Chapter 35 - If You Don't Sign It, I'll Beat You Until You Do!

Chapter 35 If You Don’t Sign It, I’ll Beat You Until You Do!

In the CEO’s office…

Zhou Wanqiu’s expression was dark.

“CEO Zhou,” Li Fengjiao said. “Su Chen isn’t capable of much, but he talks big!”

“I reckon that b*tch, Gao Min, will use him to attack you again!”

“What is your relationship? If it’s possible, you should switch secretaries, so that he won’t keep causing trouble for you!”

Li Fengjiao had a lot of opinions about Su Chen.

Zhou Wanqiu frowned. “Alright, you can leave. I’ll contact Liu Liding first.”

Li Fengjiao had no choice but to shut up and leave.

Zhou Wanqiu called Liu Liding.

“Hello, Manager Liu, this is Zhou Wanqiu!”

“CEO Zhou! You must be very busy. Why are you calling?” Liu Liding’s tone was casual.

Zhou Wanqiu smiled and said, “Manager Liu, we signed the milk contract during the Hao Bin Food Street project. Please send us your approval in writing. After all, it’s long overdue!”

“CEO Zhou, I’ll definitely give you the milk!” Liu Liding sneered. “However, I need you to be patient. When the cost has been finalized, I will personally deliver the approval slip to you!”

Zhou Wanqiu frowned. “Manager Liu, if that’s the case, I can only go through legal procedures!”

“CEO Zhou, are you threatening me?” Liu Liding flew into a rage. “Haha! Your threats won’t work on me!”

“I’m telling you, you’re never getting this batch of goods. You won’t get it even if Jesus walks into my factory. I said it!”

After saying that, Liu Liding hung up!

“B*tch, you dare to threaten me? Hmph!”

He hung up.

Zhou Wanqiu looked helpless.

She had long known that this matter would not be resolved so easily.

On the other side.

Meanwhile, the four colleagues made their way to Liding Milk Factory.

“Su Chen, I’ll wait for you outside. Is that okay?” Su Jiao looked nervous. “I heard that they once took advantage of some of the female employees in our company.”

Su Jiao was usually carefree and acted like a gangster.

However, when going up against someone famous like Liu Liding, she was a little scared. Su Chen nodded. “Alright! Just wait outside.” Then, he looked at Liu Pan and Zhang You. “Why don’t you two wait outside too?”

Liu Pan was a little tempted.

He was just about to speak when Zhang You beat him to it and said, “Su Chen, we’re already here. We should go in with you!”

“Even if we get beaten up, the three of us will take it together!”

Liu Pan complained internally, but he only nodded.

“Let’s go! I won’t let you get beaten up!” Su Chen took the lead and walked in.

The three of them went straight to the factory office.

In a low office building…

The sign was crooked and did not look very presentable.

The three of them walked to the door. There was a receptionist there.

At this moment, the receptionist was smoking and putting on lipstick.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?”

The receptionist glanced at the three of them and questioned them.

“Excuse me, is Manager Liu Liding in?” Su Chen asked politely.

“Looking for Brother Liu? What do you do?”

the receptionist asked.

“We’re from Zhou Catering Group!” Su Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the receptionist took it back. “Brother Liu isn’t here! Get lost!”

“Hey, you just said he was here!” Zhang You said angrily.

“What if I did?” The receptionist sneered.

“Brother Liu told me that if anyone comes looking for him, I can say he’s here. However, when Zhou Catering Group employees come, I’m to say that he’s not around! Any objections?”

“What if I have an objection?” Su Chen asked calmly.


The receptionist curled her lips in disdain and turned to shout, “Brothers, someone is looking for trouble!”

Her voice rang out.

More than 20 muscled men came out of the room.

They were not wearing any shirts and were holding clubs. They looked very fierce! “Which idiot is looking for trouble? Brothers, let’s teach them a lesson!”

More than twenty people charged over with their clubs.

When Zhang You and Liu Pan saw this, they were so scared that they almost sank to the ground. “Su Chen, run!” Zhang You and Liu Pan shouted. Then, they turned around and ran!

The two of them ran for more than ten meters before they noticed that Su Chen was not following them.

“F*ck! Where’s Su Chen?”

The two of them turned at the same time and beheld a shocking sight!

Not only did Su Chen not escape, but he also charged into the crowd.

The burly man in the lead raised his iron rod and smashed it on Su Chen’s head.

Su Chen raised his hand and threw a punch.

In the next second…


The metal rod was sent flying!

The brawny man was stunned.

Before he could react, Su Chen threw another punch and sent him flying.

Immediately after…

Su Chen rushed into the crowd, sending one flying with a punch and another falling with a kick. He was like a tyrannosaurus in human form!

Those brawny men did not even manage to graze the hem of his clothes. Bang! Bang! Bang!

In less than half a minute, all the strong men collapsed to the ground. They were wailing in pain.

The receptionist swallowed and trembled in fear. Liu Pan and Zhang You were even more dumbfounded!

“F*ck, Chen Ge is so powerful!” Zhang You shouted excitedly.

Last time, when Su Chen beat up Ah She and the others at the Skyfire Bar, they had been behind the door. They had not seen Su Chen’s combat strength with their own eyes. This time, they finally had the chance to witness it!

Su Chen looked at the receptionist who was trembling in fear. “What about now? Is Liu Liding here?”

“Yes, yes! He’s on the third floor. He’s in the director’s office!”

At this moment, the receptionist did not dare to say anything else.

“Let’s go! Let’s meet Factory Manager Liu!” Su Chen shouted at Zhang You and Liu Pan.

The two of them immediately ran over excitedly.

“F*ck, Su Chen, you’re so powerful! ” Zhang You was still extremely excited. “If we tell Tian Yong about this, he’ll definitely regret not following us!” Liu Pan added.

Su Chen smiled and stepped forward!

On the third floor… In the factory director’s office…

Sounds of decadence dissipated.

Liu Liding pushed a beautiful woman to the side and leaned back on the office chair. He took out a cigar and smoked it. A cigarette afterward always felt incredible. Ring ring ring…

The phone in front of him rang! Liu Liding looked displeased. He hated being disturbed at times like this.

“F*ck! What is it?” Liu Liding said angrily. “Manager Liu, some people from Zhou Catering Group are going up to see you!” The receptionist informed Liu Liding and immediately hung up the phone.

Liu Liding had not heard it clearly. “What did you say? Ugh, this woman!”

He cursed and hung up the phone.

Right at this moment…


The door was kicked open.

“I know what she said!”

“She said that the people from Zhou Catering Group are here to see you!”

Su Chen walked in with Zhang You and Liu Pan.

Liu Liding was shocked.

He hurriedly tidied himself up and shouted, “Who the h*ll are you? Who told you to come up? Someone! Hey, get over here!”

“Are you trying to call one of your twenty pieces of trash downstairs? They’re all on the ground. They need to be sent to the hospital!” Su Chen said indifferently.

Liu Liding put on his clothes and said with a vicious expression, “Who are you? What the f*ck do you want?”

“I’m Su Chen, Director Zhou’s secretary!” Su an approval Chen sneered. “I’m just here to ask you to sign slip, Manager Liu!” Liu Liding was furious. “You f*cking beat my people up, and you still expect me to sign your approval slip? I won’t give it to you. What will you do now?”

“I’m definitely going to take Zhou Catering Group’s payment! What will you do to me now?”

Su Chen took a step forward, approaching Liu Liding.

He said calmly. “Nothing much. If you don’t want to sign it, I’ll beat you until you do!”

“You’re courting death!” Liu Liding sneered. Suddenly, he took out a dagger from his desk and tried to stab Su Chen.

The blade was sharp, and it shone with a cold glint.

“Su Chen!”

“Be careful!”

Zhang You and Liu Pan were terrified. However, Su Chen’s expression did not change.

He reached out to grab the dagger.

Liu Liding was secretly delighted. This kid was such a fool. He was trying to catch the blade with his bare hands.

Liu Liding made up his mind and slashed hard, wanting to make Su Chen bleed.

In the next second…


The sound of metal clashing rang out.

Liu Liding looked up and saw Su Chen holding his dagger tightly with two fingers. He held it so tightly that Liu Liding was unable to move an inch.

Behind them…

Liu Pan and Zhang You’s jaws dropped. They had been scared for him before, but now they were frozen in shock.