity and restraining her so that she wouldn’t come back to cause trouble in the future.

A few days later, the Cheng family was unusually lively. All of Fang Yuan’s brothers had gone home. They did not have much feelings for Cheng Yuqi, but they did not expect their sister, who had been pampered by her parents since she was young, to have so many crooked thoughts. For a moment, they felt a little emotional, but it was quickly washed away by shock.

“What? Sister is Master Yanli? FY’s founder, Sister, can you specially design one for Second Brother?” This was the second brother of the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, Cheng Feifan.

“What? Sister can perform such a precise heart surgery?” This was his third brother, Cheng Xueyi, who was still in medical school.

“What? Sister took over the clothing company at home?” This was the fourth brother of the global travel blogger, Cheng Yurun.

“What? Sister is Master Qingyin? Master Qingyin, who refuses to compose for me for 100,000 yuan per word?” This was fifth brother Cheng Xichen.

In just one day, the four brothers were conquered by their biological sister.

Two days later, the Cheng and Bo families held a joint banquet. One purpose was to introduce Fang Yuan to her family and circle, and the other was to celebrate Fang Yuan and Bo Yi’s engagement.

On the stage, Bo Yi held Fang Yuan’s hand and slid the engagement ring onto her finger.

“Yuanyuan, from the first day 1 saw you, I knew that i only wanted you for the rest of my life.”

Fang Yuan smiled sweetly and replied, “If you always treat me so well like this, I won’t let you down in this life.”

The end of the entire story..