643 Remnant Thoughts 2

He didn’t want to live like a zombie anymore. He couldn’t move or breathe.

To him, severing the remnant thoughts was a form of release.

Yan Qingyun looked at Little Niu and felt that he was trustworthy.

Little Niu smiled warmly. He looked at Yan Qingyun and said, “The answer is in your heart.”

Yan Qingyun shook his head with a bitter smile. He felt his eyes sting. Helpless, he said with a bitter smile, “If I knew, I wouldn’t be in so much pain.”

He was asking for an answer, but he didn’t know who could give him that answer.

Little Niu stretched out his hand and pointed at Yan Qingyun’s heart. He said slowly, “If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself.”

Yan Qingyun still wanted to retort, but in the next moment, Little Niu was getting further and further away from him. All the thick ink passed Little Niu and instantly enveloped him.

Everything started to go backward. Yan Qingyun was instantly speechless. He looked at the shocking scene after scene in disbelief.

When he was younger, when he was a boy, when he was young man, when he was middle-aged…

The memories buried deep in his heart that he had forgotten seemed to have broken through the seal and returned to his heart.

It turned out that the answer was really in his heart.

It turned out that he had already made preparations.

But he had forgotten.

But now, he remembered that the answer was when Yan Zhiyuan was twenty-seven years old. He found out for the first time that Yan Zhiyuan had taken the wrong path, and for the first time, he regretted pushing Yan Zhiyuan into the bureaucracy. At that time, he was mentally and physically exhausted, and he helped Yan Zhiyuan get out of danger. At that time, he felt that Yan Zhiyuan might get into trouble in the future.

Therefore, he had left a secret letter, ready to hand it to the emperor when he really could not keep Yan Zhiyuan in check.

When he was an official, he worked hard to achieve political achievements because he wanted to make up for his mistakes when the time came. He was making preparations, but there was also a trace of hope in his heart. What if Yan Zhiyuan suddenly came to his senses?

However, in the next ten years, there was only disappointment and pain.

He did not expect to suddenly collapse this year. He thought that he could still make arrangements before he died, but he did not expect things would change so suddenly.

He was so anxious that he forgot that he had once thought about it.

Those painful memories passed one by one. Yan Qingyun sighed. His life had been a failure.

“Have you found an answer?”

The surroundings returned to darkness, and Little Niu walked out again. He had a warm and kind smile on his face as he asked softly.

Yan Qingyun sighed and nodded. “I have an answer, but there’s one more thing I can’t let go of.”

He looked at Little Niu nervously.

Little Niu smiled lightly and said, “In this world, there is no one who can understand for sure what is right and wrong. There is no need to worry about what you are worried about. The Yan Family started because of you, and everything came because of you. You can take it with you. What happens to the Yan Family in the future, the fate of the younger generation is different from yours.”

“Is that so?”

Yan Qingyun’s heart trembled. He thought of the dilapidated houses in his memory and the days when he could only starve. Was the Yan family going to return to those days?

He had been going around in circles for decades, but he could not change anything.

They were all used to eating expensive food. If they had nothing, how could they get used to it? How could they survive? Could his two great-grandchildren still enter school to learn knowledge?

Would there still be a woman willing to marry into such a tough life? Would there still be a woman like his mother who would send her children to read and write? In the end, would the Yan family never be able to rise up and would only be drowned in time, becoming all the ordinary commoners who faced the yellow soil and the sky. They would be unknown and drowned in the dust of time.

Yan Qingyun sighed. “Forget it… forget it… It’s already the greatest blessing to be alive.”

At least they could live. Perhaps they would be like Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao, who made their lives better by living their lives diligently.

What humans were most afraid of was not being poor, but being lazy and sly.

Yan Qingyun felt a stream of hot tears rolling down his cheeks. His vision started to blur.

He rolled his eyes with difficulty and looked at Yan Zhiyuan. He breathed heavily and returned to this dead body. Yan Qingyun sighed helplessly. He thought that he couldn’t speak and that he had let go of the knot in his heart.

His last breath was about to dissipate. This time, he knew clearly that he would not come back to life.

“Father, Father—”

Yan Zhiyuan seemed to have sensed something. He looked up at Yan Qingyun guiltily.

Yan Qingyun sighed and said in an extremely weak voice, “Diligence, integrity, and steadiness. Remember, remember—”

Yan Qingyun breathed his last breath. These were his last words.

Yan Zhiyuan sobbed. “I will remember it. I will remember it this time.”

Yan Zhiyuan turned around and gave an order to his two sons. “Tell your grandpa that you will remember it. Tell him now.”

Yan Yuran and Yan Yuanan hadn’t figured it out yet, but they didn’t dare to disobey Yan Zhiyuan. They just thought that Yan Zhiyuan said this to let Yan Qingyun leave in peace. They immediately said, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I’ll remember it.”

To be honest, Yan Qingyun was their grandfather. They were both respectful towards him and afraid of him. Knowing that he wouldn’t die no matter what, they were also afraid of death.

Seeing Yan Qingyun like this today, they were all scared to death. How could there be such a terrifying person?

Yan Zhiyuan burst into tears, looking very sad.

Yan Yuran and Yan Yuanan also expressed their filial piety and cried along.

This time, Yan Qingyun didn’t come back to life.

He was dead. Really dead.

Yan Zhiyuan held his hand, which was as white as bones, and felt it go cold.

No one knew who he was crying for.

Little Niu took out Yan Qingyun’s secret letter and handed it to Yan Zhiyuan. Yan Zhiyuan was in a daze.

Little Niu said indifferently, “This is something that can save you from your mistakes. Send this to the palace and confess your crimes. Just like before, your father has already taken responsibility for you.”

There was hope in Yan Zhiyuan’s eyes. He wiped his tears and kowtowed a few times to Yan Qingyun. “Father, don’t worry. I won’t let you down this time.”

Having said that, Yan Zhiyuan got up and went to the palace to ask for a meeting with the emperor.

Little Niu also left the Yan Residence.

Not far from the Yan Residence, he heard a familiar voice calling him.

“Junior Brother, I’m here to bring you home.”

Su Xiaolu walked towards Little Niu and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Little Niu was safe and sound.

Little Niu revealed a bright smile and said, “Okay, thank you, Senior Sister.”

Little Niu reached out and grabbed a corner of Su Xiaolu’s shirt to follow her home. He told Su Xiaolu about Yan Qingyun.

“No matter how far one goes, everything will be in vain if one does not have the right morals. Is this the way of Dao?”

Su Xiaolu said after a moment of silence.


Little Niu smiled.

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