Chapter 97 - First Update (3)

After that, Qin Xue tried to throw her bag at the child, but fortunately, Lin Yueqi reacted fast and blocked the hit. But right at this time, Qin Xue escaped into the elevator.

Immediately afterwards, the screen switched to inside the elevator.

The scene inside was just like special effects.

In the elevator, Qin Xue actually turned from the nation’s goddess into a 108KG fatty. Her pants were ripped open and her clothes were also torn. Fortunately, she was wearing a loose-fitting down jacket that was wrapped tightly around her fat body.

The surveillance footage wasn’t very HD but you could see the bumps on her face, and it was scary just like special effects.

The 108KG her got up from the ground and zipped up her down jacket, but the flesh on her body was nearly bursting through. She buried her jaw into the collar of the jacket, pretending nothing happened. Then, she brushed past Lu Ting and the police.

After watching the footage, the officer who came on the mission was startled. He rewound the video and watched it carefully again to make sure that he didn’t see it wrong.

The police officer was shocked. “This…What is going on…?”

When Tuantuan saw the footage on the monitor, she grabbed her father’s ear and shouted, “Papa, Papa! Look! Qin Xue is actually a monster!”

A total of six people in the room were all in shock.

The policemen instantly understood the gravity of the matter and immediately called HQ for backup.

Lu Ting and Lin Yueqi, as the people on the scene, were also called back to the police department to get their statements.

Around 11:00 P.M.m the family of three was still sitting on a bench in the hallway, waiting for news from the police when a female and male police officer said to them, “Mr. Lu, Miss Lin, please head into the conference room. I’ll take care of the child.”

They both looked at each other and handed the sleeping Tuantuan over to the policewoman.

After entering the room, Two captains came over to shake hands with them separately.

The top captain said to hem with a serious face. “Mr. Lu, Miss Lin. We suspect that Miss Qin has a strange disease. This is a first of its kind in this world, and we are still unsure if it’s contagious. I’m not at liberty to say more, but I hope you can keep this secret so as not to cause public panic. We of the police have brought Miss Qin under control. As for her spreading false rumors, please do not fret. The police will clarify this matter soon.”

They didn’t care how Qin Xue was doing, they only cared if the police were willing to issue an announcement for their case.

From Lu Ting’s point of view, he felt that restraining Qin Xue was the right choice. She turned 108KG in an instant. It was completely against all human knowledge and science. If this strange disease really was contagious, it would be a big disaster for mankind.

Humans always feared the unknown.

And from Lin Yueqi’s point of view, they knew that no matter how they examined Qin Xue, they wouldn’t be able to detect any problems, because what Qin Xue had wasn’t a strange disease at all. The flourishing beauty offered to her by the system was what changed her.

The technicians on the police side were still studying the phone software, and though they hadn’t come up with what kind of code was used, they probably figured out that they were both the same type of hacking virus.

And humans have yet to reach the level of technology to crack this virus.


At around 1:00 a.m., A City’s police department made the following announcement:

“At 3PM today, Ms. Qin Xue was brought under control for child abuse. The police conducted a thorough investigation and found that recent internet rumors of ‘Lin Yueqi selling out her daughter for fame’ and ‘Tuantuan being violated by a pervert’ are just rumors. Everything was orchestrated by Miss Qin and we have found the live broadcast account and the software to simulate the phone number in Miss Qin’s phone. Please do not believe the rumors.”


The announcement was accompanied by a video. The police stamped out the news and all the keyboard warriors were slapped across the face with a loud papapa.

But some still gritted their teeth and continued fighting with the police.

“Wow, look at her background. She even bribed the police? The police are corrupt.”

Soon, the blogger who posted this comment thinking that he could spread rumors about the police was arrested.

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