Chapter 393 - Chapter 393: Stop Fighting!

Chapter 393: Stop Fighting!

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“Because it can regenerate, the benefits it can bring us are endless.”

Kevin said coldly, ” We’ll capture it and raise it. We’ll let it continuously regenerate new gold and gems…” This is not a one-time deal, so we don’t trust you.

To keep this secret, you must die here!”

So that was how it was. The benefits were too big, and they were sustainable.

Therefore, the fragile alliance between them could no longer be maintained…

Lauren narrowed his eyes and looked around. He said in a deep voice,’”‘lf you don’t trust me, can you trust them?”

There was still a turning point. Kevin and his teammates were definitely not as united as one. As long as there was a rift between them, then…

Lauren looked at his jinxed brother and said, “”Kevin treated you like that just now. Don’t you have any thoughts? He could beat you up today because of some coincidence, but tomorrow, he might kill you because of the uneven distribution of benefits!

“And you guys, it’s the same. I’m your example!”

Kevin’s brothers had already surrounded Lauren. They looked at each other when they heard what he said, as if they had really been persuaded.

Laurent was delighted and prepared to continue.

The jinx pointed at Lauren and laughed out loud. He said to Kevin,””Boss, did you hear that? He said that you might kill me tomorrow.”

Kevin also smiled.” That makes sense. Think about it carefully. I’ve done quite a lot of vicious things to you.” The others also laughed. Lauren was stunned.

“You -”

The jinx-mouthed brothers stopped smiling and said,””Let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin Three.”

“My name is Kevin Two.”

“My name is…”


He looked at the six people in front of him.

Other than Kevin, this was the first time he knew the names of others. They had clearly worked together many times before.

Kevin sneered.” We’re brothers from the same mother. You can’t imagine how strong the bond between us is!

Even if there might be irreconcilable conflicts in the future, that’s in the future. It’s our family matter, and you’re just an outsider!” Lauren was shocked.

“Six in one pregnancy…ls your mother really human…”

“Shut up!”

Kevin roared and loaded his short musket.

The rest of the brothers were also rubbing their fists and were about to pounce on Lauren.


Lauren moved his wrist, and the magic thread immediately cut the skin on Kevin’s throat, causing blood to splatter.

The brothers were cautious and did not dare to move.

Kevin was also a ruthless person. He licked his lips and said with a sinister smile,””Use more strength! Let’s see if you’ll cut off my head first, or if my bullets will turn you into a sieve first!

It doesn’t matter if I die or not. This monster will definitely make us a big family, but you, if you die, so be it!

Come on, do it!”

Lauren hesitated.

The Mining God blinked.

What was wrong with these humans?

Why did they suddenly start fighting?

Originally, he was a little angry when these humans called him a ‘Golden Gem Monster’, but now…

“Stop fighting.” ” I can see that you like me very much,” the Mining God said.” I do need you. What’s so good about fighting and killing?” Come and believe in this god. This god can teach you high-level mining techniques.”

After waiting for so many years, it was not easy for a few reserve believers to come. How could the Mining God watch them fight among themselves?

No matter which side won, he would be the one to lose!

Kevin Two sneered and kicked the Mining God.””Devil, you’re quite smart. You even know how to lie and affect our judgment. However, I advise you to give up. No matter what the outcome is, you can’t escape.”

The Mining God didn’t have any reaction to the kick. After all, he didn’t have any flesh and blood structure, so he naturally couldn’t feel pain.

The reason why he was able to cooperate with the shadow clone was mainly because the shadow clone had dismantled him many times, causing the Mine God, who had few believers, to lose a large amount of divine power because of the regeneration of limbs.

“I’m really a god!” The Mining God finally began his formal self-introduction.”This god is the legendary abnormal gold ore god! The place where this god is located has a strange gold mine that can produce countless types of ores at the same time. This god is the good news for miners, is…”

“Metamorphosis gold mine god? Why don’t you break free from the magic rope for me to see?”

“Bah! God my ass!”

The Mining God was very angry now and wanted to curse, but his vocabulary was extremely poor since he had never read a book. Those who believed in the Mining God were only some uncultured miners, and there was no way to organize an effective language counterattack.

As for the attack…The Mining God who was tied up by magic ropes couldn’t even spit. How could ores have long-range attacks?

Lauren hesitated for a moment.” I can swear to the Sword God…

Before he could finish his sentence.

“Eh? Did so many people accept the Ice Crystal Bat’s commission…Ah, Lauren?

Why are you here?”

Emily’s fake exclamation attracted everyone’s attention.

“It’s that elf!” Lauren was excited again.

“Emily, I don’t want to say this, but your acting skills are too exaggerated…” Ji

Ruo complained. But it didn’t matter. He would watch the post-production.”

The Mining God was slightly shocked when he saw the newcomer. He subconsciously looked up at his shadow friend on the ceiling.

However, the shadow friend suddenly started to move on the ceiling like a real shadow. In the blink of an eye, it flowed to Ji Ruo’s feet and really became Ji Ruo’s shadow.

“Brother Mining God.” “We’re here to save you!” Ji Ruo smiled and waved his hand.


There was a loud bang, and the pungent smell of gunpowder rose.

Kevin’s magic short musket was smoking as he looked in horror at the musket that was still smoking between Ji Ruo’s fingers.

“This is the Pugilist you were talking about?”

He took the magic bullets with his bare hands, and you’re telling me that he’s just a little stronger?!

” Is this going to enter the plot? That’s good too-”

Ji Ruo instantly got into the mood and made a few strange poses. Then he pressed the pencil case on his waist with both hands and said in a deep voice, “Transform! ”

A dazzling light suddenly appeared, illuminating the dark underground space as if it was daytime.

The new skin of the Mining God refracted light, and in an instant, it was colorful and colorful.

Ji Ruo had turned into a handsome armored warrior.

Kevin and his brothers looked as if they were facing a great enemy. Lauren also retracted his magic threads and held his sword with both hands, staring at Ji Ruo vigilantly.

They didn’t know what this armor was. It could be a magic tool or a blessing from God…ln short, it was something very powerful.

Because it looked very powerful.

However, in reality, because this armor was not made of special materials, other than looking very powerful, there was actually no other bonus.

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Kevin and Lauren looked at each other.

“Let’s deal with this Pugilist first!”

“Fourth Bro, go and deal with that Magician. Don’t let her chant any spells!”


No matter how fragile the alliance was, it would become temporarily solid under the influence of external pressure.