Boom, the restriction placed by the nun was completely broken, and Li Yanxin's figure turned into a lotus seed, slowly turning in mid-air. In the huge sky, there were all phantoms of her magnified face. disappear in the sky.

Ye Haoxuan regained his freedom, he roared, the sword energy in his hand formed, lost Li Yanxin, made his eyes red, he was about to fight the opponent.

The huge sword energy enveloped the entire sky, before the sword energy arrived, Nvbajian felt the endless power of heaven and earth.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, a stream of blood spurted out from her right wrist, and she wanted to fight Ye Haoxuan desperately.

"Bao, it's been ten thousand years, okay?"

Suddenly, a gentle voice seemed to come from the depths of the Nine Nethers. The feeling of waking up from a big dream made Nuba startled.

In front of him, a phantom formed, and as soon as this phantom held his hands together, the sword energy in Ye Haoxuan's hand disappeared without a trace.

But this person is Ying Long.

"I'll persuade her." Ying Long nodded to Ye Haoxuan.

Ye Haoxuan didn't pay any attention to the nun, he grabbed the lotus seed that Li Yanxin had turned into, and tears fell.

This silly woman burned her last life to fight for a glimmer of life for herself.

"Ying Long, is that you, Ying Long? Is it really you?" Nuba looked at Ying Long in disbelief, all his strength disappeared at this moment.

He rushed over fiercely, trying to hug Ying Long, but what she hugged was a phantom.

Ying Long raised his hand, held Nuba's face falsely, and said with a smile: "It's been so long, you still haven't changed."

"You too, and you haven't changed." The nun murmured, although Ying Long didn't have a body, she felt that those hands were the feeling of her lover touching her face.

"We are all the same, we won't grow old." Ying Long smiled.

"Yes, you won't grow old, Ying Long, just wait, I'll restart the big formation and bring you back to life." Nuba said.

"You still haven't understood it yet?" Ying Long smiled slightly, flicked his right hand in the air, and all the karma of thousands of years was presented in front of Nuba.

"The two of us are just pawns in God's Domain. When they failed to attack us and were banned by the Holy Emperor, they could no longer come to our world."

"This game started to be laid out before the war. I was framed and sealed. After ten thousand years, you wake up and complete this reincarnation array."

"But this formation will not revive me. Instead, it will help them break through the restrictions of the Great Thousand World. When they invade in large numbers, that will be the beginning of the real disaster."

The nun fell into despair, she cried: "But what should we do? Ying Long? What should we do? I don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to lose you either, but it's God's will. Since we can't redeem anything, let's do something for this world together." Ying Long smiled slightly.

"Ying Long, I want to be with you." Nu Ba's eyes have never been so firm.

"Okay." Ying Long nodded: "There is a way in heaven and earth, everything comes together, they use us as pawns, but we are also destroying their hope."

"Okay, we are together and we will never be apart." Nuba smiled, and she slowly took two steps back. Suddenly, she raised her head to the sky and screamed, and her figure quickly grew larger.

Her main body was revealed, even if it was a fallen godhead, Ye Haoxuan was still shocked when her main body was revealed.

With a body of more than ten feet, he was like an ant in front of her.

"Ye Haoxuan, Ying Long and I have an opportunity to destroy the Great Thousand World. After we go, we should seize it."

The voice of the nun seemed to come from the nine heavens.

Her body petrified slowly, and soon, she turned into a white jade-like stone statue.

At this moment, the giant dragon hovering on the lonely peak for thousands of years suddenly raised its head to the sky and roared, and the huge iron chain on its body broke. Ying Long soared into the sky, circled in mid-air for a week, and then quickly rushed towards Nuba. His body circled around Nuba's petrified body for a few weeks, and then the dragon's head and Nuba's face faced each other tightly. tightly entangled, so

Freeze, become a statue.

A white jade-like dragon ball fell from the two of them and rolled down in front of Ye Haoxuan.

This is an opportunity to destroy the world, Ye Haoxuan picked up this dragon ball and put it away.

Then he held the lotus seeds that Li Yanxin had transformed into, and flew towards the west.

Master Qingyi said that the life of lotus seeds is very tenacious, as long as there is an opportunity, it can bloom and bear fruit.

Maybe Li Yanxin still has a glimmer of life there.

Time flies, in the blink of an eye, three years have passed.

Chinese medicine has ushered in a great era. It is going to the world just as Ye Haoxuan thought in the past. At the celebration of the Imperial Medical University, a medical icon was unveiled. This is the statue of Ye Haoxuan.

The medical sage, with his legendary status, has been passed down for tens of millions.

Below the stone statue, Ye Haoxuan cut the ribbon for it, and there was thunderous applause.

Ye Haoxuan's beauties are all there. As the saying goes, beauties age easily, but the looks of all the goddesses remain unchanged.

After the conference, it was already noon.

"We're not going back. I have something to do, so I'll come back to you later." Chen Ruoxi threw a word at Ye Haoxuan, and then the other women also found reasons to leave.

Ye Haoxuan was a little puzzled, everyone would go on vacation after the agreed celebration, but why did they leave together?

At this moment, a figure flashed in front of him, and a familiar figure appeared.

Li Yanxin, the familiar face, the faint smile on his lips, Ye Haoxuan will never forget it for the rest of his life.

"Li Yanxin." Ye Haoxuan rushed forward in surprise.

But Li Yan turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Ye Haoxuan yelled her name, and hurriedly chased her out. Where was Li Yanxin in front of him?

Ye Haoxuan searched around a few times, but still couldn't find anyone, he couldn't help but feel lost.

Three years ago, he sent the lotus seeds incarnated by Li Lianxin to Daoist Qingyi. Now, she is probably still there nourishing the soul and waiting for rebirth?

Master Qingyi has a solution, but the reason still depends on Li Yanxin's will to survive. If the lotus seed can bloom and bear fruit, then the Lord will do it. If there is no movement, it will always be asleep.

In any case, there is a chance of life after all, Ye Haoxuan is willing to wait.

He cheered up, he didn't see her for a while, he was going to Sanxian Mountain, and stayed with her there.

At this moment, a figure flashed in front of him, and Li Yanxin's half-smiling face reappeared.

Ye Haoxuan stared at her blankly. After a long time, he strode over and took her into his arms.

Lian is the most tolerant life in the world. It can sleep for thousands of years, but as long as there is a chance, it can bloom and bear fruit.

"Do you remember what you said?" Ye Haoxuan asked as the two held hands under the setting sun.

"What?" Li Yanxin asked.

"You said that you will live with us after the nun's incident." Ye Haoxuan said: "Shao Qingying, Chen Ruoxi, Xiao Haimei, etc. are all waiting for us."

"I've been sleeping for so long, and I have selective amnesia." Li Yanxin smiled slightly, which meant that he couldn't remember some things.

"Oh, you will remember." Ye Haoxuan said with some disappointment.

"However, I remember what you said." Li Yanxin smiled slightly, she stared at Ye Haoxuan, her eyes were full of tenderness.

"I knew it, you won't forget." Ye Haoxuan smiled slightly, took her hand, and walked towards the setting sun. In that month, I shook all the prayer wheels, not to go beyond, just to touch your fingertips; in that year, I kowtowed and crawled on the mountain road, not to meet you, just to be close to your warmth; in that year, Turning mountains and rivers and pagodas, just to cultivate

In the next life, just to meet you on the way...End of the book