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In the Mercedes-Benz…

Su Chen could finally stretch his legs.

In the past, when he sat in Qin Yaoyao’s red Ferrari sports car, it felt cool, but it was really uncomfortable.

Su Chen felt that it was really cramped. It wasn’t very spacious.

This car was much more comfortable.

The two of them chatted and laughed along the way.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

“We’re here!” Qin Yaoyao stepped on the brakes and smiled.

Su Chen turned to look out of the window and asked in confusion, “Your so-called urgent issue is coming here?”

Qin Yaoyao had parked at a shopping mall.

“I need to dress you up. Isn’t this reasonably urgent?” Qin Yaoyao replied proudly.

As she spoke, Qin Yaoyao tugged at Su Chen’s suit.

“Look at your suit. Although it’s new, it’s obviously old-fashioned!” she said with disdain. “Moreover, it’s obvious that it’s not yours.”

“Short and fat! The original owner of this suit must be shorter and fatter than you!”

Su Chen smiled.

Mrs. Zhao had picked this suit out of Zhou Pingjiang’s collection.

Zhou Pingjiang was indeed shorter and fatter, and his style was old-fashioned.

However, Su Chen was from a village, so he felt that this suit was already good enough.

However, Qin Yaoyao was disgusted.

She pulled Su Chen into the shopping mall.

Just as Su Chen and Qin Yaoyao were shopping…

In the chairman’s office of He Catering Group…

He Zhentian was sitting in front of his desk with a gloomy expression.


He Zhentian smashed the teacup he was holding on the ground!

“Are they all f*cking useless? You can’t even contact Ah She?”

“Didn’t Ah She say that he wanted to deal with Su Chen and find out what happened to my son and brother? Where is he?”

He Zhentian was furious.

Recently, he had been very unhappy.

His son, He Junying, and his younger brother, He Zhenlong, had died for no apparent reason!

He asked Ah She to investigate Su Chen, but he also disappeared without a trace.

At this moment…

A martial artist in a black suit walked in.

This was Liu Xuan, He Zhentian’s most trusted bodyguard, and also the person with the highest martial arts cultivation under him.

“President He, I just received a report. Someone saw Chen Zhongyi from Zhongyi Hall go to Skyfire Bar!”

“Ah She’s disappearance might have something to do with him!”Liu Xuan said.

He Zhentian frowned.

He knew Zhongyi Hall very well.

Previously, Zhongyi Hall and He Zhenlong’s Black Dragon Gang had been rivals.

With his financial support, the Black Dragon Gang had completely suppressed the Zhongyi Hall.

In the end, his younger brother died mysteriously, and the Zhongyi Hall had taken over the Black Dragon Gang’s territories and power.

However, he did not expect that Ah She’s disappearance was actually related to the Zhongyi Hall.

He Zhentian gritted his teeth and dialed Chen Zhongyi’s number.

The call went through very quickly.

“Chen Zhongyi, it’s He Zhentian!”

“President He, what’s the matter?” Chen Zhongyi was stunned.

“Chen Zhongyi, let me ask you something. Did you kill my son and my second brother?” He Zhentian asked coldly.

“Yes, sir!” Chen Zhongyi admitted without hesitation, “Zhongyi Hall destroyed the Black Dragon Gang. Your son happened to be there, so I had no choice!”

He had already promised Su Chen that he would take the credit for it, and he was going to keep that promise!

He Zhentian gritted his teeth so hard that they almost shattered. “Bullsh*t! With your strength, how could you possibly annihilate the Black Dragon Gang?”

“Let me ask you, where did you take Ah She?”

Chen Zhongyi’s temper flared. “You can test my strength!”

“Also, I was the one who killed Ah She! I didn’t like him, so I killed him. What are you going to do about it?”

“Good! Very good!” He Zhentian was furious. “Chen Zhongyi, you better hope that I don’t catch you!”

Chen Zhongyi sneered, “President He! Don’t threaten me. Otherwise, things won’t go over well!”


They hung up at the same time.

“President He, what did Chen Zhongyi say?” asked Liu Xuan.

He Zhentian shook his head. “He’s become so arrogant after taking over my brother’s territories. He’s not showing me any respect!”

“That’s expected,” Liu Xuan said. “Chen Zhongyi has a blood feud with you now! He knows very well that no matter what, you have to deal with him!”

“Of course!” He Zhentian said fiercely, “However, now is not the time!”

“Right now, I don’t have enough manpower. I’m very nervous about dealing with Zhongyi Hall.”

“Even if we succeed in the end, we will have to pay a huge price.”

“I could assassinate him. How about that?” Liu Xuan asked carefully.

“No!” He Zhentian rejected the thought. “Although you are an internal force martial master, Chen Zhongyi will not be easily dealt with!”

“Since the Zhongyi Hall was able to destroy my brother’s Black Dragon Gang, it means that they don’t lack internal force experts!”

Liu Xuan lowered his head and said nothing.

He Zhentian thought for a moment and said, “Ah She didn’t manage to deal with Su Chen because the Zhongyi Hall killed him. Su Chen was lucky enough to escape.”

“In that case, we’ll get Su Chen here and interrogate him ourselves!”

“However, we have to enlist the help of more people! Previously, Cao Renda brought four martial artists, but they couldn’t take him down!”

“Don’t worry, President He!” Liu Xuan said. “The four martial artists that you lent Cao Renda were only Ming Jin martial artists. This time, I will arrange for internal force experts to capture him!”

He Zhentian nodded, “Alright! Do that!”

In the shopping mall…

Su Chen still did not know that he was being targeted.

At this moment…

Qin Yaoyao was forcing him to try on clothes in various branded clothing stores.

Su Chen finally got to witness a woman’s terrifying shopping habits.

They went from shop to shop.

He tried on sets of clothes, one after another.

Su Chen felt numb with exhaustion.

What made Su Chen even more embarrassed was that every time he tried on something new, Qin Yaoyao would come over and exclaim that he had a great figure.

Sometimes, she would run over and touch his abs.

Su Chen felt like a pretty boy who was being groomed.

“This looks good!”

“This is not bad either!”

“And this, wrap it up too!”

If Qin Yaoyao thought the clothes made him look good, she would ask the salesperson to wrap them up.

Apart from suits, Qin Yaoyao also picked out some casual clothes for Su Chen.

It didn’t take long.

Su Chen was already carrying shopping bags of all sizes.

The other male customers in the men’s clothing store were so envious when they saw the beautiful Qin Yaoyao carefully choosing clothes for Su Chen.

In the end, those men were dragged off by their partners. They lamented not getting the opportunity to be with a woman like Qin Yaoyao.

Su Chen looked at all the clothes she had chosen for him and felt a little frightened.

This was because they all shared a common characteristic. They were very expensive!

“Good heavens, how many pigs do you have to raise to be able to afford these clothes?” Su Chen sighed.

However, when it was time to settle the bill, Su Chen rejected Qin Yaoyao’s offer.

Instead, he insisted on paying for it himself.

“Why can’t I buy a few things for you, savior?” Qin Yaoyao said coquettishly and hugged Su Chen’s arm.

Su Chen still shook his head and refused.

“Your dad gave me a card with five million yuan as payment for my medical consultation. You don’t owe me anything,” Su Chen said.

Looking at Su Chen’s serious expression, Qin Yaoyao pouted and said dramatically, “Ugh! Savior, you’re making me love you even more. What should I do?”

“Stop it!” Su Chen waved his hand.

“Then I’ll buy you some cheap clothes, okay?” Qin Yaoyao refused to give up.

She was so persistent that Su Chen could only nod.

They went to a few more shops before leaving with their shopping bags.

After putting the clothes in the car, Qin Yaoyao wanted to bring Su Chen to dinner.

The pink Mercedes-Benz G quickly left the shopping mall.

After a while…


“Be careful!” Su Chen warned.


Qin Yaoyao quickly stepped on the brakes.

In the next second, a few black Audis rushed onto the road and blocked their path.

Immediately after, a few more black Audis appeared behind the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, blocking their way out.

Qin Yaoyao looked a little flustered.

“Don’t worry!” Su Chen narrowed his eyes. “I’m here. It’ll be fine!”

“Stay in the car. I’ll go down and see what these people want.”

“I’ll go too!” Qin Yaoyao said. “I’d like to see which insolent fool dares to stop my car.”

Su Chen nodded.

In any case, with him around, nothing would happen to Qin Yaoyao.

They got out of the car together.

Men in suits stepped out from the black Audis one after another.

Su Chen scanned the crowd and found that there was a total of thirty to forty people.

The men surrounded Su Chen and Qin Yaoyao from all sides.