Chapter 43 - Dead Meat

Chapter 43 Dead Meat

Very quickly…

Liu Jinghao led everyone to a high-class private room.

The dishes were served very quickly.

Before the banquet, they chatted happily.

Qin Yaoyao was normally unruly before Su Chen, but this time, she was polite and generous.

This made Yao Zhenfeng sigh. She was really a daughter of a noble family!

Su Chen laughed internally. They hadn’t been there when she was talking nonsense.

The conversation slowly centered on Su Chen.

“Su Chen, what do you do for a living?” Yao Zhenfeng asked.

“I’m working as a secretary in Zhou Catering Group.” Su Chen smiled.

They were very surprised.

“I thought you would be working as a doctor in some clinic or hospital!” Yao Zhenfeng chuckled.

Su Chen smiled. “I learned my medical skills from my grandfather and ancient texts.”

At this moment…

“Zhou Catering Group?” Yao Nana interrupted. “Is there someone called Gao Renhuai in your company?”

Su Chen was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Gao Renhuai is the vice chairman of our company.”

“I didn’t know that you knew so many people.” Yao Zhenfeng was surprised.

Yao Nana smiled proudly. “Of course! I often help my dad with his business!”

“A few days ago, Gao Huairen went to the provincial capital to look for my father. He said that he wanted to exchange the shares of Zhou Catering Group for the food center project in Binjiang Entertainment City.”

Su Chen frowned and looked over.

At the group meeting, when Gao Min mentioned this matter, she only said that she would take the food center project. She did not mention the exchange of the group’s shares at all.

At this moment, Yao Nana stuck out her tongue.

She realized that she seemed to have said too much.

Yao Zhenfeng looked at Su Chen and asked, “Su Chen, you seem to have some opinions about your company’s vice chairman.”

Su Chen nodded and explained, “To be precise, I’m CEO Zhou Wanqiu’s secretary. As for Vice Chairman Gao, he has always been at odds with CEO Zhou.”

Yao Zhenfeng was old and experienced, and he immediately understood everything.

He turned to Yao Nana and said, “Nana, tell me more about Gao Renhuai.”

Su Chen looked at Yao Zhenfeng in surprise.

It seemed that in Yao Zhenfeng’s heart, he was more important than Gao Renhuai and the food center project.

“Okay, Grandpa,” Yao Nana said quickly. “Gao Renhuai went to my dad and told him that if the food center project was given to him, he would suggest that Zhou Catering Group invest in it.”

“Then he can make the decision to set the ratio higher. At that time, he would secretly take back the diluted portion. Then, he would give the Zhou family’s shares to my father!”

“He’s basically exchanging the Zhou Catering Group shares for the food center project, but he’ll claim all the credit. If he succeeds, Gao Renhuai’s shares plus my father’s shares would add up to more shares than the Zhou family has.”

“At that time, it’ll be easy to dilute the Zhou family’s shares again or kick them out!”

Su Chen frowned.

He had learned a lot in the company over the past few days, so he could understand.

From the looks of it, Gao Renhuai’s so-called food center project was a conspiracy.

Not only could he take credit for himself, but he could also weaken the Zhou family’s shares and sell a favor to the Yao family in the provincial capital.

Three birds with one stone!

It could be said that he was quite shameless!

Yao Zhenfeng glanced at Su Chen and asked, “Mr. Su, what’s your relationship with the Zhou family?”

Su Chen explained, “My grandfather and Old Master Zhou Rongchang are old friends. I came to Bin Cheng from the village, and I’m now living with the Zhou family, so…”

Su Chen didn’t say anything else.

But Yao Zhenfeng understood. “That’s easy!”

Yao Zhenfeng smiled. “It’s just the food center in Binjiang Entertainment City!”

“Nana, tell your father that I’ll decide what to do about this project. We’ll speak to Zhou Wanqiu from Zhou Catering Group!”

“Tomorrow, I’ll arrange a meeting and go through the process.’ In the Yao Family, Yao Zhenfeng’s words carried a lot of weight.

Yao Nana nodded. “Okay, Grandpa!” Su Chen quickly said, “Thank you, Old Master Yao! However, if it’s possible, I hope you won’t mention me to CEO Zhou.”

He wanted to return to the village a year later, and he didn’t want Zhou Wanqiu to owe him anything.

Moreover, Su Chen was a little narcissistic. He was afraid that Zhou Wanqiu would really fall in love with him.

Yao Zhenfeng looked at Su Chen in surprise and smiled. “Don’t be greedy for credit, and don’t seek fame! Young people like you are really rare!”

Su Chen smiled.

A matter that would decide the fate of Zhou Catering Group was settled amidst the laughter.


The atmosphere in He Zhentian’s office was very depressing.

“B*stard! More than thirty people, ten martial artists, and an internal force expert had gone to capture him, but they could not deal with the country bumpkin!”

“What are you guys doing?”He Zhentian roared.

Scarface lowered his head, not daring to speak. Beside him, Liu Xuan explained, “President He, this is not Dao Ba’s fault. We underestimated Su Chen.”

“We originally thought that kid was at most a Ming Jin martial artist, but now it seems that he’s probably an internal force expert.” He Zhentian’s face darkened. “So? Who cares if he’s an internal force expert? Dao Ba is also an internal force expert, but he was still beaten up.”

“President He, Dao Ba has just broken through to the internal force stage. I’m afraid that the kid has already reached the middle stage of internal force. He’s not much different from me,” said Liu Xuan.

“If we really want to completely subdue him, I’m afraid we’ll have to work together with the four guardian deities.” He Zhentian was silent.

Liu Xuan was his trump card, and so were the four guardian deities.

If they were all sent out, He Zhentian would have used all his trump cards.

“Now, let’s not rush to deal with that brat!” He Zhentian weighed the pros and cons. “Let’s focus on the Binjiang Entertainment City food center project first!”

“If we get this project, we can seize more of the Zhou family’s shares! When the Zhou family falls, Su Chen would be a rootless tree!”

“At that time, whether we want to subdue him or deal with him, it will be easy!”

Liu Xuan nodded. “President He, you’re very wise!”

A smile appeared on He Zhentian’s face as he said, “Binjiang Entertainment City is the Yao family’s project. I heard that the old master of the Yao family has come to Bin Cheng. Go and find out who can contact the old master of the Yao family.”

Liu Xuan thought for a moment and said, “President He, I heard that Wu Yiqi seems to have business dealings with the Yao family in the provincial capital. We can ask him for help!”

“Moreover, Wu Yiqi seemed to have some disagreements with the Qin family recently. Many businesses have been cut off.”

“If you’re willing to give him some business, he’ll probably be happy to help you connect!” He Zhentian’s eyes lit up. “I’ll contact Wu Yiqi now!” Beep beep beep…

He made a call.

In the Wu family’s villa.

Wu Yiqi looked dispirited.

Ever since his company was expelled by Qin Yaoyao on the day of the Qin family’s banquet, the business between the Qin family and the Wu family had been cut off.

The Wu family’s business had stagnated, and they had suffered heavy losses.

This made him hate the Zhou family to the bone.

The phone rang. Wu Yiqi’s eyes lit up when he saw the caller ID.

“Hey! President He, what’s the matter?” Wu Yiqi asked.

“President Wu, I heard that you’ve become pretty available lately. I wonder, are you interested in doing business for my Chengnan Food Factory?”

Wu Yiqi was overjoyed. “Thank you for taking care of me, President He. If you ever need my help, just let me know.”

“Is that so?” He Zhentian smiled and said, “I actually do have a favor to ask. It’s like this…” He Zhentian explained the matter clearly. “President He, don’t worry. I’ll help you contact the Yao family,” Wu Yiqi immediately promised. “Binjiang Entertainment City’s food center project will definitely be yours!”

“I hope that after you get this project, you can completely destroy Zhou Catering Group!”

“Of course!” He Zhentian laughed. “Thank you, President Wu!”

He hung up the phone.

Both of them laughed.

“The Zhou Catering Group is dead meat!”