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Fang Yuan was engrossed in her personal matters on her phone. After some time, two or three vehicles abruptly pulled up in front of her. She raised her eyes lazily and spotted Gu Qingqing, whose face was swollen from a beating, emerging from one of the cars.

This time, Gu Qingqing had brought her brother, Gu Wu, along with over a dozen tough-looking individuals. She pointed at Fang Yuan and exclaimed, “That’s her!”

Originally, Gu Qingqing intended to return to the mountains to settle scores with Gu Panpan and Wan Chunling, but she stumbled upon Fang Yuan alone on her way. It was as if the heavens were conspiring in her favor.

“This woman slapped and kicked me!” Gu Qingqing complained to her brother.

In that moment, a gentle breeze swept through, tousling Fang Yuan’s long hair and revealing her exquisite and refined face. Gu Wu was momentarily transfixed. She was incredibly beautiful—undeniably so.

“Gu Wu, snap out of it! Get on with avenging me!” Gu Qingqing pushed her brother insistently.

Gu Wu acknowledged that he had encountered many attractive women, but none as striking as Fang Yuan. He casually tucked his hands into his pockets and approached Fang Yuan with what he believed were his most charismatic strides. “Are you the one responsible for my sister’s condition?”

Fang Yuan arched an eyebrow, seemingly unfazed by the situation. There were only a dozen henchmen, and one of them was a greenhorn. Did they really think they could intimidate her?

“If you’re wise, you’ll kneel and kowtow ten times…” Gu Qingqing, emboldened by her brother and the henchmen, walked up to Fang Yuan, her tone laced with arrogance.

Fang Yuan interrupted her casually, “I haven’t killed you, and you already expect someone to bow down before you? You’re not even in your coffin, and you want to be treated as an ancestor?”

Gu Qingqing seethed with anger, rendered speechless.

“You’ve got quite the sharp tongue,” Gu Wu remarked, intrigued. “If you don’t want to kneel, that’s fine. Just make me happy, and I might forget about what happened to my sister.”

“Gu Wu! What are you saying? 1 brought you here to teach her a lesson!” Gu Qingqing had no intention of letting this slide. She wanted Fang Yuan to taste the bitterness of humiliation.

Fang Yuan raised an eyebrow as she considered Gu Wu’s proposition. “Here? I’m afraid not.” Her keen eye noted several surveillance cameras in the vicinity, which could leave incriminating evidence.

Gu Wu appeared thrilled, thinking that Fang Yuan had agreed. He glanced around and eventually fixed his gaze on the weedy area behind Fang Yuan. “If you’re feeling shy, we can go over there…”

Fang Yuan turned to inspect the location Gu Wu suggested. “Very well,” she replied and proceeded to walk in that direction.

Gu Wu promptly followed her, leaving the dozen thugs uncertain whether to follow suit. All eyes turned to Gu Qingqing for guidance.

Gu Qingqing was baffled by the situation. Wasn’t this girl known for her combat skills? Was she afraid of these thugs, or was she attempting to cozy up to her brother? Did she harbor ambitions to secure a connection with the Gu family through her beauty? What a delusion! Her brother was simply playing with trash like her!

Fang Yuan led Gu Wu to the weed-covered field, a neglected patch of land where the vegetation had grown knee-high. She turned to him and suggested, “This spot will do.”

Gu Wu was taken aback by the choice, realizing that the tall weeds would obscure them from view. He was already deep in the foliage, and yet she still acted coquettish!

Fang Yuan raised her eyebrows and glanced at the nearby thugs. “Are you not joining us?”

One of the thugs retorted, “Little lady, you’re quite the tease… I’d like to have you all to myself and make you beg for more…” He had no intention of letting his underlings near such an attractive girl. He planned to enjoy her first.

Gu Wu’s hand extended toward Fang Yuan’s chest, but before he could make contact, Fang Yuan swiftly seized his hand and hurled him into the grass. His face met with soil and grass, filling his mouth.

“Dammit.” Gu Qingqing, realizing her brother wouldn’t succeed alone, urgently shouted, “What are you waiting for? Help him!” She couldn’t bear the thought of this despicable girl striking her brother. He was the Gu family’s pride and joy.

Over ten thugs charged toward Fang Yuan, who dropped her nonchalant demeanor, her eyes now filled with a chilling resolve. She kicked the thug in front of her, sending him sprawling, and spun around to deliver a powerful punch to another thug’s midsection. Meanwhile, the thug behind her attempted to strike her with a stick, but she quickly retracted the stick and swung it toward his head.

As the remaining thugs realized their collective assault was futile, they decided to swarm Fang Yuan together. In a swift move, Fang Yuan pulled one thug in front of her, using him as a makeshift human shield while she systematically incapacitated them one by one.Behind her, one thug brandished a machete and swung it menacingly in her direction. Fang Yuan not only evaded the attack with lightning reflexes but also managed to disarm the thug in a seamless motion. In the blink of an eye, she had the machete positioned against the thug’s neck, instilling sheer terror in him.

Gu Qingqing observed in utter astonishment as Fang Yuan effortlessly dispatched each opponent, leaving the last thug trembling with fear. Ultimately, he resorted to an unconventional act, picking up a wooden stick from the ground and delivering a blow to himself before collapsing into the tall gras