Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: Chapter 135: Senior!!!! (Second update)

Chapter 135: Chapter 135: Senior!!!! (Second update)

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“Sun Wei did as she was told.

Old Master Sun stared, not blinking once.

“Good! The Eagle Claw Sect and Gao Family, we will bear the responsibility for that predecessor!” Old Master Sun declared sternly. “From today on, that predecessor is our Sun Family’s benefactor! When we see him, we must treat him as a VIP! The people of my Sun Family must not neglect the predecessor in the least, otherwise, the family rules will apply!”

“It’s worth it!” Sun Hu also cried out at this moment. “Ancient martial arts techniques, to this day, are mostly incomplete. A complete set of ancient martial art techniques, whether they are from the past or the present, can support the prosperity of an ancient martial family persistently! Father, our chance has arrived!” Sun Hu exclaimed.

“Weiwei, take us to meet that predecessor quickly!” Another middle-aged man spoke with a trembling voice. “Let us thank the predecessor in person for his great benevolence and virtue!”

“He… He said that besides me… he will not see anyone from the Sun Family…” Sun Wei mumbled.

At the same time, she found it somewhat amusing—’Predecessor? Grandpa, uncles, you really know how to give him a title. If you saw him… I wonder, could you still call him a predecessor…’

With this thought in mind, Sun Wei suddenly had a vision of Huang Xiaolong… that coarse appearance of his, yet he also has a side that was high-handed, arrogantly overbearing, and decisively ruthless!

Thinking of Huang Xiaolong single-handedly battling the elite warriors of the Eagle Claw Sect and the Gao Family, his gallant posture, invincible methods, Sun Wei’s heart grew warm, and she was somewhat fascinated…

“Don’t go against the predecessor’s words!” Old Master Sun hastily shouted. “Such a noble predecessor is naturally independent and unique. Since he doesn’t want to see the worldly beings like us, we must not disturb him and offend the predecessor. If we upset him, we Sun Family would be in real trouble! With such skills, to exterminate the people of my Sun Family would be effortless!”

Fear was evident in Old Master Sun’s eyes, besides gratitude and reverence, fearful of offending the “predecessor” and inviting disaster.

A few middle-aged men shivered, showing they got the point.

“Weiwei, listen, you are in charge of maintaining contact with the predecessor from now on. You must meet any of his demands! You must not go against the predecessor’s wishes! If the predecessor requires my Sun Family’s assistance, feel free to comply with his demands, regardless of money or manpower, no question asked!” Old Master Sun looked at Sun Wei earnestly.

“Oh… Grandpa, I understand.” Sun Wei nodded.

However, Sun Wei thought to herself—’Grandpa, are you selling me out? Fulfill his any requirements? What if… what if he asks me to accompany him to a hotel room, can I… disobey him?’

‘Ah… Predecessor Huang Xiaolong, my master… how… how should I contact you? Right, Uncle Zhao certainly knows how to get in touch with you…’

Early morning.

Huang Xiaolong, with his canvas bag on his back, was driving his BYD F3, heading to Binhai University’s branch campus!

He had already contacted Principal Zhou Yuewen, there was no need for him to do any enrollment procedures, and he could go straight to the Chinese Department to attend classes.

Huang Xiaolong was still dressed like a peasant, wearing a patched shirt, black straight-leg trousers, and olive green plastic shoes.

He had been wearing this outfit for a long time, but it still looked clean and fresh.

It was because every night, Huang Xiaolong would use the Purified Water Talisman to wash his clothes. This ingenious method of washing clothes contains magical water. As long as the clothes were dirty, he would apply talisman, the magical water would transform into a mist, surrounding the body, instantly removing the dirt, thus keeping the clothes clean and fresh.

In fact, this outfit was not just simple. Inside the clothes and even in the shoes, Huang Xiaolong had arranged a Formation with useful magic.

Such as in the shoes, he had incorporated a “Godspeed Talisman.” Activating the talisman will allow Huang Xiaolong to run as if flying. That night, when he was chasing the Isuzu truck that hit Su Xiaoman, Huang Xiaolong had actually applied the “Godspeed Talisman” magic within his shoe.

Parking his car outside the school, Huang Xiaolong walked towards the solemn university gate, pulling out his phone—


Using the university gate as a backdrop, he took a selfie.

“Great! In the future, I’ll show this to the villagers as proof of me attending university.” Huang Xiaolong smiled happily, heading straight towards the campus.

“University life! Here I come~~~~~~!!!!”

Binhai University is a key university nationwide. Even though Huang Xiaolong was just attending a branch campus, not the main campus, but its facilities were internationally aligned, and overall strength was incredibly strong.

Those who studied at this university were either the best students with good morals and scholarship, or the children of the nobility, the second generation rich, the second generation officials even the Crown Princes of the underworld.

It’s safe to say, a university is a smaller version of society!

That day, in the classroom of Year 1 Class 3 of the Chinese Department, more than fifty students were waiting for their class to begin.

They had heard that a transfer student would join their class today.

This intrigued them.

Every new student who walked into this classroom, was without a doubt, the center of attention!

Or perhaps, a top scholar and genius!

Or perhaps, a descendant of a high official background!

Or perhaps, a youngster whose parents are businesspeople, living in affluence!

Or perhaps, a rich girl driving a Porsche!

At this point, a solitary girl was sitting at a desk by the window.

She was a gentle and graceful girl, dressed in a simple and inexpensive dress, picked up from a street stall, bare-faced…

Yet, even so, she remains the most striking, the most charming sight in this classroom!

Her shoulder-length hair always emits a captivating aroma, her watery almond eyes often reflecting a youthful spirit, mesmerizing anyone at first sight.

Her provocative cherry lips curve slightly upwards, just like an innocent little deer…

Song Yuru!

One amongst Binhai University’s Four Campus Belles, Song Yuru!

Huang Xiaolong’s wife, Song Yuru!

Today, Song Yuru was feeling a little uneasy, yet also a bit sweet.

Because, the boy she liked, was coming to Binhai University, and would even share a class with her!

‘How weird, Little Long texted me early in the morning saying he’d get to class today, asking me to save him a seat… and has to sit next to me… Why hasn’t he arrived yet? Class is about to start!’

Song Yuru furrowed her eyebrows, unable to resist the urge to take out her phone and check the time.

At that moment, a boy walks in from outside the classroom.

It wasn’t Huang Xiaolong.

He was dressed in Versace, a Longines watch around his wrist, a Dior bag over his shoulder, and a faint scent of Chanel ‘Bleu De Chanel’ cologne emanating from him.

This person was fairly good-looking and handsome, with sharp eyebrows and bright eyes.

As soon as he walked in, many of the girls in the classroom gazed at him with starry-eyed admiration, their faces full of infatuation.

Cao Huan!

If Song Yuru was a campus belle, then without a doubt, Cao Huan was a campus hunk.

Not only was he handsome, but he was also talented, a key player on the school’s basketball team, well-versed in playing the guitar, even capable of song composition…

But all this wasn’t what mattered the most.

What mattered most was, Cao Huan’s family was very wealthy.

They owned a dog farm.

The largest dog farm in Binhai.

They had numerous pedigree dogs there, including race dogs and fighting dogs worth millions.

Cao’s dog farm supplied police dogs to the police squad each year, and sold many breeds of dogs all over the country.

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At Binhai University, there was a common saying — “You think you’re rich? Perhaps, the total sum of your family’s wealth, including you, don’t even match up to the value of a dog from Cao Huan’s family.”

While this statement might seem somewhat offensive, it was incredibly realistic…

Indeed, a good hunting dog from Cao Huan’s dog farm could be worth millions. Even if a person were to be processed into an oil, they wouldn’t fetch as high a price.

Cao Huan very much liked this statement.

As soon as Cao Huan entered the classroom, his gaze locked onto Song Yuru like a locust, then, he walked directly towards Song Yuru!