Chapter 3974

"I'm not used to him!" Ye Tian said awkwardly: "This bracelet is just like a key, so it's not a rare thing."

"So Dad seems to have something more exotic!" Ye Buhui looked curiously at Ye Tian at the same time.

"Of course there are!"

Ye Tian smiled slightly, and at the same time took out a small puppet: "I specially made this puppet for you. This puppet can become bigger or smaller at will, and it can even save your life in a critical moment. It is your servant. No matter what happens in the future Everything can be sent to him."

"Thank you, Dad!" Ye Buhui hurriedly nodded, and at the same time took the puppet over, feeling even more overjoyed.

You must know that he has not had Ye Tian's care during the past ten years, and now he can receive Ye Tian's gift, and this gift is so precious, which naturally makes Ye Buhui happy.

In the dead of night, in Ye Tian's room, Su Qingya said: "I have handed over the Heaven and Earth Alliance to Yu Ting, presumably in the near future, the Heaven and Earth Alliance will be able to unite with the Chen family, and the Chen family will also be able to get the benefits!"

"The Alliance of Heaven and Earth is the hard work of your life, and it is also the goal you have been striving for." Ye Tian said, "Are you really willing to hand it over?"

"Of course it is true!" Su Qingya nodded and said, "No matter what, my wrong decision caused Xiao Hai's death. This is the thing I am most sorry for the Chen family, and I can only make up for it in this way. I will never forgive myself in my life."

"It's not your fault alone, I also made a big mistake." Ye Tian smiled wryly and said, "There is no need to blame yourself too much, I have already made a promise to protect the Chen family for five hundred years! To comfort Xiao Hai's soul. "

Su Qingya nodded slightly, and the feeling of guilt was relieved, and perhaps only in this way could he feel a little comfort in his heart.

It wasn't until the next day that Ye Tian and the others arrived at the peach blossom garden that had been opened up. The peach blossom garden runs in flowing water. Whether it's the air or the entire peach blossom forest, they all seemed out of tune with the outside world, especially the small bridge and flowing water. place.

There are several wooden houses in the center of the peach blossom forest. Although they don't look gorgeous, they are very simple and even have a charm.

"Such a place with abundance is really surprising." The Queen Mother of the West said, "If we can cultivate here, we may be able to hit the half-immortal realm."

"It's nature's abundant aura, so far it's not difficult to cultivate to become a half-immortal." Emperor Ziwei said repeatedly, and at the same time looked at Ye Tian: "Master, how do you achieve such a powerful space?"

"When you control the power of the universe, you will naturally understand everything." Ye Tian smiled.

Emperor Ziwei and Queen Mother Xi looked stunned. They had heard of the power of cultivating immortals, but they had never heard of the power of the universe, which made them a little puzzled.

"If you want to control the power of the universe, you must become the most powerful existence in the universe, so as to feel the power of the universe. Only in this way can you feel the powerful true meaning in the land of the universe!" Ye Tian said bluntly: " This kind of power is not something you can comprehend now, but if you can break through to a half-immortal in the future, and then through my guidance, you may be able to grow!"

"In this case, thank you master!" Emperor Ziwei hurriedly clasped his fists.