Chapter 409


Did Ban Yeo Ryung do something that wrong? If that was the case, there was only one reason why Ban Yeo Ryung and I didn’t end our friendship.

Because I lost my memory just at the time. To be more specific, I completely forgot all the memories in the other universe and only memorized the things in this world––The timing was very peculiar.

Biting my lips, I uttered, “It’s still unbelievable…” How could it be Choi Yuri, not me, who was predestined to become Ban Yeo Ryung’s best friend in high school? Anyway, everything was messed up as a result.

I thought I had been doing well, but this was the time that best explained the saying, ‘I got off on the wrong foot.’ Thinking that way, I showed a futile look on my face.

Because of what had happened, everything changed. After being lost in despondency for a moment, I quickly shook my head and grabbed the mouse again. Still, I had a load of things to check out such as the actual male main character, the position I was taking, and the roles others were playing.

It felt slightly uncomfortable to dig into others’ secrets against their wills just like in the case of Eun Hyung hiding about his sister Eunmi and her disease. However, I couldn’t help since the opportunity to find out everything was hardly achievable. Above all, I had to know about my future especially about the role I was playing in this novel.

The post on the computer screen was too long to scroll all the way down, so I just browsed my name first.

Ham Donnie. The character introduction appeared right away, which was quite short.

[… Before entering middle school, she ends her friendship with Ban Yeo Ryung and pretends to become nobodies. She doesn’t spread bad rumors about Ban Yeo Ryung but doesn’t try to clarify them even though she’s aware of those fake news. As a result, Ban Yeo Ryung keeps achieving a bad reputation.

She still lives next door to Ban Yeo Ryung and goes to the same high school. Ban Yeo Ryung expects that she may get back together again with Ham Donnie while going to the same high school.]

Being in a daze for a second, I soon murmured, “Is that all?”

I looked at the title again. ‘Hae-garim’ clearly indicated solar eclipse; the author would have a definite reason to name the novel that way. And based on my experience, if the title included the word, ‘Hae,’ the sun, it would be likely to symbolize the female main character.

In particular, if the heroine had a pure and bright personality that reminded the viewers of the morning sunlight, the chances of my theory would become one hundred percent correct.

However, the thing that was blocking the sun, which would be the ‘moon,’ wasn’t revealed yet. Ham Donnie, on the other hand, was introduced as a vaguely positioned character.

Wondering for quite a while, I uttered, “No way, come on…” then I quickly accessed the online bookstore and browsed the book, ‘Hae-garim,’ again. Once the result came into view, my brows met in the middle.

‘What should I do…?’ I mumbled, ‘This is still incomplete…”

I touched my forehead while slowly heaving a sigh. Something more annoying was now there. How could the novel that was covering the world I was living in not have been completed yet on all occasions? It was such a pain in the neck. Well, so who was the person pulling the wire?

However, the fact that the book had been officially launched and was available in the bookstore became a small consolation to me.

If I ordered this book online, my mother would open up the package and scold me for reading web novels as a sophomore in high school. Besides, the two-day delivery even felt so long to wait for at this moment.

With tenacious eyes, I murmured, “Let’s go to the bookstore tomorrow.” I just found out today that the bookstore was on the first floor of the building near my cram school. It wouldn’t be that difficult to stop by that place before or after going to the cram school.

Nodding my head determinedly, I soon arose from my seat upon the sound coming from the front door. Instead of turning off the computer properly, I just pressed the power button and shouted, “Welcome back!”

As if they had met in front of the apartment, mom and dad were stepping into the house at the same time. Watching me running out of my room, my mom narrowed her eyes.

“Why are you greeting us while rushing out of your room? It’s suspicious, isn’t it?” said my mom.

I replied, “No, I just came out to say hi.”

“Were you doing the computer?” she asked.

Yikes, I smiled nonchalantly but heaved a sigh in my thoughts while thinking, ‘Her instincts are out of this world.’

My mom narrowed her eyes even more and said, “I’m gonna touch and check the monitor later.”

“Ah, geez, can’t you trust me, mom?” I whined at her. My mom, however, just nodded without hesitation and disappeared to her room. Massaging his shoulders, my dad also left the spot and went after my mom.

Being left alone, I sighed and returned to my room. Anyway, it was such a good thing that I pressed the power button beforehand. ‘Good job to myself for reacting quickly to the rapidly changing situation!’ I praised myself in my thoughts.

Considering that every information I had been looking for was online, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. My body was moving up and down in excitement upon the thought of turning on the computer again while my mom was cooking some foods in the kitchen.

However, unlike my expectation, my mom placed a delivery order instead of cooking herself since it was too late at night. The computer in my room was visible from the living room. Thus, I had to just give up and work on my assignments after a long time. Well, tomorrow, the problem would be solved anyway. Finishing all the to-dos for today, I finally lied down on my bed and looked at the calendar.

Tomorrow was March 1st. The opening ceremony of the new semester was only a day away.

I closed my eyes while promising myself to do the computer when my mom was asleep. However, that plan was useless. I was so exhausted probably because I had to absorb too many facts in a day. The whole situation put me to a deadly sleep.

When I woke up, I wasn’t alone. A sound of breathing came from right beside me. Opening my eyes, I touched the side unconsciously. Smooth long silky black hair dazzled in front of me while being twined around my fingers. I turned my fingers meaninglessly to have the hair around my two fingertips then slowly turned my head.

Around that time, I was already awoken from sleep, so I wondered if the person beside me wasn’t someone I had been expecting. However, it was Ban Yeo Ryung.

Looking at her familiar, gorgeous face through her scattered black hair, which was, on the other hand, hard to get used to at some point, I heaved a sigh of relief.

The cold darkness was completely surrounding above us. Probably it was a time far away from the morning, but I was able to glance around the room in the faint light leaking through the window.

I raised my head. Once the clock that looked like a treasure from Medieval Europe, which didn’t get along with this room at all, came into my sight, I just giggled. If I was alone in this room, I might have laughed out loud like a mad person.

Thinking about Ban Yeo Ryung sleeping beside me, I covered my mouth to prevent the laughter from bursting out, but as if she noticed me being around, Ban Yeo Ryung moaned in a small voice.

‘What’s going on?’ I stared at her with widened eyes since Ban Yeo Ryung used to be a heavy sleeper.

At that moment, her lips pouted in the dark. I paid attention to her words involuntarily and asked, “What?”

A faint voice scattered away from my ears.

“… Don’t… go…” she said.

Eek, I quickly pulled myself together. Perhaps she was having an extended dream of the one she had after going on the middle school senior trip. Ban Yeo Ryung seemed to often dream about me disappearing from her. Whenever I asked her about it in the morning, she didn’t remember any of it.

‘Maybe I can’t help…’ With that thought in my head, I rested my chin on my palm. Considering the severe fight we had back then which made us end our friendship, I could understand why Ban Yeo Ryung was being so anxious like this.

I stretched out my hand and grabbed hers as I usually did, then I whispered, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Please don’t go,” she replied in a clearer voice. That was when I showed a slight grin and tried to repeat that I was going nowhere.


The name that suddenly slipped from Ban Yeo Ryung’s mouth made me feel like getting pushed and thrown away from a cliff or being dragged from a sweet dream. None of those things were good anyway.

My back became sweaty and wet in a flash. Widening my eyes, I looked at Ban Yeo Ryung frozenly.

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