Chapter 187 - Bare Witness

Name:Total War System Author:Nathan_Hinds
Ragnar had arrived in front of the chakra beast it was a Liger a half tiger half lion but had 3 tails ??? Ragnar used his power to form a large ethereal body around his own as his size now matched the chakra beast as both clashed every hit slash and swipe from each other sent shockwaves through the land the entire empire lines held strong and the left-wing now bolstered by Ragnar and the 500 vanguards were also holding strong However Ragnar noticed around 1 million Barbs had broken off on the right-wing and was charging to the land of wind.

at the same time, both the Firelord and wind lord had arrived at the northern tip of the land of wind and had set up a defense line there scouts were ahead keeping vigil Suna's ninja was around a day out and Konoha's were around 3 to 4 days out.

Suddenly the scout's signals go off rapidly signaling a lot of enemies inbound and fast the fire lord and wind lord gather their troops and prepare for battle after 30 minutes they see a huge line of what looks like charging men the samurai's eyes bulge at the sheer number near around 2 million the fire lord narrows his eyes he did not expect this many to get past the main army after 2 minutes the entire lord's armies were set up and ready to charge this enemy as the seconds go by the enemy gets closer at 1000 meters the lords raise their swords and -CHARGE- the samurai charge to battle as do the lords and there personal guards with the fire lord having 5 vanguards as his guard.

Ragnar is battling this Liger and both armies see a great battle the liger is getting beaten but it's putting up a hell of a fight from the Barbs back lines comes what looks like mages as they start chanting and holding hand signs as the Liger Bloats and suddenly its power rockets and Ragnar is now fighting it but he notices it's now around 20x stronger and it's grown by 3X Ragnar is now on the back foot.

the lords and samurai lines hit the barbs as the samurai have the upper hand with training and armor and such but the sheer strength and brutality of the barbs quickly started to turn the situation the battle was going on for hours as 16 hours go by the barbs have lost around 500k of there 2 million HOWEVER the lords and samurai have lost 300k of there combined 500k but from the back comes Suna Ninja the barbs now seeing these new enemies and even see some are female charge madly in excitement and a blood rage the ninja of Suna seeing this are shocked but quickly Rasa orders all ninja to engage the battle turns from certain death to the lords to a Holdable battle but no win but at least they can hold the barbs here now.

Ragnar was only just dealing with this enhanced chakra beast using all his powers from force magic biotics chakra However the right-wing just sent word 2million more barbs have bypassed the right-wing and are charging after the last group who left now the lords will have 4 million barbs they won't be able to hold that number Ragnar swipes some blood with his thumb and Shouts -SUMMONING STYLE- from there everyone bore witness to the hidden summons of Draconis The leviathans -BOOOOW- from the smoke comes a deafening roar as in the sky and around the land they all see what look like a flying snake tail but you can see it has the head of a dragon but huge Far bigger than any tailed one even the 10 tails is small in comparison.

Ragnar- Lev I need you to help these guys here while I take 4 legions to help our friends in the south.

Lev- Consider it done Lord Ragnar -With a roar many smaller leviathans are summoned and battle against the 5 million barbs here- Deal with these barbarians younguns.

Ragnar takes off south after the 2 million that broke off heading to the tip of wind country.

while this happens the Firelord and wind lord both are fighting as best as they can this enemy is unlike any they have ever faced before they have no regard for their safety they charge madly and their battle ability is amazing even with Suna helping the battle is being pushed back there defense lines are starting to crumble started slowly and now they are crumbling with samurai fleeing in retreat The lords and there elite guards are stood there ground at the main defense lines as suna ninja are fighting beside them the barbs are now surrounding what little remains from the mighty armies of 550k now only 25k remain and 15k is the Suna ninja that is also now slowly taking losses the enemy still has over 1 million.

the lords resign themselves and the wind lord tells the Kazekage to retreat and shore up the defense of suna the fire lord is still battling in the thick of things with his only remaining 500 elite guards and 5 Vanguards Just as suna army was to retreat from behind sounded a horn that was only familiar to suna who had battled against it in the past Most where now terrified Konoha had attacked at a time like this BUT the Konoha ninja bypassed the suna and joined the battle beside the Firelord 45k Konoha ninja entered the battle and suna seeing this also charged back in now the battle was ever so slowly turning in the defender's favor.

the Hokage kneeled to the Firelord as the 5 extra vanguards joined the battle the Krogan Grunt was Happy BUT again that soon changed to Horror as from the distance multiple red flares were stot to the sky indicating more enemies and from the sheer number of the flares it's the same number as the original attack meaning 2 million.

Now the Firelord was shocked this 1 million they could somehow deal with but another 2 million no they would be wiped out there were no more allies coming to help they were effectively ALONE.

That however was not the case for Konoha as for there Mission was not this battle but past this one this one was just a warm-up and all Bore witnessed to Konoha's War Machine as it carved a path in the enemy army like the well-oiled machine it is it was effective and deadly step by step all sides Bore witness to this march Suna had joined beside Konoha fighting side by side as the Firelord also fought he also gave hiruzen orders on what to do after this battle is over but from there on the hill nearby all saw 2 million barbs now charging in this battle, and like a wave crashing against rocks both armies meet and the battle turned in to a mosh pit the battle was again turning badly BUT from the horizon the ninja and lords bore witness a line Growing closer and closer and above was a flag a flag only hiruzen and the firlord and the vanguard knew The flag of RAGNAR as from there 100k troops charged the enemy from the back as now the enemy had been hit by this enemy they knew to fear from here the battle again shifted the battle goes on for hours as finaly the last barb is killed suna lost 1k ninja konoha lost also 1k ragnar lost 4k troops the lords lost there samurai armies but 4million barbs where killed Ragnar gave word to his forces to return to the main battle he told the firelord to return to Hi-no-kuni and make sure its secure Hiruzen then aproched ragnar and asked him to allow konoha to accompany him to the main battle Ragnar agreed and the 140k combined army now headed to the main battle lines.

The Konoha ninja was amazed at the sheer power each one of these soldiers was giving off as the hours go by slowly the sound of battle rings in the air and what a battle it is as the ninja stood atop a hill witnessing this war they saw multiple walls of steel-clad warriors hold there ground against these barbs and even chakra beasts Ragnar charged dow to the right flank of the main army he gave orders for hiruzen to set up camp here on this hill to oversee the battle and send ninja where best needed At that Hiruzen barked out orders to The Nara clan head to set up and get ready he also told all ninja to eat and regain what strength they can before they go back into battle.