At this time, everyone was sleeping soundly. Furball kept scratching at the door from outside.

Song Jingchen opened his eyes and glanced at Shen Yijia, who was sleeping soundly.

She lay on her side, her face chubby from the pressure, her mouth pouting.

Song Jingchen’s heart warmed slightly, and he called out softly, “Little Furball.”

It immediately fell silent outside.

Furball was usually quite sensible. It wouldn’t be like this unless there was something major.

Song Jingchen carefully changed his clothes and sat in the wheelchair.

Shen Yijia’s soft voice came from behind. “Hubby, where are you going?”

“Furball is making a fuss outside. I’ll go out and take a look. Go back to sleep.”

When Shen Yijia heard this, she immediately woke up. “That won’t do. It’s still snowing outside. What if the wheelchair slips?”

As she spoke, she had already put on her clothes and walked to Song Jingchen’s side. “Stay in the house. I’ll go.”

Song Jingchen grabbed her hand and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Shen Yijia was silent and did not retort.

Seeing that someone had finally come out, Furball barked a few times before leading the way to the front courtyard.

Shen Yijia pushed Song Jingchen along.

When she reached the front yard, she heard the intermittent knocking. Furball was leaning against the courtyard door and calling out to her.

Shen Yijia’s heart skipped a beat. Since Little Furball was in such a hurry, it must be someone familiar.

Apart from the few of them at home, the only one who was familiar with it was Bruiser.

When she opened the courtyard door, he saw Bruiser lying outside, covered in snow. He was carrying someone on his back. It was Widow Wang.

Shen Yijia quickly supported Widow Wang and brought her inside. Bruiser staggered and almost fell. He held onto the door frame to steady himself and said with a trembling voice, “Sister, Brother-in-law.”

Song Jingchen nodded and said, “Let’s talk inside.”

Widow Wang was a woman, so it was not good to put her in their room. There were a few empty rooms, but they hadn’t been cleaned up, so they could only send her to Madam Li’s room.

By now, Madam Li had also woken up.

Seeing the situation, she quickly got someone to put Widow Wang on the bed and made a few bowls of ginger soup for Bruiser, whose lips had turned purple.

After a while, before Shen Yijia could ask, Bruiser explained the situation.

It turned out that many old houses in the village had collapsed. Widow Wang was also worried about her family, so she got up every once in a while to look around.

Unfortunately, their house had also started to collapse bit by bit.

Widow Wang woke Bruiser up and ran out. Halfway through, she remembered that she had not taken the silver at home. She turned around and ran back to get it.

She was fine when she brought the money out. Unexpectedly, Widow Wang wanted to go back again to move the food. However, just as she stepped in, the house completely collapsed. Widow Wang fainted from fright.

Bruiser didn’t dare to let his mother lie in the snow alone. He was afraid that his mother would turn into an ice sculpture by the time he found her. He could only carry her to the Song family’s house at the end of the village.

After hearing his story, Shen Yijia’s mouth fell open for a long time. This was really a model example of someone who wanted money more than her life.

Madam Li felt helpless. She now knew that Widow Wang had only fainted, so she was not too worried. She carried a bowl of ginger soup back to the house and prepared to let Widow Wang drink it.

Bruiser was also a little flustered. It would have been reasonable if the house had suddenly collapsed and they were unable to get out. However, they had already left the house, but Widow Wang kept going back in to grab more things. In the end, she wasn’t injured, but fainted from shock.

She couldn’t let Bruiser sit here all night. In the end, she brought him to Lin Shao and Brother Hao’s room and let the three of them share the room for now.