Chapter 385 - Chapter 385: Jiajia, I’ll Take You to Kill Someone! (6)

Chapter 385: Jiajia, I’ll Take You to Kill Someone! (6)

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“Officer Zhou, wait a moment!”

Zhou Xiaoxiao turned to look at Su Yun in confusion, only to realize that Su Yun had already taken out his phone and was walking over.

“Leave your private contact information!”

Facing such a direct conversation, Zhou Xiaoxiao could not react for a moment. “What for?”

Su Yun looked at Zhou Xiaoxiao with a smile and said frankly, “Add me on WeChat. This way, it’ll be easier for us to contact each other if anything happens. Moreover, since I’m so worrisome in your hearts, it’s convenient to ask me with this contact information, right? Otherwise, if you keep using the police’s special phone, I’ll be on tenterhooks.”

Su Yun’s reason was very reasonable, so much so that Zhou Xiaoxiao could not refute it after thinking for a long time. Therefore, Zhou Xiaoxiao quickly added Su Yun on WeChat. Then, she waved her hand and jogged towards the police car. “Goodbye. Be careful.”

“Will do.”

After saying goodbye, the two of them parted ways.

On the surface, Zhou Xiaoxiao looked very calm, but she had been thinking about this matter. Why did he suddenly want to add my private contact number? Strange…

Su Yun was actually thinking about the same thing. Be it Su Yun or Zhou Xiaoxiao, they knew very well that the reason for adding her on WeChat was very ridiculous. However, Su Yun’s true goal was not that. It was not until Zhou Xiaoxiao’s police car disappeared from his field of vision that Su Yun turned around and walked towards the village.

However, he seemed to be worried and deep in thought along the way.

Su Yun did not expect the tomb to be found so quickly, but this further confirmed the experts’ guesses about the golden bone.

The map on the golden bone should be the target of the overseas forces. They should have known about the existence of Chi You’s Tomb long ago. Otherwise, they would not have chased after the golden bone so relentlessly.

However, the overseas organization did not expect Su Yun to appear halfway. After snatching two pieces of golden foil, he handed them to the country. This made the Chinese archeologists realize the existence of the Tomb of Chi You. Their progress in finding it was even faster than the overseas research institute.

However, would the overseas research institute really give up on this matter?

In Su Yun’s opinion, that might not be the case. Otherwise, why would they chase after him with such a huge commotion?

The appearance of the Chi You’s Tomb would definitely attract the attention of the overseas research institute. They were the culprits who targeted Su Yun. To Su Yun, his hatred was much higher than those killers. Su Yun had always grit his teeth in hatred. If not for this overseas research institute, he would not have fallen into such a dangerous situation and Xu Jiajia would not have been injured because of this!

Everything originated from them!

However, they were too mysterious. Even Interpol could not find their whereabouts. Even the officials did not know their stronghold, let alone him. If he did not solve the problem from the root, there would still be endless assassins.

In fact, it was not just the assassins. There was also the threat from the mysterious research institute in the dark. It was more like an unknown horror that would be activated at any time. It made people on tenterhooks.

The so-called source was naturally this mysterious overseas research institute. If he could find an opportunity to intimidate them or even kill them, all the dangers would be resolved.

“Chi You’s Tomb..

In the next few days, Su Yun would look for Divine Physician Lü almost every morning. Just as he said, Divine Physician Lü was not conservative towards Su

Yun at all.

Su Yun already knew that the Thirteen Needles of Hellgate would be more profound than ordinary acupuncture. However, after interacting with it, Su Yun quickly realized that he had underestimated it.

Without a solid foundation, he would probably not be able to understand the contents of the ancient book. In this small and dim room, Su Yun and Doctor Lü sat opposite each other.

Although Doctor Lü was already old, he still had a serious expression and was full of energy when talking about Chinese medicine.

There was a very ancient-looking acupuncture point diagram on the wall at the side. The reason why it was called ancient was because Su Yun could not understand the words written on it, the marked meridians, and acupuncture points.

On this human body diagram, there were a total of 13 acupuncture points. From head to toe, almost every part was an important meridian lifeline.

“One yin and one yang are the Dao. Humans are also divided into Yin and Yang.

The Thirteen Needles of Hellgate is a method to help the Yang defend the Yin.”

Doctor Lü sat cross-legged as his voice slowly sounded. It was as if he was preaching Dao. Su Yun listened very seriously.

“If you want to learn the Thirteen Needles of Hellgate, you have to master the

Thirteen Needles of Hellgate Song first. The Thirteen Needles of Hellgate was an acupuncture technique that was mainly used with 13 ghost acupoints.

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“There were thirteen acupuncture points to recognize. As long as one had the body of a needle, they would be able to enter the gui gong, a secondary needle to enter gui xin. One by one, I beg from the beginning. The man will rise from the left, and the woman will rise from the right..

Doctor Lü patiently explained to Su Yun. His voice echoed in the farmyard, calming one’s heart and mind.

Su Yun also seemed to have thrown the danger and killing to the back of his mind. He quietly studied, read, and listened to the Dao.

Doctor Lü’s teachings were very detailed. He explained the obscure contents of the ancient book in a way that Su Yun could understand better. Although it was only two hours a day, it was very beneficial to Su Yun.

After a few days of learning, Su Yun was already able to master the locations of the thirteen ghost acupoints and the corresponding meridians..