Chapter 617 - Chapter 617: Great Sage of the World, Staff Strikes the Aircraft Carrier (4)

Chapter 617: Great Sage of the World, Staff Strikes the Aircraft Carrier (4)

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Therefore, after confirming that there was no radioactive radiation harmful to humans in the ruins of civilization, the exploration project code-named Civilization Ruins No. 1 was officially launched.

The movements from the east naturally attracted the attention of the Western Empire.

At first, the upper echelons of the Western Empire were still wondering what the Ancient Eastern Kingdom was doing. Over the years, the Ancient Kingdom of the East seemed to have become more and more low-key. After the arrival of the Genetic Era, it became even more silent.

Why did it suddenly cause such a huge commotion? First, there were constantly military aircraft and warships wandering in the international seas, and then there were all kinds of technological transportation?

With this doubt in mind, the Western Empire began to conduct targeted analysis. The intelligence department began to take action.

When they were studying the genes in the Chi You’s Bone, the Western Empire had already discovered that there were signs of this external force interfering with the transformation in the genes. However, they had kept it a secret and did not want other countries to know.

Therefore, during the targeted meeting, some people suggested that if the genes in Chi You’s bone were indeed modified by other higher-level civilizations, there should be some ruins of civilization on Earth, but they had not been discovered yet.

The moment this thought appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of the Western Empire.

Then, as the intelligence department gathered detailed information and combined it with the Eastern Ancient Kingdom’s public decision to take another path, the Western Empire discovered a terrifying truth.

Was the abnormal activity of the Eastern Ancient Kingdom on the high seas because they discovered extraterrestrial civilizations?

This discovery made everyone unable to sit still. They began to point their spears at the Eastern Ancient Kingdom.

Originally, they wanted to secretly send military drones to conduct high-altitude reconnaissance without anyone knowing to determine the location of the ruins and carry out a secret investigation.

The drone had just landed on the island, and unexpectedly saw a large number of people in the military uniform of the Ancient East.


With a gunshot, the drone was shot down. The key was that when the drone was shot down, there was no replay of the shooting. This caused the Western Empire to suffer a huge loss. Naturally, they would not tolerate it. Hence, they immediately sent an announcement to the Eastern Ancient Kingdom.

The general meaning of the announcement was nothing more than condemning the East’s secret exploration of the high seas islands and questioning why they had shot down the Western Empire’s drones. They had even given the East a high hat to lead to war.

The higher-ups knew their motives very well. They wanted the army to retreat from the island and then they would take advantage of them. Therefore, the foreign exchange department did not respond to this announcement at all.

Such an attitude immediately angered the Western Empire. However, under such circumstances, even if the Western Empire was angry, they could not do anything for the time being.

After all, the Jing Wei Islands was very close to the ancient country of the East. If they sent troops directly from the Western Empire, they might suffer a loss. Fighting not far from the entrance of the ancient country of the East could only waste their effort and not win, what with the current strength of the ancient country. They could not defeat them at all.

Hence, the Western Empire quickly thought of a cunning idea. Instead of fighting with the two families, it was better to take advantage of the situation and muddy the waters.

Soon, the Western Empire issued a public statement, directly publicizing the location of the suspected ruins of civilization in front of the various countries. According to the Western Empire’s thoughts, you can ignore my condemnation, but if a few countries join forces to discuss, you can’t just ignore it, right?

As expected, after the other large countries found out about this, they began to make plans. That was a civilization ruin. Although it had not been verified, the current attitude of the Ancient Eastern Kingdom had already explained many problems.

The reason why countries were constantly racing against time in genetic research was because they did not want to put too much distance between themselves and other countries after the arrival of this new century.

However, the appearance of the ruins of civilization began to worry the various countries. If they did not interfere in this matter, no matter who the ruins fell into the hands of, they would probably be able to increase the technological capabilities of this country in a short period of time.

Therefore, the foreign exchange departments of various countries began to try to contact the ancient country of the East. Some of them were friendly and wanted to ask about the situation.

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However, there were also some minions who were close to the Western Empire. Their words were very impolite, indicating that this behavior of the East had already violated international law.

The truth was indeed as the Western Empire had expected. This time, the Eastern Ancient Kingdom did not ignore it. However, they did not expect the Eastern Kingdom to be so resolute.

“Everyone knows who is leading the battle in the open sea. The Western Empire has the most say. The Eastern Archipelago is now under the jurisdiction of our army. I hereby declare that if the armed forces of any country approach, it will be considered a declaration of war against us!”

This short statement immediately made some countries give up. They did not have the confidence to directly oppose the Eastern Ancient Kingdom.

The failure of their plan caused the upper echelons of the Western Empire to grit their teeth. Moreover, they did not have much time left. If they allowed the Eastern Ancient Kingdom to continue investigating, they could enter the alien ruins at any time and obtain secrets that other countries would never know.