Chapter 696 - The Chase for Tianlan Was a Crime of Passion

Yang Zhengfei forced a smile and said, “I guessed right! The Demon King and Feng Tianlan do make a good match!”

They had previously thought that Feng Tianlan could never be the Demon King’s fiancée. But now, the bounty has slapped them right in the face. How could they not feel the pain?

Obviously, they were hurting like hell, and they were hurting so much that they felt too ashamed to show themselves!

The crowd looked at the five of them and wondered what was going on. Had they all gone crazy today?

The commander looked at the two missions. There were two bounties but they came from the same Bailan Alliance. He felt that this was no simple matter. He dismissed the crowd, then brought Feng Tianlan and the others upstairs.

“Crazy girl, have you thought of anything about this?” the commander asked in a low voice. There was no doubt now that Feng Tianlan was the Demon King’s fiancée, but there were actually two different bounty missions.

Feng Tianlan had a cold look in her eyes as she said very firmly, “What I am certain of is that Mobai would never send someone to kill me. It’s possible for anyone else in this world, but for him, it’s impossible.

Mobai had been forced to sign a natal contract with her, so killing her would be tantamount to committing suicide.

“Grandfather, it’s still better to ask what’s going on with these two bounty missions first,” Mei’er said with a solemn countenance. There was no trace of her usual playful attempts to seduce people.

A bounty like this was a life and death matter for Feng Tianlan. How could anyone possibly face it with a playful mindset?

Da Da invited Sister Yue in.

The commander raised his head to look at Feng Tianlan and said with a serious look, “Crazy missy, apart from anything else, the trust that United Mercenary Regiment has is nothing less than absolute.”

Feng Tianlan gave a faint smile and said, “I’m also a member of this family.”

The commander let out a sigh of relief and then said to Sister Yue, “Yue’er, Feng Tianlan is the subject of the bounty. Are you able to tell whether this bounty mission has been sent by the same person?”

Sister Yue raised her head to take a look at Feng Tianlan, who appeared as a male figure donned in men’s clothing, then looked at the portrait. Although she had her doubts, she said nothing. The United Mercenary Regiment was like that. As long as no one else in the Regiment was subject to any form of danger, they absolutely would not pry into one’s privacy, nor would they touch on subjects that would bring up one’s painful memories.

“It’s not the same person. The one who sent the bounty mission with the order to kill without mercy was very ordinary looking. But he had a mole under the corner of his mouth, so it was easy to recognize, and also his attitude was very different…” Sister Yue described the person who had delivered the bounty mission.

When she was done, Feng Tianlan merely said, “I come from the Guiyuan Continent and this time, I came over with Mobai. When we were at the iceberg boundary, because of a spatial rupture, I was separated from Mobai. The next moment, I found myself at the Shi Family’s Sacred Realm…”

Spatial rupture?

The weak had indicated their lack of understanding of the world of the strong. They simply did not know what kind of concept a spatial rupture was. They only knew that it sounded very impressive.

There was no doubt that Si Mobai was looking for her. And there was also no doubt that someone was trying to kill her.

“This matter is actually not that difficult to figure out.” Mei’er was fidgeting with her hands as she looked up and said, “The assassination of Tianlan is undoubtedly a crime of passion!”

“Crime of passion?” Da Da did not really understand what this term meant.

“One possibility is that the Demon King is a heartless and faithless man. He found himself a new love interest and so, on the one hand, he made it seem as if he was looking for Xiao Lan’er, and on the other hand, he sent people to hunt her down and kill her. This way, he could establish a good reputation for himself as someone who would never abandon his weak fiancée, and yet, he could also perfectly get rid of his weak fiancée and marry another.”

Hearing Mei’er’s words, the corners of Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched and she said, “Impossible! Mobai is not that kind of person.”

Mei’er looked up at her with a look of deep significance and said, “Then it will be the second possibility. The one who has sent someone to assassinate you is in love with the Demon King, and thus wants to drive a wedge between the two of you and create a misunderstanding. Then this person can seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation. And at the moment, there is someone who is highly suspicious.”

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