Chapter 256



Yoo Gun overlapped his arms on the banister and placed his chin onto it. He then spoke unhurriedly, “One thing is clear. Our brothers… if we like something, we usually like it till the end. There’s no way we’ll ever gonna hate it.”

“Oh, I see…”

“It doesn’t matter whether there’s a wall or not. The point is that Chun Young will never think about the impossibility if he finally wants to have something. Nor will he care about how long it will take. Those are really nothing to him. He won’t give a toss about them.”


“I might gonna take this opportunity to double-check if he’s surely our youngest Yoo.”

Jesus… Kwon Eun Hyung smiled bitterly. How would Yoo Chun Young look like as the youngest brother of Yoo Gun and Yoo Shin? Honestly, it was even unimaginable to Kwon Eun Hyung as well.

When he shook his head to put those concerns aside, the phone rang in his pocket.

Kwon Eun Hyung took out his phone and glanced at Yoo Gun, who then waved his hand in the air to say, ‘No worries.’ Kwon Eun Hyung opened his flip phone.

Until then, he thought it would be a call from the boys asking him to come back to the room. As soon as he answered the call, it was, however, something utterly unexpected.

Frowning for a second, Eun Hyung asked back over the phone, “Isn’t it a registered vehicle? Hold on, what are you talking about? Then, what happened to Donnie and Yeo Ryung?”

Article 22. Aren’t Female Protagonists Always Getting Kidnapped? (Part 1)

Eventually, it was over two in the morning when we headed back home. On my way back, I called Yi Ruda a few times, but for some reason, there was no signal. I even tried to text her; however, strangely, no message was sent too.

‘Weird,’ I tilted my head in wonder, ‘Are we in an out of coverage area? No way, we’re in the city… Maybe just the phone isn’t working for now.’ I turned my head while taking it in stride.

Doing her part-time job from earlier in the afternoon, Ban Yeo Ryung’s stamina might have decreased. She was deeply asleep while putting her cheek on my shoulder quite a while ago.

The glimmering light outside the window stained Ban Yeo Ryung’s face into white hue once in a while. Fastening my eyes on her for a long time, I then switched my gaze to the scenery outside the window.

I touched Ban Yeo Ryung’s hair while sitting back against the seat and put together the new facts that I learned today.

As to start from the trivial ones, Woo Rinara and Woo Rihon were blood ties. Recalling the scene of those two quarreling with Woo Jooin between them, I just burst into giggles. I then shook my head to think about something else. Another thing I learned today was that Yoon Jung In and the Kim twins all belonged to the kids of chaebol families. ‘Haha, they say, in web novels, even a character who just passes by is the heir or heiress of a super-rich family. That was true…’ having that thought, I gave a hollow smile and folded my fingers one after another.

Yoo Chun Young’s brother, Yoo Gun, was also very frightening. Eun Jiho was, however, deeply admiring him… As their conversations suddenly entered my head, I finally grimaced.


“If I can dedicate this moment to get just one thing… there is something––the only one thing––that I feel fine to risk everything I have…”

“Do you think it’s insane?”

“Do you think it’s insane if I would still be willing to die to have that?”

I slowly dropped my gaze on the floor.

At the time I heard their conversations, I was very tangled in my thought about Eun Jiho abandoning me in the future that would come one day; therefore, I didn’t have time to care about what he was willing to have. And with Yoo Chun Young’s help… no… I changed the look on my face subtly. As I felt more comfortable and at ease with Yoo Chun Young’s… unintended assistance, I got to dwell on Eun Jiho’s attitude of saying those things.

When he talked about them to Yoo Gun, Eun Jiho’s face was tinged so pale that it looked like he was close to death. His tightly clenched fist and the trembling voice… Retracing those quietly, I murmured to myself.

“… Eun Jiho has something like that too.”

When it came to self-control, the first person that came across my mind was Eun Jiho. So was he a character who represented rationality or cool-headedness.

That Eun Jiho had something he would die to have. How could he never mention it to us?Read more chapter on

Well, I, of course, didn’t have the right to know everything about him especially with such a simple reason that I was caught up in their everyday life. If we had to know about it, he would tell us someday. As I decided to regard it like that, I moved on to the next one.

Lastly, it was Yi Ruda’s story about something happening to me. There was this suspicious person, who prepared a drugged, canned beverage, targeting me. Why? What was he thinking?

This was, indeed, what I wondered the most. Why would someone aim at me who was just an extra in the novel? It would make sense if the person was attempting Ban Yeo Ryung since heroines in web novels always fell into the danger of some unknown, dark sides approaching them.

At that moment, Ban Yeo Ryung blinked swiftly then moved her blurry eyes to look at me. A glimmer of light flashed through her eyes and made her pupils look like a galaxy.

Yikes… Patting her head, I uttered, “Sorry, I woke you up.”

She then slightly shook her head while flickering her eyes at a slow pace. A slurred voice then slipped through her lips.

“Are we… almost home…?”

“No, not yet. Get some more sleep.”

Ban Yeo Ryung then shoved her head on my shoulder and, for real, fell asleep again. Staring down at her, I also leaned on Ban Yeo Ryung and soon fell into sleep. It was such a long day for me too.

That was after an hour when I opened my eyes again.

With my eyes quietly open, I checked the time on the clock in front of the car and found that it was almost three in the morning. Blinking in a half-conscious state, I calculated something inside my head.

It would take about 30 minutes by car from the hotel near Jonggak to my house… no… not even 20 minutes…

Only then did I realize something was going wrong. Being startled, I glanced around but the car was already running on a desolate highway past the streets of gleaming lights.

‘What should I do?’ I wondered while grabbing my throbbing chest.

Cold sweat rolled from my forehead and was running down under my chin to the wrist. I decided to first wake Ban Yeo Ryung up.

As if she was so exhausted, Ban Yeo Ryung was dropped off into deep slumber yet. When I slightly shook her over and over, she flickered her eyes a couple of times then showed a look of wonder on her face.

“Donnie?” whispered Ban Yeo Ryung while being half asleep.

Gulping nervously, I put my face close to hers. I then detached my lips while trying to be as cautious as I could to not look like we were having a conversation from the rearview mirror.

“Yeo Ryung, we’re now…”

I didn’t finish my sentence yet but Yeo Ryung’s eyes already widened. She then lifted her hand to grab my wrist.

Her eyes that were looking outside the window trembled imperceptibly. It looked as though she already finished estimating what situation we were facing right now.

“… Donnie, we…”

Blinking swiftly, she tilted her head to my side then whispered at a fast pace.

“Donnie, at least, you must run away.”

That was what she dropped as soon as she grasped the situation. Inside the car, where a heavy silence was hanging around, I sat still just biting my lips.

She was too being herself, behaving even more than the Ban Yeo Ryung I knew; therefore, I couldn’t even laugh.

Staring down at her face with her hand grabbing my wrist, I fell into thought. Haven’t I imagined something like this could happen someday?

The answer came out as soon as possible.

Yes, I have always imagined something like this situation could happen one day.

Ban Yeo Ryung was the heroine of this web novel, so, she would, at least, encounter kidnapping once in her lifetime. Thinking about my phone not working from earlier, this situation might have been all planned.

As I shook my head in thoughts, Ban Yeo Ryung’s eyes that were on me turned ferocious.

“Donnie, go!”

I shook my head in refusal again.

“What’s the point of having two hostages? It won’t be helpful to those who’ll come to rescue us. I’ll gain time for you to escape first.”

I stared blankly at Ban Yeo Ryung who just spoke like that. She had the most desperate look in her eyes I have ever seen.

Facing her eyes intently, I murmured to myself.

‘Ban Yeo Ryung… who would ever do that… What kind of female protagonist tells her friend to go first when she’s in danger of being kidnapped?’

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