Chapter 1930

During the chat, Gu Sheng kept investigating the Shura Order.

After a long time, he finally said: "Your experience this time is indeed a bit strange. I have asked many people and they have never had anything similar happen to them."

"So there is something wrong with the Shura field?" Ablo looked stern.

"No." Gu Sheng shook his head, "The Shura Field is the treasure of the starry sky. It has been operating like this since the Tian Shura clan was exterminated. I have never heard of any problems before. There is no reason for you to be so unlucky."

"What if we are so unlucky?" Ablo looked like he wanted to argue with him.

Lu Ye suddenly remembered the fate dice. When he entered the Netherland Realm to experience the scene, the fate dice threw a bad word. Could it be related to this?

And he still hasn't figured out why something that he had tied so firmly suddenly fell off.

The exploration is fruitless and the outcome is doomed.

Although it was difficult for Lu Ye and Ablo to accept it, this hard-working experience indeed only had a few basic rewards, so they could only accept their fate.

Everyone goes back to their homes.

After an experience, there is no way to enter other experience scenes in a short period of time. This time will probably take a few days. Lu Ye has nothing to do and is practicing on his own.

He was not in a hurry to ask Abloh to inquire about Sanhua. There was only a long time to come. We were all familiar with each other now, but we didn't have much friendship, so it was not easy to inquire rashly.

He planned to find an opportunity to mention this matter to Abloh in the future. He had a vague feeling that Abloh's purpose of coming to the Shura Field to practice was the same as his own, which was to improve the quality of the source of the Dharma and to transfer the Dharma to the world. The source is polished to perfection, and then the flower of Qi is condensed into one's own.

He originally planned to practice hard, but the result was not satisfactory.

Yu Yaoruo came over and chatted with him for a while. The girl seemed to have something to do, but she didn't say anything in detail, so Lu Ye didn't ask.

After Yu Yaoruo left, Apollo and Gu Sheng asked about the location of Lu Ye Cave Mansion and visited together.

Lu Ye originally intended to make friends with Abloh, so naturally he would not refuse.

I thought they had something important to do, but unexpectedly they just came to drink with me, leaving Lu Ye quite speechless.

After a banquet that lasted for several days, the three of them sat together and talked loudly, which made Lu Ye gain a lot of knowledge. After all, both Ablo and Gu Sheng were from very distinguished realms, and the two of them were He has spent much more time polishing the Yueyao realm than him, and his experience is naturally beyond his comparison.

After a few days, Apollo and Gu Sheng left drunkenly. Lu Ye took a short rest, left the cave, and immediately rose into the sky.

He had to earn more Shura Seals as soon as possible to exchange them for treasures that could improve the quality of the source of magic, so naturally he didn't want to waste time.

As he stood taller, at a certain moment he suddenly broke through an invisible film, and immediately the surrounding area became dark.

He concentrated and waited quietly.



After burning a stick of incense, Lu Ye suddenly wanted to curse.

here we go again!

Same situation as last time!

Since he came to this Shura field, including this time, he has entered three training scenes. The first time was normal. After a little darkness, he got a lot of information about the training scenes, and then entered the training scene. , the second time was obviously not right.

The situation this third time was exactly the same as the second time.

I feel extremely depressed, what on earth is going on? I encountered something that no one else had ever encountered twice in succession. Was it because my flying posture was wrong when I entered the training scene?

After the last experience, Lu Ye knew that this darkness would not last long and would dissipate soon, and then he would appear in the training scene.

So although I was depressed, I still pressed my temper and waited.

However, what surprised him was that the wait was somewhat interminable. Half a day passed without any sign of the darkness surrounding him dissipating, let alone entering the training scene.

He frowned and began to try to walk in the darkness, trying to find a way to leave, but no matter which direction he flew, he was still wrapped in darkness.

If it was just bad luck once, what about the second time?

Lu Ye was almost certain that something was wrong with the Shura field, and it wasn't just him who was unlucky.

But Gu Sheng was right. The Shura Field is the most precious treasure in the starry sky. It has been running since the Tian Shura clan was exterminated. Why should there be problems when it comes to his place?

Is there anything about yourself that is different from others?

While he was meditating like this, Lu Ye suddenly noticed a light coming from a certain direction. He quickly turned his head and looked over there, but the light had disappeared...

After experiencing the initial irritability, he gradually calmed down.

Even if something went wrong in the Shura Field, he probably wouldn't be trapped here to death, so he was sure that he would definitely get out. It was just a matter of time.

Even though he was in absolute darkness, Lu Ye could still clearly judge the passage of time.

Two full days later, a light suddenly appeared in front of him. The light was weak, just like a candle, but it still made Lu Ye feel relieved after being trapped for a long time.

What I thought was indeed correct.

Turning his head to look at the candle-like light, it seemed to be spiritual. It was slowly spinning in circles in front of Lu Ye. It was a small circle at first and then became larger. Each circle expanded a little further. Wherever it flowed, it left a bright Mark of.

Not long after, an oval aperture appeared in Lu Ye's field of vision, and then the light shone brightly, dispelling the endless darkness.

Lu Ye pondered for a moment, then stepped towards the circle of light. With one step forward, his vision changed.

At the same time, Lu Ye's expression changed, because he clearly felt an invisible force covering his body, restraining him layer by layer.

This sudden and huge change made him feel like he was hit hard. He couldn't help but groaned and his face suddenly turned pale.

There were screams and cries in my ears, mixed with unbridled laughter, and the smell of blood lingered on the tip of my nose...

The scattered vision slowly focused, and an indescribable feeling of weakness came to his heart. Lu Ye had not experienced such a feeling for a long, long time, and he couldn't help but feel dazed for a moment.

Just when he wanted to check himself, he heard the sound of "Gululu" coming from his feet.

This voice... seemed inexplicably familiar.

The next moment, Lu Ye's expression changed. He lowered his head and looked in the direction of the source of the sound. He saw a baby's fist-sized thing rolling over there, and it was about to freeze.

Looking at this familiar thing, Lu Ye could not believe it!

He quickly dodged over and was about to raise his foot to step on it, but as soon as he moved, he immediately noticed something was wrong. His movements were very slow and his reaction was extremely slow. The foot actually missed.

Just as he was on tenterhooks, the fate dice stopped. Lu Ye held his breath and looked intently.

Good luck!

Two big characters suddenly came into view.

He couldn't help but be stunned for a moment. Is there still hope? It had always been good, bad, or bad luck before, but this time it was actually good luck!

It started well, but it frightened him a lot. After all, the destiny dice is too mysterious. If something bad is thrown, the talent tree will have to be burned for several days before it can be burned out.

But... he clearly remembered that he left the destiny dice in his cave, why did he appear here?

After suffering the loss last time, Lu Ye still dared to bring this thing with him during the training. Last time, the word "bad" was just so-so. If the word "bad" came, he might encounter some dangers.

So before coming to practice this time, he deliberately placed this object in the cave. Anyway, he was the only one living in the cave. No one could enter or leave without his permission, so it was considered safe to stay there.

But it still appeared. Although the results were pretty good, the feeling of not being in control was very bad.

Lu Ye couldn't figure out how it appeared here.

The word "Daji" turned into a faint light and fell into Lu Ye's body. The same feeling as before appeared. Under this feeling, Lu Ye felt that no matter what he wanted to do, he would definitely succeed.

"Hahahaha, I still want to run away, can you?" A sudden voice suddenly sounded not far away.

Lu Ye turned around and saw a strong man walking from the other side. He was grabbing a woman's long hair and dragging her towards this side. The woman was in ragged clothes and looked embarrassed. Although she struggled hard, she couldn't. It doesn't help at all, all I can do is cry and beg for mercy.

"You bitch, don't you look down on me? Today I will let you know how powerful I am!" The strong man cursed, his face full of anger and sternness. When he looked up, he suddenly saw Lu Ye standing in front of him, and his brows suddenly furrowed. Yang: "There are actually people!"

As he spoke, he dropped the captured woman, pulled out a scimitar from his waist, and charged towards Lu Ye, with murderous intent on his face.

Lu Ye looked at him quietly with an extremely strange expression.

Because he noticed something was not right. At this moment, there was a number floating above the head of this ruthless-faced strong man.

A big thousand...

This number was very vague and obviously had no substance. Lu Ye was confused and had no idea what the number represented. No matter how the strong man moved, the number always hovered above his head.

Although I don't know what this number represents, it seems that the guy opposite is not a good person. If he dares to do something to himself, it is always right to kill him.

And in his opinion, this strong man was simply a mortal who had never practiced cultivation, and was just relying on his own strength to do evil.

On normal days, Lu Ye wouldn't even have the chance to meet such a person.

The strong man was still very fast compared to ordinary people. He rushed to Lu Ye in a few steps and slashed at Lu Ye with the scimitar in his hand in an arc.

However, at this moment, he clearly tripped over something, his figure became unstable, and the trajectory of the scimitar in his hand also changed.

At the same time, Lu Ye slowly raised his hand and lightly slapped his chest.

Under this palm, even if Lu Ye did not activate his magic power, the opponent would not be able to survive.

Lu Ye's face couldn't help but change when his cheek hurt. (End of chapter)