Chapter 625 - Chapter 625: Things Remain the Same, People Have Changed (3)

Chapter 625: Things Remain the Same, People Have Changed (3)

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“Why would I laugh at you? Damn, you haven’t made any progress in twenty years.”As Ji Ruo spoke, the heavenly world in his body started to circulate, and his True Qi started to pour in.

Ji Xiaoxiao raised her head in astonishment.

His strength was rising crazily, and popping sounds were constantly coming from the cockpit in front of his mecha’s chest. One after another, Star Whirlpools were rapidly being opened.

Although it wasn’t a physical Star Jade and was still insignificant compared to Ji Ruo, it had already surpassed the average Star Jade Realm.

“Old fellow, you…”

“What old man?” “You’re the one who’s older than me now. I’m not even twenty yet. You’re the old guy.””

Ji Xiaoxiao was silent.

After a while, he took the initiative to talk about some things that happened in this future.

“Actually, I still had some strength left in the early years. With the help of the

System Teacher, his elders, and his friends, the God of Incense, the God of Faith, the Fantasy Creators, the undead zombies, the ghosts with unlimited energy… The current Great Xia was no longer the Great Xia of the past.

I copied some of the powerful tools in my memory through the title of [Great inventor], helped the Mystical Division improve the cultivation system, and even implemented the permission system to become a spirit, helping Great Xia to truly soar. The Monster Race and Demon Race pulled in a batch and beat up a batch. Those who remained neutral were chased back to the secret realm, and those who could not unite were destroyed by Brother Star Tribulation with firearms…

Great Xia established friendly diplomatic relations with the various secret realms and started trading.

“I thought that this was a good thing, but the result was that without the pressure of external enemies, all kinds of sects began to appear in Great Xia.

They did many bad things…

I felt like I did something wrong, but I didn’t know what was right, so I chose to quit. Later, my strength weakened, and I started to retire…”

Ji Ruo listened quietly.

“Also, something happened to Uncle Gu’s family…”

“She gave birth too?” Ji Ruo’s expression was strange.”

“No, he’s married.”

Ji Ruo’s face darkened.

“Who else is married?”

“Xu Dong and the others…Many of the people in Spiced Spicy Hot Dumpling Group have families, and those who don’t have families have found someone they like. Yes, only you and the class monitor are left. After all, the two of you aren’t here.”

” Gu Shaoxuan has been roaming around the various construction sites all these years. He is the most exemplary ghost. He even split his soul body and refined his corpse into a headless drought demon. He led a large number of zombies and took the lead to explore the mystic realms for Great Xia…” “Uncle Chen MO often comes to me to complain, but I envy him…”

” Da Bao and Da Bao have also come to Great Xia. They are the Wind God Falcons and possess the speed of the world. Now, they have formed a partnership with the demons of Myriad Beast Mountain and opened a logistics company in Great Xia…”

“Grandpa Heavenspan Creation Wood…”

Ji Xiaoxiao said.

They actually had more efficient means of communication. After all, the two of them were the same person in theory. What they wanted to say, they just had to think about it in their hearts.

However, the two of them had a tacit understanding that neither of them chose to use that method. Instead, they used this inefficient method to communicate.

“The changes in Grand Xia are simply too great.” Ji Xiaoxiao’s eyes revealed a confused look.” The lights in the houses are dazzling, and the flying swords and carriages are endless. Everyone has already adapted to their current life, but I can’t find a small cart selling cotton candy…Perhaps this was a good thing. It meant that everyone’s standard of living had improved…

But for some reason, it seems that everyone is still not very happy. Everyone is in a hurry, and very few people care about the scenery along the way…”

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Ji Ruo thought for a moment and suddenly pointed at a small cart that seemed to be selling popcorn across the street. She said,”Wait a minute. Isn’t that just a small cart?”

“… Can’t you wait for me to finish sighing before you interrupt?”

“Alright, alright. You can continue.”

“Continue my ass!” Ji Xiaoxiao snapped.”

“Want some popcorn?” Ji Xiaoxiao asked. I’ll treat you.”