Chapter 343 - Chapter 343 Official Confrontation

Chapter 343 Official Confrontation

Upon hearing Huo Tao’s words, Mo Zhu’s nose turned slightly sour. For no reason, she felt touched.

She knew that these two elders of the Huo family really loved and treated her well from the bottom of their hearts. Ever since her grandmother passed away, she had not been so firmly trusted and protected for a long time.

In that case, the Kang family could not continue to bully the Huo family in such a high and mighty manner.

Thinking of this, Mo Zhu turned to look at Kang Ting, who was standing at the staircase silently sizing her up. She understood that he should be someone from the Kang family who could make decisions. She said coldly, “Alright, now we can talk about how to solve this matter!”

Upon hearing Mo Zhu’s arrogant tone, Lin Yuan shouted angrily, “Does the Huo family look down on the Kang family so much? How dare they let such a young girl talk to the head of the Kang family. Who do you think you are to stand in front of us and speak so confidently?”

Mo Zhu glanced at Lin Yuan coldly, raised her eyes and said disdainfully, “I am someone who can make decisions for the Huo family now, but you can’t!”

After a pause, she raised her eyebrows and continued, “I don’t talk nonsense with irrelevant people. Whoever has the final say in the Kang family has the right to talk to me.”

“You!” Lin Yuan was so angry that her chest heaved up and down violently. She raised her hand and patted her chest hard to catch her breath.

“I wonder if I have the right to discuss the problem with Ms. Mo?”

The person who spoke was Kang Ting. Just now, before he came down from the stairs, he had already noticed that this little daughter-in-law of the Huo family was a little unusual, although she looked like an ordinary high school student who was relatively good looking. However, in the face of so many elders in such a tense situation, she could still deal with the matter and solve the problem without batting an eyelid. She could even mobilize Huo Xuan’s subordinates and confidants. This was enough to prove that this girl had something. After he went downstairs just now, he had been observing this little girl quietly. What shocked him was that this girl actually had an inexplicable intimidating aura. It could be seen that her strength could not be underestimated!

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Mo Zhu glanced at Kang Ting and asked bluntly, “Who are you?”

Kang Ting took a step forward and replied authoritatively, “The head of the Kang family.”

“Alright, this identity is barely passable.” Mo Zhu nodded, looking reluctant.

When Lin Yuan saw this, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

The master of the Kang family had personally come to discuss the problem. This little girl who was still wet behind the ears actually had a look of disdain. She was really arrogant!

Hearing this, Kang Ting looked up at Mo Zhu and said in a deep voice, “Since Ms. Mo can represent the Huo family, let’s not waste time. Let’s get to the main topic.”

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After a pause, he added, “I wonder if Ms. Mo has a perfect solution for both worlds?”

Mo Zhu rubbed her palms slightly as a cold glint flashed across her eyes. She looked back at Kang Ting unhappily and said, “I don’t have a way to get the best of both worlds, but if the Kang family can take out half of their assets and kill the person who poisoned Huo Xuan, perhaps I can consider sparing you this time.”

Upon hearing the girl’s words, everyone present looked at Mo Zhu in disbelief.

Seeing how Mo Zhu negotiated with the Kang family’s master so readily, they thought that this girl had thought of how to compensate the Kang family. They did not expect her to be so bold as to say such words!

At this moment, before Lin Yuan could react, Huo Qing could not help but be amused by the girl’s words. She looked at Mo Zhu coldly and said angrily, “Girl, where did you get the confidence to say this to the head of the Kang family in front of so many elders? You’re asking for it yourself, don’t implicate the entire Huo family!”

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