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Ring ring ring…

A phone rang in Zhongyi Hall.

Chen Zhongyi was shocked to see that Su Chen was calling.

He quickly picked up the call. “Mr. Su, what do you need?”

“Mr. Chen, are you free? I have something to ask you,” Su Chen said with a smile.

“Yes, I’m free. I’m free!” Chen Zhongyi quickly said, “Mr. Su, I’ve been meaning to talk to you too!”

“You’re working in Zhou Catering Group now, right? I’ll send someone to pick you up now. They’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Su Chen smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Chen!”

“Of course!”

They hung up.

Su Chen went downstairs.

Now that Chen Zhongyi’s Zhongyi Hall had annexed the Black Dragon Gang, their influence and power had soared.

Therefore, Su Chen wanted to give him a heads-up.

If he wanted to play dirty, he believed that Liu Liding would lose.

‘Chen Zhongyi said that he had been meaning to talk to me too. I wonder what he wants.’

Su Chen thought about it as he made his way downstairs.

He always gave Zhou Wanqiu a headache, so Su Chen didn’t plan to ask her for a leave of absence. Instead, he skipped work.

Soon, Su Chen found Chen Zhongyi’s driver and left in the car.

At the same time…

At the entrance of the hospital…

Liu Liding’s wound had been treated. He was leaving the hospital now.

There were dozens of stitches on his left hand. His hand was also wrapped in bandages, and he had a sling around his neck. He looked very miserable.

Liu Liding narrowed his eyes ruthlessly.

“Su Chen, I will take your life for what you did to my hand!”

“Drive to Zhongyi Hall!”


Su Chen arrived at Zhongyi Hall.

It was an antique courtyard house.

The big courtyard had four entrances. It looked very interesting.

Chen Zhongyi had been waiting at the door for a long time. When he saw Su Chen get out of the car, he quickly came over to welcome him.

“Mr. Su, it’s my honor to welcome you here today! Please come in.” Chen Zhongyi was very polite.

“You’re being so nice, Mr. Chen,” Su Chen said with a smile.

They walked into the hall and sat down.

After tea was served, the two of them started chatting.

“Mr. Su, I wanted to arrange a meeting with you two days ago, but I was afraid to disturb you.” Chen Zhongyi laughed.

Su Chen asked, “Why were you looking for me?”

“Two things,” Chen Zhongyi explained.

“First, I want to remind you that He Zhentian has been investigating the truth behind He Zhenlong and He Junying’s deaths.”

“Moreover, he’s still looking for traces of Ah She. He’ll probably be able to trace it back to me soon.”

“Of course, I will take care of this. I’m just not sure if he has any other information on you. You have to be careful.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen.” Su Chen nodded and cupped his hands. “It’s fine if he finds out.”

“It’s just a little troublesome. I’m not afraid of He Zhentian. If he really provokes me, I’ll just kill him!”

Chen Zhongyi started trembling.

Only then did he remember that Su Chen was not a good-tempered person at all. He was more like a fiend.

“Haha! Yes. I was overthinking.” Chen Zhongyi laughed.

Then, he said, “The second thing…”

After saying that, he waved his hand at his subordinates, and they all left the hall.

A smile appeared on Su Chen’s face.

“Mr. Chen, do you want to treat your performance issues?” he asked.

Chen Zhongyi was stunned. Then, his face turned red. “Mr. Su, you’re amazing! I heard from Sun Zhongjing that your medical skills are brilliant. I didn’t expect that…”

“I mean, look at me. Can I still be cured?”

Su Chen smiled.

He had long realized that Chen Zhongyi had performance issues.

Before this, Chen Zhongyi hadn’t asked, so Su Chen did not bring it up.

“There’s hope! Actually, the solution to your condition is very simple,” Su Chen said calmly. “You simply injured your kidney meridian during martial arts practice.”

“I can repair this meridian with a simple acupuncture technique!”

Chen Zhongyi was overjoyed.

Su Chen took out a silver needle and flicked it.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The silver needles flew out and accurately pierced Chen Zhongyi’s body.

Within minutes, Su Chen was done with the treatment. He took out the silver needles and put them away.

Chen Zhongyi felt heat rush through his lower abdomen.

“It should be fine now. You can see for yourself!” Su Chen smiled.

Chen Zhongyi did not hesitate and quickly ran into a room in the back.

After a while, he came out with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Su, I’m cured. I can get it up again! Thank you!”

Chen Zhongyi was extremely grateful to Su Chen.

In the past two years, he felt ashamed of his condition.

Now, he had finally regained his manly confidence!

Su Chen smiled.

“By the way, Mr. Su, why did you want to see me?” Chen Zhongyi asked.

Su Chen smiled and was about to talk about Liu Liding.


A subordinate walked into the hall and whispered a few words to Chen Zhongyi.

“Mr. Su,” Chen Zhongyi said embarrassedly. “My friend is here to see me. Can I invite him in?”

“Please go ahead,” Su Chen said.

Chen Zhongyi quickly walked out.

Liu Liding was waiting at the entrance of Zhongyi Hall with a resentful expression. He was wrapped in bandages.

Not long after, Chen Zhongyi walked out and was shocked when he saw Liu Liding’s miserable appearance.

“Liu Liding, what’s wrong?” Chen Zhongyi said in surprise.

Liu Liding was delighted to see Chen Zhongyi. “Don’t bring it up!”

“Chen Zhongyi, this is why I came to see you!”

Seeing this, Chen Zhongyi quickly supported Liu Liding. “Let’s go. We’ll walk and talk.”

The two of them strode towards the hall.

Liu Liding cursed as he explained. “F*ck! Chen Zhongyi, I hope you won’t laugh at me. A young man did this to me!”

“That b*stard has really good martial arts skills! Therefore, I can only ask you for help!”

“10 million. Can you cripple him and then send him to me?”

Chen Zhongyi didn’t refuse. He asked, “Liu Liding, can you tell me about your enemy? Give me all the details.”

“He’s just a kid in his twenties. He works at the Zhou Catering Group. His name is…” Liu Liding spoke as he walked.

Suddenly, Liu Liding halted at the entrance of the hall. He was stunned.

His gaze was fixed on Su Chen, who was sitting in a chair.

Su Chen sneered and asked indifferently, “Liu Liding, you don’t mean me, do you? Am I the young man you’re talking about?”

Liu Liding trembled.

He suddenly looked at Chen Zhongyi. “Chen Zhongyi, he… Why is he here?”

Chen Zhongyi was also stunned. His eyes were wide. “Liu Liding, the person you want me to help you deal with isn’t Mr. Su, is it?”


He suddenly pulled away from Liu Liding and shouted angrily, “If that’s the case, I’ll have to turn you down. I hope you don’t think I’m being rude!”

“Mr. Su is my most distinguished guest. I will fight anyone who dares to touch him. I’m willing to risk my life!”

These words were powerful!

Liu Liding was stunned.

Chen Zhongyi had already annexed the Black Dragon Gang, and Zhongyi Hall became the largest underground power in Bin Cheng. Why did he respect Su Chen so much?

Suddenly, Liu Liding remembered something.

He remembered that when he asked Chen Zhongyi how he could destroy the Black Dragon Gang, Chen Zhongyi kept it a secret and only said that an expert wanted to help!

Now, as he thought about Su Chen’s terrifying skills… Could Su Chen be the expert who destroyed the Black Dragon Gang?

Liu Liding felt a chill run down his spine when he thought of this.

Su Chen was so strong that he could help Zhongyi Hall destroy the Black Dragon Gang and come out unscathed!

If that were true, then…


Su Chen and Chen Zhongyi’s expressions kept shifting as they watched Liu Liding.


Liu Liding suddenly came to his senses and ran toward Su Chen!


Liu Liding immediately knelt before him.

“Mr. Su, I’m sorry!”

“I’m the b*stard. I’m the one who’s confused. I don’t know what’s good for me!”

“I won’t dare to do it again. Please spare my life!”

Su Chen was stunned.

Chen Zhongyi was also stunned.

What was Liu Liding doing?

Why did his attitude change completely?

Just a moment ago, he was shouting that he wanted to murder him. Why was he kneeling and begging for mercy now?