Chapter 5582

Name:The Vicious Doctor Author:木燃
"Are you so anxious because you are worried that the original demonic sound will catch up with you? There is no need to worry."

Seeing Lin Chen's eager look, Lin Huohuo felt that he was making a fuss out of a molehill.

"What do you mean you don't have to worry? Taoist Shizhu may not really be able to do anything to the original demonic sound. If the other party catches up, even you will not be his opponent, let alone me?"

Lin Chen wondered if Lin Huohuo was a little confused about the current situation. Lin Huohuo said: "Why did he catch up? Are you looking down on me a little too much? I just said that there is no way to help Taoyao get rid of the power in her body, but of course I have a way to isolate that power from the original magic sound. contact,

Prevent Him from coming. "

"..." Lin Chen was startled, and then his heart completely relaxed.

At the moment, Taoyao is just unconscious, and there is no danger. As long as the original demonic sound does not chase after her, it means that there is a lot of time to deal with the power in Taoyao's body.

In this case, there was no need for him to spend the price to invite the original behemoth to take action.

"Can you not be so mean next time? Since you can isolate the connection between this power and the original demonic sound, why didn't you tell me earlier, which made me worry for so long!"

Lin Chen said angrily.

He was 100% sure that this girl just said half of her words on purpose.

Just to see myself in a hurry, which is undoubtedly a bad taste.

"Hmph! You have also seen how the Original Demonic Sound treats its host, right? I am a being on the same level as him. As a host, you'd better be polite to me!"

Lin Huohuo stared, but that appearance was not scary at all.

Seeing that Lin Chen didn't look scared at all, she curled her lips and continued:

"Anyway, there is plenty of time. As long as we can find a king-level Eternal God, we can remove the power of the original demonic sound from her body."

"The King-level Eternal Allah, if you look at the entire Hongmeng Realm, there are only a few of them. Where can you find them? Furthermore, even if you find them, will others be willing to help?"

"Two ways. One, after the fight between Yuanchu Moyin and Taoist Shizhu is over, you go back to Taoist Shizhu for help; the other, go to the Dragon Elephant Glazed Sect again and ask Liu Rongyue to ask her master to take action."

After hearing what Lin Huohuo said, Lin Chen felt enlightened.

But he didn't answer immediately. Instead, he frowned in thought, not knowing who to go to.

Judging from Taoist Shizhu's previous performance, if I ask him for help, maybe he is really willing to take action.

But the question is, what if I bump into the original demonic sound on the way back?

Furthermore, although Taoist Shizhu feels that he is not a bad person, it is normal for him to ask for help from others and for others to ask for some benefits.

In this way, he will eventually have to pay a price.

As for finding Liu Rongyue?

With the friendship between Liu Rongyue and Tao Yao, there is no doubt that she will ask her master for help.

But not long ago, he killed the people of Longxiang Liuli Sect, and now he goes there again, maybe there will be some flaw, that is, there is no return!

Lin Huohuo and Lin Chen had been together for a long time, and they knew roughly what Lin Chen was thinking without Lin Chen opening his mouth.

"I have a perfect plan." Lin Huohuo said.

"What's the surefire solution?"

"If we don't go to the Dragon Elephant Glazed Sect in person, just find someone to send Tao Yao over for you and hand it over to Liu Rongyue."


Although it was a bit exaggerated for Lin Huohuo to say that this was a "sure-fire strategy", it was indeed a good idea. However, Lin Chen felt a little uneasy at the thought of handing over the unconscious Tao Yao to someone else.

"Okay, anyway, there will be some time later, so you can think about it slowly! There is no need to rush this matter."

Lin Huohuo suddenly flew out from Lin Chen's eyebrows, and flew into Taoyao's eyebrows in an instant.

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment, then realized what he was doing and didn't say anything.

He believed that Lin Huohuo would never harm Taoyao.

A moment later, Lin Huohuo flew out of Taoyao's body. When Lin Chen checked the condition of Taoyao's body again, he could no longer detect the existence of that power.

"Now, the original demonic sound can't sense where Tao Yao is?"

Lin Chen guessed what Lin Huohuo was doing when he entered Taoyao's body just now.

"Yes! Next, let's do another thing."

Lin Huohuo looked a little impatient, giving people the feeling that he was in a hurry to do something bad.

"With your expression, could it be that you found something good somewhere?"

Lin Chen also knew her very well, and after taking a look at her expression, he became somewhat expectant. "I didn't find anything good, but I know that there are good things somewhere! That guy from the Original Demonic Sound is very good at finding treasures. It's not easy for him to use a place as his lair! Even if it's just a place to stay, he will take good care of it.

Make a decision. "

"You mean, there were treasures in the cave before?"

"I don't say 100% sure, but 70% to 80% sure. But we can't rule out the possibility that the treasure has been taken away by Him!

In short, I think it is still necessary to go there and have a look, but it is inevitable that there will be some risks. how do you feel? Do you want to take this risk? "

The so-called risk is that we don't rule out being bumped into by the original magic sound on the way there, or when we leave from there.

Lin Chen said without almost thinking:

"Go! Of course I want to go. That guy caused Tao Yao to be like this. If there is a way, of course he will have to pay a price. If he really encounters him, it can only be said to be bad luck! No matter what, it will always be Can’t die!”

Even if he bumps into the original demonic sound again, the other party will definitely let him lead the way to find the original behemoth, so as not to kill him!

Although there is a price to pay, it is not life-threatening.

"Then what are you waiting for? Let's leave now!"

Lin Huohuo turned into a stream of light and returned to Lin Chen's eyebrows.

There was a bit of excitement in her tone. If nothing else, Lin Chen's adventurous temperament had always appealed to her.

Actually, Lin Huohuo didn't think that there could be any useful treasures for her in the cave, but just the thought of being able to disgust her old enemy, the Original Demonic Sound, was enough to make her happy. After all, she is no longer the original fire of the previous generation. Although she is strong, she still has the mentality of a child.