Lucky 216


Calix opened his eyes and sat up. He touched his forehead. He was exhausted, however, he felt refreshed too. He released all of his 'stress' yesterday. 

"Well… I had sex for two days, back to back."

He smirked and looked on both sides. He found Nikki and Athena sleeping peacefully. Nikki's mommy milkers were visible as her bubble butt was covered in bedsheets. As for Athena, her real mommy milkers were scraping against his hand. He chuckled. 

He couldn't believe that a stubborn person like her called him daddy. 

"I guess I destroyed her ego."

Calix tried to move but he woke up Athena in the process. The maid rubbed her eyes peacefully. However, when she recalled what happened, she immediately glared at Calix next to her. 


Athena wanted to slap him, choke him till he lost air. 

"Good morning."

Calix tried to kiss her but Athena instinctively backed away while having red cheeks and a trembling gaze. She felt that she would lose herself again if Calix kissed her. 

"Stay away! Don't ever get close to me!"

She roared. However, her expression was that of a wrong girlfriend who was punished thoroughly by her boyfriend. 

"What? Don't you remember? You called my daddy last night, you even go as far as kissing Nikki while I'm pounding your pussy."

Calix casually said while having a wild grin. Athena wanted to cry as her tears gathered, she crumpled the bedsheet and glared at Calix. She was like a stubborn cat. 

"Can't you see this blood?"

Calix pointed at the bloodstain on the bed. 

"That's the sign that we did the holy deed, where our bodies became one to create life, it was a sacred night."

"Sacred night, my ass. You pushed me to do that."

She controlled her emotions while looking at the bloodstain. She was confused why she didn't feel any hatred despite what Calix did to her. Instead, she wanted to do it again. 

'No, Athena, you will only suffer if you continue this.'

She was determined to end this before it became a problem. 

Athena stood up, she didn't want to stay here anymore, or else she might be tempted by the devil again. 

Since she knew that she could never win against Calix, she decided to stay away from him. She gritted her teeth as she looked at the torn maid uniform on the floor. 

"Don't ever talk to me again. I let you slide this time, but if you tried to hurt Lady Scarlett, make sure that you are ready to die."

Athena looked at him with a cold gaze but Calix just shrugged. He experienced being looked like that, yet he always wins in the end. 

"Okay, but remember, if you feel lonely, you can visit me anytime. I'll make sure to entertain you, maybe we can add Scarlett--"

"Don't you dare!"

"Oh, I will."

Athena wanted to grab her metal bat to bonk him but she was afraid that Calix would retaliate, she could see that Calix was ready to activate his pistol. 

'As expected, Calix is not an ordinary person. Once I found the secret of his Term Attribute, I will teach him a lesson.'

Athena settled down in wearing Calix's big t-shirt. She hated to admit it but Calix smells so good.

'Athena, remember that Calix is an asshole. No matter how good he is, he is still an asshole!'

She shook her head. She left with a scoff after carrying her metal bat, from the moment she touched her weapon, her physical strength as a 2nd Advanced returned.

"By the way, your milk tastes great!!"

Calix yelled as Athena left. The woman wanted to slap him but she decided to hold it back.

"Phew, that woman is really something. She almost killed me yesterday, and now she is acting like I'm the bad guy? Heck, she did not even listen no matter how many times I try to explain."

Calix was actually nervous. He knew that he did some unquestionable things to Athena. He was quite surprised that she didn't retaliate. 

"Maybe she likes calling me daddy."

He laughed and wiped his face, then, he found that he had dried milk on the side of his lips. He smiled, indeed, maybe it was the time to make the other girls available to have milk...

He glanced at Nikki who was hugging a pillow, she was so cute.

Calix stood up and decided to wear shorts. Then, he went to the kitchen to get a coffee. After that, he cooked some breakfast for him and Nikki. 

He fried slices of bacon and eggs, and he had bread on the table to make a sandwich. However, just as he finished preparing the table, he found that someone pushed the doorbell. 

"Who is it?"

Calix tilted his head. 

He reached the door and opened it. He saw that a man with a scar on his face was standing in front of him, he almost grabbed his pistol if not for the kid next to him. 



They were both surprised. 

"Wait, why are you still alive?"

He remembered that Devon fell into the bottomless sinkhole. He was confused, yet he was ready to activate his weapon if Devon tried to attack him. 

"Ah, about that, despite your willpower to destroy the ground, I successfully climbed up."

Devon proudly said. 



"No, never mind, what I want to know is why are you here? And who is this girl?"

He looked down at the brown-skinned girl, she was around five years old based on her height. 

"Oh, this girl is looking for her mother, she told me the address and I just helped her to find it."

Devon sighed. The little girl was nagging him not to smoke so he didn't have a cigarette the whole journey. 

"This girl?"

Calix looked at the cute girl who was looking at him innocently. 

"Mister, are you my father?"


Calix almost puked blood. 

"Little girl, I think we have a misunderstanding here. I'm not your father--"


Calix could not finish his sentence because the girl began running inside the house and hugged Nikki who just recently woke up. 

"Mama! I miss you!!"

"Patricia? Sweetheart, why are you here? Where is your grandmother? How come you are here?"

"Because I want to meet you!!"

Nikki was shocked as she hugged her daughter back. She didn't know how Patricia reached the Port of Aoneon. 

Just like Niki, Calix was shocked too but because of another reason. 

'Wait, so you're saying that I'm fucking an MILF all along!?'


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