Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: Full of Doting 32

Chapter 90: Full of Doting 32

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“Why do 1 have this feeling that you’re being unreasonable? It’s because I’m telling the truth!”

“Tang Moxi asked, ‘Girl, don’t you like Grandpa?’”

“I do!”

“Don’t you want to make Grandpa happy? Don’t you want to cook red braised pork for him? Don’t you want to spend New Year’s Eve with him and receive red packets?”

“Yes, I do!”

“Isn’t that settled?”

“We’ll spend New Year’s Eve with Grandpa, Yunxi, and Yanxi today.”

“Then, tomorrow you can go back to celebrate the New Year with your parents and Grandma.”

“Isn’t that good?” Tang Moxi continued.

Liuli nodded.

She felt that Mr. Tang was right!

Later, Liuli realized that she had never said anything against Mr. Tang.

Even if something was clearly wrong, Mr. Tang would find a way to make it seem right in the end!

And even though she had insisted on being right, she would always end up following Mr. Tang’s train of thought and being in the wrong!

All the evidence proved that whenever she disagreed with him,

There was only one outcome…

Mr. Tang was right!

She was just throwing a tantrum.

Liuli and Tang Moxi returned to the Tang family.

The Tang family was already busy hanging lanterns and putting up couplets.

It was a joyous scene of spring.

Liuli’s mood also improved.

It was the new year!

Tang Yanxi and Tang Yunxi did not go out today either. They were either busy putting up couplets or hanging lanterns.

Even Grandpa Tang was sitting in a wheelchair at the door, giving instructions.

Liuli and Tang Moxi were back.

Naturally, they joined the camp of couplets.

Tang Moxi had already taken off his jacket and climbed up the ladder to paste the couplet in the main hall.

Tang Yunxi and Tang Yanxi each held onto the ladder.

In the past, the butler was in charge of these things and got someone to paste them.

Now that the Tang family was back and Tang Moxi was married to Liuli,

Tang Sheng was in a good mood and wanted to do it himself.

However, he could not stick it on himself.

Hence, his grandchildren went into battle together.

Liuli stood beside Grandpa Tang and instructed him.

“Too high, too low, off course!”

At this moment, Tang Moxi finally stopped what he was doing and turned around.

“Are you sure you didn’t miss it?”

“Why is one of them too high and one too low!”

“Grandpa said that your hands are too weak!” Liuli emphasized.

“Yes, yes!” Tang Sheng nodded in agreement.

Tang Moxi had no choice but to move up.

“Is this okay?”

“Very good!” Liuli replied with a smile.

“Just right!” Tang Sheng chimed in.

Tang Moxi smiled and pasted the couplet.

Tang Yanxi and Tang Yunxi, who were holding onto the ladder, couldn’t help but laugh.

Grandpa and Liuli were clearly teasing Big Brother together!

Finally, the couplets at the entrance of the main hall were pasted and the lanterns hung up.

Tang Sheng looked at it carefully, his face full of joy.

There was nothing more blissful than being reunited with family.

After pasting the couplets and hanging the lanterns, they began to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

This year’s New Year goods were also prepared by the kitchen maid and the butler.

Then, the Tang family cooked their own New Year’s Eve dinner.

Liuli also went into the kitchen to help.

She actually couldn’t help much.

But because she knew how to make red braised pork.

This was the grand finale of this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner!

It was because Grandpa liked her the most!

So she had become very important.

She helped to wash the vegetables.

As for the physical work of cutting fish and chicken pieces, it was left to Tang Moxi.

“Liuli, you know how to cook red braised pork. How impressive!” Tang Yanxi praised.

“Actually, this is the only one 1 know. I learned it from my Grandma!” Liuli replied in embarrassment.

“It’s better than me being just half skillful.”

“What I can do is basically to make sure the food is cooked!” Tang Yanxi said with a smile.

“Are you sure it’s cooked and not half cooked?” Tang Yunxi interrupted.

“I was half-baked in the past, but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve now!” Tang Yanxi retorted.

“Then 1 should look forward to seeing that!”

“What about you? Don’t tell me that you’re not cooking anything tonight and are just waiting for food!”

“I’ll be in charge of dessert!” Tang Yunxi replied confidently.

“Are you sure?” Tang Yanxi expressed her doubts.

“Don’t look down on me with your dog’s eyes!”

“You’re with dog’s eyes!”

Liuli watched as Tang Yanxi and Tang Yunxi bickered and secretly laughed.

“Sister-in-law, you’re in the wrong.”

“It is fine if you didn’t stop the two sisters-in-law from arguing.”

“You’re actually secretly laughing at the side!” Tang Yunxi turned to look at Liuli and teased.

Liuli quickly stopped smiling and replied in embarrassment.

“I’m not laughing. I just… want to laugh!”

Sigh, it was better not to explain!

“Big Brother, your wife is bullying me and Second Sister!” Tang Yunxi turned around and shouted.

“No, no!” Liuli was anxious. She wanted to explain, but she didn’t know how to. “Yunxi, she was just playing with you. She’s like this!” Tang Yanxi smiled and comforted Liuli.

“Second Sister, don’t take this opportunity to form cliques!” Tang Yunxi protested.

Liuli smiled.. She thought that they were just fooling around with her!