There is a time limit. It will be refreshed at regular intervals.

Moreover, each refresh will be twice as much as before.

It's a dead circle. It's impossible to do it at all.

Chen Shaojie turned his head while playing. After a while, he suddenly had an idea: "I can't fight. It's better to find a way to trap them!"

As soon as the brain hole opened, his whole person suddenly became enlightened. It was really like pushing open a door and finding a new world.

He knows a lot of trap arrays, but it's not easy to arrange enough trap arrays.

You need to choose a simple trapped array, otherwise you can lose him just for consumables.

After thinking for a while, Chen Shaojie finally chose a "ten square water gate array" from the Dharma array he knew.

This array is a water attribute array. After it is arranged, the whole array will automatically absorb all the water vapor in the surrounding air, and gradually form a space like a pool.

The Dharma array is full of water. As long as the spirit stone can keep up, the pool will become larger and larger and become a lake or ocean.

Chen Shaojie doesn't expect to turn the Dharma array into a lake and ocean, but as long as he can make the Dharma array large enough, he can trap all these humanoid creatures in front of him.

That's it

When Chen Shaojie made up his mind, he immediately killed only one humanoid creature besieging him, and then began to walk around with the last humanoid creature while arranging the Dharma array very quickly.

Pieces of spirit stones were constantly thrown down, and all kinds of materials were taken out of the storage Bracelet like no money and thrown on the ground.

All kinds of treasure lights quickly linked with his heartbroken grass, gradually connected into a piece, flashing wildly, and then disappeared.

After a while, the Dharma array has been arranged properly. Chen Shaojie takes the last humanoid creature as an experiment and directly introduces it into the Dharma array.

The whole Dharma array has just begun to activate, and the water vapor absorbed is not enough to form a liquid. However, after the humanoid creature entered it, it was immediately slowed down by the thick water vapor, and even slipped and fell.

But that's all. The humanoid creature didn't know the pain at all. He soon got up and continued to chase Chen Shaojie.


Chen Shaojie wants to swear. What a test is this? It's really torture.

These ghost things can only be killed, otherwise they will be like zombies. It's really annoying to chase them all the time.

He continued to lead the humanoid creature around the Dharma array. After a while, it couldn't stand up and soaked directly in the water. Although it struggled, it couldn't move.

Because the water vapor in the Dharma array becomes more and more, and the water vapor becomes water. The surroundings are wet and slippery. Even if the humanoid creature regenerates fiercely, it finally stops.

Really useful!

Chen Shaojie breathed a sigh of relief.

If the Dharma array is useless, it will be wasted. After the consumption at the head of the Xuanji bridge, there are not many precious materials left in his hand, and he can't toss it for a few times.

Moreover, if you want to maintain the Dharma array all the way, you also need to consume precious materials. Who knows when this trial will be held, he must plan ahead.

It wasn't long——


A new group of humanoid creatures climbed out around Chen Shaojie.

Am I special

Seeing these humanoid creatures, Chen Shaojie doubled directly, which made his scalp numb.

Those strange heads were shaking and splashing with mud and water. If people with dense phobia saw it, they might faint on the spot.

However, fortunately, Chen Shaojie was in the "ten square water gate array" at this time. Those humanoid creatures had just climbed out of the mud and were immediately slid by the thick water around them, and then trapped. They couldn't move at all.

There is more and more water in the Dharma array, which has risen to the height of ordinary people's waist and abdomen. Humanoid creatures stand in it and can't move at all, let alone catch up with Chen Shaojie.

On the contrary, Chen Shaojie moved freely in the Dharma array and was not affected at all.

Where he passed, the water and liquid gave way one after another, making him like a fish in the water, going wherever he wanted.

Carrying the taibaixing iron sword, Chen Shaojie waved it quickly, raised and dropped the knife, and continued to kill humanoid creatures until there was only one left.

It seemed easy, but he knew very well that humanoid creatures grew exponentially every time. After a few times, even if they lined up and stretched their heads for him to kill, he couldn't get busy.

Therefore, we can only trap them by the Dharma array. If we trap them for a while, we'll talk about what happens later.




Another place in the distance.

Xilin Mochen is besieged by thousands of humanoid creatures.

Around his body, the magic Qi kept flying up and down. As long as he touched those humanoid creatures, the humanoid creatures immediately burst into mud and scattered on the ground.

Finally, the last humanoid creature was killed. Xilin Mochen couldn't help but breathe a sigh.

However, the burly man's face was not relaxed, but more dignified.

Because around him, the sound of mud and water came out again, and more and twice as many humanoid creatures climbed out.

"What the hell is this?"

The burly man turned his mouth and muttered. After spitting, he again resisted the evil spirit and rushed towards the human creatures.




A blue light swirled.

The blue light is like a circular arc, covering a range of more than 30 meters, like a curved moon.

Where Yuehua passed, a human creature broke in two and fell to the ground.

When the moon dissipated, it soon turned into a blue flying sword and flew back to the side of the green soldier.

In the surrounding swamp, there was only one humanoid creature left and continued to rush towards the green soldiers.

The green soldier didn't do it anymore. He calmly avoided it and continued to walk in the direction he had expected.

He had clearly figured out the rules for the emergence of humanoid creatures and knew that keeping the last humanoid creature could delay time.

After just a sword, he was obviously not relaxed, and there were sweat stains on his forehead.



The other people who entered the second floor were not in good condition. Their cultivation was worse than that of Xilin Mochen and Qingbing. Naturally, it was more difficult to deal with those humanoid creatures.

Among them, Li Luoyun and Chanyuan are the worst.

Li Luoyun stopped talking. His cultivation is too low. He doesn't have much parry in the face of so many humanoid creatures.

However, Chan yuan's combat effectiveness is less than half that of normal times due to the impact of injury.

Therefore, both of them were chased by a humanoid creature and fled.

It seems that if there is another refresh of humanoid creatures, they will not hold on and want to quit the trial.

At this time——

On the contrary, Chen Shaojie's situation is the best, but he doesn't know it.

Looking at the humanoid creature that directly doubles every refresh, Chen Shaojie just wants to curse. It's full of negative energy.

Fortunately, his Dharma array has become a large water pool, and all humanoid creatures are included and gradually move to the depth of the pool.

Each batch of humanoid creatures was divided into one layer by his conditioning, so they were collected and stored in layers, like a pyramid.

After several consecutive refreshes, the number of humanoid creatures has directly exceeded 10000.

Chen Shaojie pulled his fingers and calculated. Three or four times, it will be more than 100000 directly. At that time, his Dharma array is expected to be crowded and exploded.

"Is it over?"

Chen Shaojie couldn't help scolding.

But in a twinkling of an eye, humanoid creatures refresh again, and a new batch appears.

As if it's never ove