Chapter 101

Name:The Story Is Not Over Yet Author:
“You can go back.”

The Emperor waved his hand lightly. Waiting for his permission, Azela hurriedly raised herself from the sofa, in case he changed her mind. As she turned towards the door and turned her back to him, the Emperor’s voice followed.

“Miss Vellista.”

It was a voice full of murderous intent. Realizing that she was momentarily caught off guard, Azela turned her upper body with a trembling gaze. He was still seated, but the feeling of intimidation was greater than before.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

He put down the teacup he was holding with a languid gaze. Then, he lazily ran his fingers over the marks on the tip of the teacup.

“Do you know exactly what it means to not be mine?”


“You could be on my side in the future, but…….”

The Emperor’s languid gaze turned into a sword and flew at Azela.

“It means you could become enemies with me.”

His gaze was terrifying, and the hairs all over her body stood on end. His cold, hard gaze was as cold as someone who doesn’t know how to smile. When Azela didn’t say anything, the Emperor, who had been looking at her silently for a long time, gave a refreshing smile again.

“Of course I don’t want that with Miss Vellista.”

Azela gulped and bowed her head to him in a greeting. She respected Zagnac, who was fighting head-on with such a man.

“…… I will keep that in mind.”

“Yes. Please keep that in mind.”

The Emperor lightly waved his hand at Azela. Telling her that she could go. He is a man who she cannot let her guard down on until the end. Azela, unlike a moment ago, kept her guard as she exited the parlor. Until the end she got out of there, she kept paying attention to the Emperor’s gaze.

As Azela left and he was alone in the parlor, the Emperor reached out his hand and lifted the teacup that had been placed in front of Azela. Then he poured the cold tea from the cup onto the carpet.

“You are quick-witted. I don’t like it.”

His voice was as cold as the cold tea. The Emperor, who had been staring at the tea soaking the carpet, turned his gaze to the closed door.

“Goodbye, Miss Vellista.”

* * *

The first thing she saw upon exiting the parlor was Zihat passing through the hallway.

“Are you okay?”

As Azela fled with a whitened face and put her hands on her knees, catching her breath, Zihat, who had been watching her, spoke first. It was the commander of the imperial knights, Zihat, who is said to have the best swordsmanship in the empire. There was no one who didn’t know him. He was a man that everyone who uses a sword admired, and Azela also respected him.

He was also his teacher who had overseen Azela’s swordsmanship in the past. Of course, he wasn’t the commander of the knights at the time, and he might not remember Azela because she was one of his many students.

“…… Master.”

When she called him, Zihat said calmly with his low dark eyes.

“I guess you’ve learned the sword from me.”

“A little bit in the past…….”

“I see.”

He was cool-headed. He was always a man whose actions spoke louder than words. Nodding his head, Zihat turned his gaze to the tightly closed parlor behind him.

“Seeing as if you ran away, it seems the conversation didn’t go well.”

“…… excuse me?”

“Did you turn down the position of deputy commander of the Imperial Knights?”

He knew everything. Azela hesitated, not knowing what to say to his sudden, direct question. Her lips only trembled. However, perhaps reading the answer from that expression, Zihat nodded and walked away. The place he walked was toward the entrance of the imperial palace. As Azela stood there blankly, Zihat, who had been walking, turned his body to look at her. He then nodded her head, telling her to follow him. Azela, who was looking at the parlor door behind her, hurriedly followed Zihat.

“Why did you refuse?”

It was a question that Zihat brought up after a long time as they silently walked down the hallway side by side. Before Azela could say anything, Zihat spoke again.

“It is a position that I am not envious of, and it is a position that others want to sit for the rest of their lives. You, who uses the sword, must have also wanted that position.”

“…… It was.”

“Then why did you refuse? If you thought there would be another chance next time, throw it away. His Majesty the Emperor won’t make a second offer.”

She doesn’t know if it’s an order. Zihat swallowed his words and looked ahead. Even though they were walking side by side together, Zihat did not look at Azela. As if he wasn’t interested in her in the first place.

“It’s not a position I can afford.”

Azela also looked ahead and spat out the same words she had spoken to the Emperor. In response, Zihat unconsciously lowered his head and let out a small laugh. It was an obvious mockery.

“It’s not a position that you can afford, is it?”


“Do you know how many people thought they could afford that position?”

Zihat shook his head excitedly and frowned.

“It’s arrogance.”

Azela’s face flared up with embarrassment when she was stabbed in the head by a man who was her former teacher and whom she admired and longed for.

“Duke Ferial is fine. He has skills comparable to the Emperor, power to protect himself, wealth, and even people. He has them all.”

“…… yes?”

“I don’t know if it’s the confidence you learned from your master…….”

When he reached the entrance of the imperial palace, Zihat stopped walking. It’s as if there’s some kind of magic that makes people can’t move.

“You can’t compete with the Emperor.”

It was a kind of warning. A warning of worry and apprehension. Hearing Zihat’s words, Azela lowered her head and recalled what had just happened. The Emperor’s gaze upon her. Zihat was actually speaking the truth. She cannot defeat the Emperor. She can’t even be his opponent, let alone win. Azela nodded her head, not contradicting Zihat.

“Why choose a losing battle?”


“Is it loyalty to the master?”

Zihat drew a thin smile. Azela smiled weakly looking at him smiling as if it was really funny.

“If you are a noble too, move for your own benefit. To hold the Emperor’s hand is to have power you can’t imagine.”

“…… This is also my arrogance.”

“You are frivolous.”

Zihat frowned. Looking at his face, Azela suddenly thought that her teacher had become richer in expression. His facial expressions became richer and he spoke more. This changed teacher didn’t feel bad at all.

“I didn’t know that you were my pupil until now, but I am well aware of your swordsmanship skills.”


“Your swordsmanship is a natural talent. It would be a waste to lose someone who possesses talent.”

To be clear, she was more worried about losing her swordsmanship skills than him? Azela let out a laugh through her lips.

“You will die.”

said Zihat briefly, looking at the laughing Azela with narrowed eyes. Nonetheless, as Azela was still laughing, Zihat spoke again with strength, word for word.

“You will be killed by the Emperor.”


Seeing Azela respond calmly, Zihat took a deep breath. It was clear that this delicate woman was still unaware of the dangers of the Emperor. Zihat reached out and squeezed Azela’s left shoulder as she still looked unconcerned.

“You will face a more miserable end than any other death.”

Zihat was taken aback for a moment with Azela’s calm gaze that was facing him. He just thought she was enjoying all of this, but her eyes were clearly determined to die.

“The one holding the sword.”


“Can they be afraid of death?”

Zihat frowned at Azela’s gaze. She really showed she had no fear of death. And without saying a word, he let go of her shoulder that he had tightly gripped.

“You have changed a lot, Master.”

“…… is it.”

“Yes, in the past, you showed me with the sword rather than words.”

“I did.”

“You didn’t even mention fear of death like this.”

Azela whispered coldly. Zihat grimaced and said nothing. As Zihat was stunned, Azela bowed her head to greet him and turned her body. And she walked out of the imperial palace at a leisurely pace without any regrets.

“I had no fear of death.”

Zihat, who had been watching Azela’s back as she left the imperial palace, whispered softly. He stood there, motionless, like a rooted tree.

“Until I know the Emperor.”

As Azela’s dim figure disappeared, Zihat also turned his body and walked towards the back of the palace.