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Zhu Wen was so angry that his face was livid. He said, “Since you don’t believe in our company, why don’t you terminate the contract?! As for this matter, we’ll definitely take you to court to uphold justice! Don’t even think about pinning the blame on us!”

Seeing this scene, Song Si felt her head hurt even more. She pushed the door open and walked in.

“We’re all businessmen. Harmony makes money, so why should we hurt the harmony just because of a small problem? Mr. Zhu, calm down. I’ll apologize to you on behalf of our company’s employees. Our words were too harsh just now. Please forgive us for making you unhappy.”

Song Si apologized the moment she entered and turned to the company director with a dark expression.

“Tknow that you’re all doing this for the good of the company, and you’re working hard to create a lot of benefits for the company. But you have to respect our collaboration partner as well. After all, the truth isn’t out yet. If you’re so anxious to pin the blame on others, it’ll ruin our relationship with our

collaboration partner. Who will be willing to work with us in the future, then?!”

‘As soon as she said this, the company director, who was unconvinced by her apology to the other party, instantly fell silent. He was even impressed by her understanding.

Seeing Song Si’s attitude, Zhu Wen’s anger subsided a little, but his tone was still a little stiff. “I agreed to supply you with the raw materials out of my admiration for you. I wanted to ask where your company has taken our raw stones to, but your company pushed the blame to me instead!

“I think we should terminate this collaboration. I can give you face. As long as you give me the money for my loss, I won’t sue you.”

Zhu Wen was clearly infuriated and was determined to terminate the contract.

Song Si continued to smile warmly at the other party’s cold face. “I understand your feelings, Mr. Zhu. This matter is our company’s fault.

“It’s obvious that someone wants us to fall out with each other. Mr. Zhu, you’re someone I admire very much. I don’t think you would want to let the person in the dark succeed in their plans.”

After saying this, Zhu Wen fell silent. He had to say that Song Si had hit the nail on the head. Someone was targeting them to ruin their companies’ reputations. He did not want to follow that person’s wishes.

Seeing that his expression had softened, Song Si continued, “How about this? Everyone, take a step back. President Zhu, give me a few days. I’ll be responsible for finding the problem and proving the innocence of our two companies.

“If I can’t do it, then as you just said, we’ll terminate the contract. We’re willing to bear all the losses.”

‘When she said this, Zhu Wen looked at her in surprise. He had always thought that she was relying on her good looks to do things, but it seemed that she was quite bold.

He agreed and said, “Alright, I’ll do as you say, but I’ll only give you three days. If you can’t prove the innocence of our two companies in three days, don’t blame me, your senior, for not showing you any respect!”

Song Si did not care about the other party’s vicious attitude. She personally sent him out of the company with a smile.

Song Si returned to her office and decided to sort out the entire situation. Just then, she received an internal call. “Hello.”

“Chairman Song Jiang wants you to go to his office.”

Song Si’s eyes were calm. She already knew what would happen next. There was no fluctuation in her emotions even if she were to face Song Jiang now.

Song Si pushed the door open to Song Jiang’s office and entered without knocking. Without needing him to say anything, she sat on the sofa.

“You’re looking for me? Just say whatever you have to.”

Her attitude made Song Jiang’s expression darken as he said a few words.

“Look at you. Do you still think of me as your father?!”

Song Si looked at him in amusement.

“Regardless of whether you see me as your daughter or not, I don’t see you as my father. Don’t you understand this?”

Song Jiang, who was ignorant, was speechless. However, he quickly recalled his goal. “I’ve heard about the problem with the materials this time. Let me remind you that not everyone can be the acting chairwoman. If you don’t have the ability to handle the company’s matter, your position as the

chairwoman will end!”

Song Si sneered.. She had never expected her so-called father to be like this!