Chapter 262


Despite what happened, Eun Hyung told me the following words repeatedly on our way back home after that incident while dusting off the rock dust on my hair.

‘Donnie, it’s okay. Things will gonna be fine.’

And there was a pause before he uttered,

‘I’ll make it happen.’

Recalling those memories, I looked forward again. Yeo Ryung wouldn’t know the conversation that went between us at that time; however, how could she react the same as Eun Hyung?

“No, this is… I’m really fine but just afraid if you aren’t.”


“Donnie, everything’s gonna be okay… I’m gonna make that happen.”

Although she said so, I found her face looking unusually pale, at last. She then twisted her upper body that was tied to the rope.

‘What is she doing?’ Keeping a fixed stare at her for quite a while, I suddenly got aware of the reason for her action.

Ban Yeo Ryung wasn’t trying to untie the rope. She was just helping herself to hold my hand. Her gaze was fastened on my hand for the whole time.

While I was at a loss of words, Ban Yeo Ryung’s voice approached my ears.

“No one can touch you. I’ll make it that way.”

When she spoke to me like that, I somehow got all choked up. Although she wasn’t able to stretch out her hand to me, her words and the look in her eyes were already grabbing my hand so warmly.

Looking at her black eyes burning with flame, I murmured, ‘How on earth can you guys react like this when these episodes were centering on you guys?’

The car accident happened in front of Eun Hyung to stir him up, whereas this abduction aimed at arousing Ban Yeo Ryung. The two were, however, putting me first when they would be feeling indeed more frightened than me.

Scowling down at the floor for a while, I finally opened my mouth.

“No one can touch us BOTH. That’s what we should do, Ban Yeo Ryung.”


“I will also let no one dare to lay a finger on you.”

Her eyes, which were on me, widened. She then nodded while flaunting a rich smile, which looked unbelievably radiant for a person who was tied and trapped in an unknown warehouse.

Soon, a chain rattling noise reached our ears.

As if we had never smiled in here, Ban Yeo Ryung and I quickly turned our heads at the same time with a look of deep anxiety.

After a long rattle, we heard something like a heavy iron ball dropped on to the floor with a loud thud outside the door. Maybe the lock fell off.

While both of us directed our eyes in that direction nervously, the door sprang open. It was wide enough for not only people but even a car to get in.

The headlight of the car, which was still on, lit up people’s silhouettes like a lamp. People’s shadows were long shaded on the warehouse floor.

Furrowing my eyes against the bright light, I soon opened my eyes wide, thinking, ‘Hold on, who’s that?’

Those who stepped into the warehouse one after another had blue, red, and gold hairs. These extraordinary hair colors were something very unanticipated that my mouth just fell agape with wonder. ‘Oh, come on… it won’t be what I’m thinking…!’ I thought.

However, when I found the last guy who came in having ebony hair, I crumpled the hopes that sprung within me for a very short time.

‘Yeah, sure. How could those who kidnapped us turn out to be another Four Heavenly Kings? No way, that couldn’t happen. We aren’t having a surprise party or so.’

While I had that thought in mind, the guys walked across the warehouse with confident steps like models in the runway. As they finally stopped in front of us, the guys then slightly raised their chins and dropped their gaze at us.

Looking up at their faces revealed through the lighting, I was too flabbergasted to speak.

This crazy novel should PLEASE stop wasting the supporting roles’ handsome appearances on these silly episodes.

For which reason should the kidnappers look so damn gorgeous like celebrities?

The guys, who looked like they were in their early to mid-twenties, wore all black from their suits to the ties; however, they didn’t look creepy at all. Instead, due to their hair colors as fancy as those of the Four Heavenly Kings, the guys looked like an idol group wearing some matching outfits for their group concept.

A guy with red hair among them then detached his lips.

“You girls look seemingly normal, but what the hell have you been doing?”

What he just dropped made us grimace immediately.

I muttered, ‘What we have been doing? Does that mean they also don’t know why we are being kidnapped?’

This time, a blue haired-guy, standing beside the redhead, spoke to us.

“Maybe because of their grades? You know, there’s a story about a kid, who always gets the second-highest scores in school, pushing the top student out of the window.”

“That’s just some stupid ghost story. Why are you bringing up such an old-school joke now?”

The red haired-guy replied out of absurdity. Someone with blonde hair then stuck his head out behind the redhead and asked, “Are they then fighting over boys?”

‘Oh, please, I wish we knew the reason too,’ saying that to myself, I quickly put my brain to work. At first, they pointed out if we were having problems with grades; next, it was about boys. Both were related to things taking place in school.

‘Then…’ I murmured, ‘Does it mean the person, who requested this kidnapping, is a student our age?’

Perhaps it was an unquestionable fact given the circumstances so far.

Oh, this god damn web novel! If there was someone you didn’t like in school, wouldn’t it be enough to just call that person to the schoolyard or the rooftop?! How could you hire people to kidnap someone you hate? Was that something a normal person could attempt?

No… that wasn’t what I should be thinking at this moment. I fell into thought again.

Okay, so this person was wealthy enough to hire people to abduct someone whom he or she hated. I would have then definitely encountered this person earlier at Hanwool Group’s party.

Quickly recalling those whom I saw at the party, a clear and ringing voice awoke me to my full mind.

“Who are you guys then?!”

‘Ban Yeo Ryung! If you’re abducted, please stay calm for now or, at least, use some honorifics! What’s the point of provoking the kidnappers?!’ I shouted inwardly.

What I thought earlier was correct. It was Ban Yeo Ryung whom I should worry about instead of the kidnappers. Feeling my liver fluttering, I switched my gaze to the guys.

Thank goodness, the kidnappers didn’t seem to care about Ban Yeo Ryung’s behavior at all. As if feeling invigorated, they rather pointed her with their fingers and giggled about how wild she was. The guys then tossed a question.

“Who we are?”

Their voices sounded meek as if showing us mercy.

I, however, just turned my head apathetically without any expectation. I didn’t expect them to let us know who they were so easily. From a commonsense point of view, why would the kidnappers tell their names to the hostages without making any fuss? Not just their names but they should also hide their faces when thinking rationally.

Furthering my thought to that point, I suddenly realized that those guys didn’t even wear any face masks upon their impressive appearances. The pattern of this story was then…?

I turned my head blankly to check the look on their faces.

They were showing a sign of pride and confidence through their overall look while standing there triumphantly. Now that I think about it, the genre of this novel was none other than a web novel.

Those guys would then belong to a pattern of villains who had a big mouth to chatter about their names as well as the whole plan when a hostage yells to know why…

There was nothing more fortunate to us then. ‘Indeed,’ I nodded, ‘The genre of this novel goes on as expected…’ Watching me keep murmuring, Yeo Ryung flung a question.

“What did you say, Donnie?”

“Shoosh… be quiet, Yeo Ryung. These people are talking right now.”


Whether she was looking at me in wonder or not, I lowered my body close to the floor and faked to throw an admiring glance at them. Enjoying the gaze I was sending for quite a while, the guys then opened their mouths again.

“You asked who we were, huh?”

At that very moment, I prayed with all my might. Their identities and the purpose of this abduction, which was going to escape from their mouths, would determine the age group and the ending of this novel.

The guys then detached their lips again.

“We are…”

‘PLEASE!’ I murmured.

“… Called…”

Oh, please… rated G! All ages admitted!!

As I put every ounce of my energies into the prayer, a low voice then finally declared something.

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